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Why Would You Ever Want to Pay For Knitting and Crochet Patterns or Lessons When You Can Get All That for Free?
Read this:

If you are a beginner, intermediate, advanced, or a professional knitter, then the benefits of signing up for our free weekly knitting e-mail newsletter are:

• We cover hand knitting, machine knitting, and crochet.

• Each week you'll be receiving new tips and techniques.

• Daily, you'll be receiving a knitting message board digest with the latest knitting pictures, discussions and patterns.

• If you ever have a question or need help, you can always ask, and we'll cover your question in the following newsletter issue.

• Discover the fastest way to knit (and to crochet) a sock... while keeping the perfect heel and making sure the sock fits (not many knitters know this).

• Find out how to figure out how much yarn you need for a pattern if the pattern doesn't specify it (works for any project, a real life-saver sometimes).

• Learn how to pick up a dropped stitch, even from several rows below. It happens to absolutely everyone at some point. But don't worry, there exists a really simple fix.

• And if you ever run out of yarn, find out how to join any yarn in the middle of any project.

• If you can't find the pattern that you need, or if you don't know which pattern would be most appropriate for a specific project, then you can ask our other users to help you figure it out. We even have a dedicated "Pattern Requests" section on our website that's all about finding new patterns.

• The same goes for any problems and questions about specific techniques. We have experienced users who are always helping those in need with just the right advice.

• And of course, as I said it's all completely FREE!

• Let me repeat that. Since for some reason a lot of people contact us asking if the membership is really free: we are a social website for knitters and crocheters, so we don't sell anything, and we don't charge any fees. It's as simple as that.

Enter your name and e-mail address below, and you'll be instantly added to our knitting mailing list distribution. Right away, you'll get access to more knitting-related material (pictures, patterns, tips) than contained in all knitting books and magazines you could ever buy. And you'll get all that for free.

You'll be able to talk and share ideas with more knitters than you could meet if you attended all the largest trade shows. And you'll be able to do all that without leaving your house!

Don't delay! Join the best knitting and crochet community on the Internet.

First name:

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It's FREE, and you'll receive my first e-mail right away. Also, you'll get instant access to the most recent topics on our knitting forum: hundreds of great tips from other knitters.

(A new newsletter issue is released each week. So if you don't sign up now, you'll miss this week's digest.)

But don't take my word for it.

Here is just some of the feedback I received from my subscribers, knitters like you:

This is a wonderful site. Thank you so much for providing it.
-- Mary

I found your site quite by accident and what a pleasent surprise. I am just tickeled to death to have other knitters to ask questions of, and get tips from. Thank you so very much.
-- Linda

Love this wedsite
-- Joyce

I'm excited about what I have read so far Thanks.
-- Patricia

I really love this a lot, I spend all my lunch hour looking and reading and there's always so much more. Thanks a lot.
-- Shirley

Hi, Just wanted to congratulate you on a great website. Get the newsletter and although I haven't had time to do much knitting during the last 12 months, really appreciate all the info. Keep up the good work.
-- Ann

Love this knitting site! Am an experienced knitter who continues to learn new techniques and patterns!
-- Peggy

Hello from S.C. I love this web site alot of good things on here have agood day.
-- Margaret

I am so glad I found your website. Thanks for all you do for so many knitting enthusiast. I am looking forward to getting all the news letters.
-- Vikki

This is a very informative and friendly message board. Thank you very much.
-- Karen

I'm new to knitting and forums. I've been lurking on this for about a week and absorbing the fantastic info and knowledge sharing! Thank You.
-- Nancy

Great instruction and tips. Can't wait to try...thanks
-- Lucymae

This site is great thank you.
-- Elaine

I'm thrilled to have found your website!!! Looking forward to all the goodies coming to me. Thanks for the opportunity to sign up.
-- Carol

Thank you for sharing your information. I get so much from this group.
-- Marbeth

I absolutely love your website! It is the best website, by far, on any knitting subject I have an interest in. Great Job!!! Thank you for all your work.
-- Linda

Your list is my favorite list. I can't wait for it to come every day. Thank you so much.
-- Pugmom

I just wanted to thank you for putting together a great newsletter on such a regular basis. I always enjoy your "feature", like the knitting history today. Just wanted to let you know I appreciate what you do.
-- Linda

This is such an informative organized newsletter...again, thankyou.
-- Elaine

I think this site is great!
-- Kathryn

Love it, just love it. Coffee would not taste the same if not in front of this site, keep up the good work.
-- Dolly

Love Knitting Paradise , Great People, Beautiful Things to see, Helpful hints, and fun and intertaining chats.
-- Richard

I love getting your E-mails. I have learned sooo much and enjoy hearing what the knitters say about knitting projects.
-- Sally

Thanks for all the effort you've put into this free newsletter for knitters.
-- Nancy

I find this site, very enjoyable and helpful. Thank you.
-- Peggy

I love this knitting newsletter. It makes my day and I enjoy the ideas and the beautiful work you show.
-- Sandy

I used to spend my special time in the evening checking out facebook. Now I spend my time checking out your website which is GREAT!!!!!
-- Lady M

Hi just spent an enjoyable hr.looking and reading everything on this sight,a joy to my eyes. thank you
-- Karen

Just wanted you to know I thoroughly enjoy this message board!
-- Lydia

I am a newbie and so enjoy reading each and every newsletter. I have saved all of them as a reference. Your work is much appreciated but I am not sure it is as expressed as it should be. So, many, many thanks for all that you do.
-- Zahra

I can't tell you how much I enjoy receiving your wonderful messages! I LOVE reading all about knitters everywhere and the marvelous things they do. I learn sooooo much and appreciate all that you do. Thank you for keeping me in the loop.
-- Sandy

I just want to say I love this sight and look forward to it thanks for such a good learning sight.
-- Mundy

I love your newsletter. I find so many good articles that I share with my knitting club. Thanks
-- Shirley

Thank you. I love this site and the Knitting Paradise. It's so great.
-- Jean

Thanks for your newsletter and your excellent directions! I subscribe to alot of knitting feeds, and unlike so many that are trying to sell something or offer useless ideas and advice, yours is fun and helpful! I love it!
-- Marie

I love your site. It has so many helpful things.
-- Diane

Hi...just wanted to tell you that your site it one of the best around. I look forward to checking it out every time I get it. I have seen other sites that just don't offer much in the way of information. Yours is great!!!!!
-- Sharon

This is the most fun group of knitters ever. Enjoy reading thier notes and letters . Seems we are all pretty much the same. Sisters at heart.
-- Loraine

Just want to let you know that I LOVE your newsletters!!!! I learn so much from them and get great ideas for knits from the shared photos. Maybe I will learn how to post some of my knitting work. In the meantime--I look forward to each page arrival.
-- Ruth

I love it, love it love it.
-- Pauline

I just have to say this: This is the best knitting site that I visit. It seems no problems go unsolved. Everyone is soooo friendly. No bickering. I just want to thank you for this wonderful site. I can hardly wait for the next newsletter. I learn so much and am inspired by all of you.
-- Chance

I look forward to knitting subjects and comments.
-- Rita

I enjoyed this letter. Thank you.
-- Barbara

Just joined and I LOVE your website. I;ve spent hours today exploring your site. Thanks so much.
-- Pat

Wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your knitting is nice to see what others are doing and to learn. Thanks for this free site.
-- Dottie

Thanks - I have enjoyed reading your E-Mail as well as the pictures of others knitting.
-- Mary Edna

I just had to let you know how happy I am with your web-site in one day I had the pattern instructions I had been looking for, for over a month, I am so impressed with the nicest people who where so helpful to me with much appreciation.
-- Carol

I'm new to this site, and I am so glad I found it. Everyone is so friendy and willing to help. I am going to keep a notebook of your newsletters so I can refer to them. Thanks for this wonderful site.
-- Judy_M

This was a super helpful newsletter. Thank you.
-- Frankie

As a resident of Alaska, where the winters are long, dark and cold, having something to occupy my time is a must. I never knew how to knit, but with the help from the message board postings and the newsletter, I have gathered alot of information, which helped me create my first project. THANK YOU!!
-- Wendy

I love this site, i have found so much help and patterns, everybody is really nice people to chat with, i am glad that i am a part of this site.
-- Pearl

Thanks for doing this! It must be A LOT of work putting this all together!! I hope people like myself have expressed their gratitude. Sites like this are indeed helpful and fun. I do love my knitting and don't have anyone to share my passion with so finding friends online would be nice! Thanks again.
-- Shelly

I spend a lot of time reading this site and really enjoying it
-- Betty

I just love this site. I don't post often but have learned so very much. Keep up the good work.
-- Thea

Thank you, what a GREAT web side. I do not have a ? at this time, but will look at different knitting pieces.
-- Babs

Thank you and all your readers for such wonderful suggestions and beautiful works of knitting. I am so happy to see your links at any time in my email. Bless You.
-- Kathy

I want to tell you how much I enjoy and appreciate Knitting Paradise. Thank you for providing me with up-to-date information and opinions!
-- Sallly

This is my very favorite knitting forum. Thanks for inviting me to join, even though I am a lurker.
-- Kathy

I just love your knitting forum. It has all the questions and answers a knitter could ever ask! Even tho I had lurked for a few months and trying out the features it is getting a little bit easier to navigate. Thanks.
-- Katsie

I've spent some time browsing and I really like this site!!
-- Paula

This site you have developed is absolutely now my favorite. Such a wealth of information, new friends.
-- Patricia

I just love this site! I have been knitting for years, and still learn something from the gals every day. And the gals on this site are just wonderful, have the nicest things to say about our knitting and comments. Thanks to all of you!!!
-- Colleen

Wonderful site!! Love the pictures of knits and comments made and the way you have the site arranged an the 'threads' to follow. Someday I may introduce myself, but love "lurking" and looking around. You are doing a great job. Many Thanks.
-- Nina Sue

I love your daily newsletter. Very informative & enjoy looking at the pictures of knitting the ladies send in. Gets me ideas for my projects.
-- Vetra

I just want you to know how much I love all the messages and the photos and everything. Now I have to get off and go to work... Darn... My work is interferring. LOL
-- Carolanne

New to this site and I'm enjoying reading on the information and ideas people have.
-- Tracy

I absolutely love your site and can't wait every day to read it all.
-- Mary Jane

Love this web site please keep it coming. Look forward to it every time it comes.
-- Patty

Just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful site. It must be a lot of work and "I" appreciate it!!!
-- Joan D

This is by far the best web site to view and learn from. Am so very thankful I found it by accident. Love it. Everyone, keep up the great work. You are all so very inventive and make it so very enticing to view and learn from. Thank you.
-- Dee

I would like you to know that I'am really enjoying your newsletter. Thanks.
-- Robin

I am so happy you have this site available for knitters to see and share please keep it up. this is so great. thank you.
-- Kim

Glad I found this sight. I am a self taught knitter and really got a lot of help from your sight.
-- Mary

I just started reading everything in the knitting paradise and I am enjoying it so much. TY
-- Tanis

Although I rarely blog, I cannot tell you what a joy this website is for me. I cannot believe the capability that this site has to perform so many wonderful informative and fun Ideas etc. for so many. Thanks.
-- Sandy

I really appreciate Knitting Paradise. So helpful and well maintained.
-- Rosieret

Just want you to know how much I enjoy this site. Have learned so much and am enjoying seeing the knitting that others have made. Keep up the good work!
-- Priscilla

New to knitting. Love all of your advice.
-- Patricia

Just love your site and all the info you take the time to give out. In fact, I sneak at work to login and see what is going on each day.
-- Lynda

There is just one thing wrong with this website! It is sooo awesome, informative, friendly, addictive etc it taks time away from my actual knitting! I am very impressed with your website and I am so happy I stumbled across it oneday. I have recommended it to several friends and I plan to tell members of my knitters guild about your wonderful site.
-- Mama

I just want to thank you for this group. You are doing alot to help the rest of us out with things we can't do ourselves. I know it's alot of work and hours involved.
-- Dee

This is absolutely the best knitting site I have ever used, am so happy to have found it. Thanks so much.
-- Gail

Thank you so much for your site. I find it so interesting and have received so much info. Keep up the good work!
-- Sharon

Just want to tell you how much I enjoy the newsletter! I have learned so much, and love reading about other knitters ideas, suggestions, comments. This has to be the best website ever!!!! thank you thank you thank you!!!
-- Shirley

No questions but praise for such a wonderful site! I learn something new almost every day and the good spirits and helpful people are a delight. So many LOL fun threads. Thank you. I spend too much time reading this site but hope you keep up the good work.
-- Doris

I absolutely LOVE this site! Here is where I get inspiration, news, tips, and all sorts of ideas, as well as wonderful, gorgeous knitting photos! Thank you so much!
-- Joanne

Love reading the comments and seeing the knits that everyone has made. The tutorials are great also.
-- Betty J.

I have learned a whole lot from this site. It feels like a welcoming community with the encouragement members receive from each other.
-- Mary

I love the knittingparadise, I have learned so much...Thanks you
-- Betty

Thank You for Your website. Already it's provided me with hours of enjoyment.Lovely Projects and great ideas. Also the feedback is wonderful. Such a good source of creative people...Can barely wait to get started.
-- Angela

I am new to knitting and just love this site and have learned so much from the peoples words and pictures. Thank you.
-- Shirley

Love have great ideas posted here!! Thanks.
-- Priscilla

What a wonderful way to share your knitting experiences with others. I'm a beginner and I am impressed with your club. And it is free!!
-- Cathy

Just joined and I am delighted! Love your site.
-- Kathy

I love your site. It has given me want to try something different. I like the 'I can do it' feeling after I read your site. Thanks.
-- Denise

I enjoy this site. Thanks.
-- Ava

I just love this forum. It is so helpful and fun and everyone is so nice.
-- Pat

I had been looking for a knitting website that would address problems that I run across and your sight has done that. I looked around for several months, and finally stumbled on yours. Don't remember how or when but I know that I have gotten answers to a couple of problems already. I like the way you have discussion topics with each newsletter. Sometimes it is fun to just listen in on other peoples problems, finds, etc. Keep them coming.
-- Judy

A friend sent me your newsletter about a week ago, and I love it. Thank you.
-- Alexis

I am so impressed with your website! I have gotten so many ideas and so much help from it. It's the first thing I look at every morning. Thanks so much to everyone.
-- Fran

I just love these newsletters they make my day.
-- Marie

I love all the information..thanks for doing this.
-- Elaine

Thanks for your very informative ideas. I have just learnt a lot being a new knitter. Thanks.
-- Margaret

Enjoy this website tremendously. Keep it coming. Thanks
-- Pat

I am hooked already..this is so informative..thanks so much..
-- Elaine

Just wanted to say Thank-You Love this knitting paradise.
-- Gail

I am a new comer. I have learned so much in the few times i have loged on to yor site. Thanks for being here.
-- Marilyn

I love this site. I'm an early riser & I love having coffee & looking at all the knitting ideas. I can spend hours on here. Of course I don't get anything else done! Keep up the good work & thanks for having a great knitting experience.
-- Alice

Enjoyed my first issue of the newsletter very much. Thank you for all the work you do to get it out.
-- Pat

Thank you for having such a neat web site. I love the information and patterns.
-- Gwen

Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge! I really appreciate it as I have been out of the knitting world for a good 25 yrs. I've decided to get back into it and do knitting. I was so very lost and came upon your website. Awesome...the things you discuss. Please keep them going as I will continue to be with you. Thank you again!
-- Cindy

I enjoyed the reading on your web site. I haven't knitted for some time, husband, kids, and etc, but I'm retired now, and hope to re-establish some of my lost knowledge. With sites like yours, hopefully it won't be a daunting task.
-- Laura

What a beautiful site!! I love it.
-- Nora

New to this site and loving it!! I'm fairly new to knitting and I have a passion for it. Thanks for the tips!
-- Mary Ann

I just found this site about a week ago and I'm addicted to it!! Have been letting all my friend's know about it. keep up the fanastic job.
-- Linda

This is just a wonderful site, I love it.
-- Marion

Look forward to my mail each and every day. I greatly enjoy all. TNX
-- Irismelt

I am so grateful to have found this knitting forum. I have followed several Yahoo knitting groups over the years, but none compare to this. Thank you for all that you do!
-- Donna

Just happen to find this page and love it never get tired looking at beautiful knitting. keep it comig
-- Joyce

Love this sight and all the information you put out. I look forward to every e-mail each day. Thank you.
-- Flo

Love your patterns, they are beautiful and neat looking. Keep up the good work and thank you for the patterns.
-- Margaret

Lots of good ideas. As a new member, I have been enjoying knitting paradise. Thanks.
-- Eileen

Oh my! I love your tutorials and so pleasant you are, thank you for the lovely offerings you share, bless you!
-- Marie

I love your emails.
-- Lesley

Very unique and informative!
-- Carol

Love,love,love this page. I'm new to knitting & enjoy and learn so much. I'm very glad that I signed up to get it. But, I do spend a lot of time reading & going on sights recommended by members. Thank You Very Much!!!
-- Linda

Hello, how very helpfull yuor column is there is always an answer for ones problems with this help we enjoy knitting.
-- Marg

I wanted to say thank you for a wonderful website. I have never had such a wonderful experience with this sort of web group. This is a wonderful place to come and I've been on nearly everyday since I discovered it. Thank you for the many hours of enjoyment I've had, all the things I've learned and all the new knitting frinds I've made!
-- Judie

I am getting back into knitting after 10 years away. I love your newsletter!
-- Becky

Love the site and the networking of other knitters.
-- Bernadette

I LOVE your newsletter, such a great way to start my day...lots of inspiration, wonderful knits, helpful hints, warm people. Thank you.
-- JacqueK

Love this site, so much fun to share and talk to so many nice people thanks.
-- Debbie

I really enjoy your web site. I have learned a lot, for a beginning knitter. thank you!
-- Carol

I am amazed at the information that I have seen in just a few minutes. The web-site was sent to me by a friend.
-- Sharon

Love this site and the ideas.
-- Marci

I'm so glad I found this site! It's a real treasure!!! Thank you!
-- Tina

Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your web page. It really is a great one & it's easy to read & it feels so interactive.
-- Priscilla

I am a newly registered subscriber and want you to know that I enjoy being a member and seeing what others are doing. Great web site.
-- Joanie

I just wanted to say "THANK YOU"....for such a wonderful site!!! I truly enjoy all of the wonderful tips, ideas, photo's, and nice people here!
-- Dar

I always read your emails first each day, I enjoy the information so much. I have only been knitting a couple of years in my spare time. I love it.
-- Sharon

Thanks so much so all of the information! And all of the work that you do to put this together.
-- Catherine

I am so happy i can look at your sight wonderfull for a begginner so much and made easy thanks a lot for your site
-- Marg

Not a day goes by that I don't receive more email from our existing subscribers with kind words about the newsletter.

Sign up today and start receiving knitting tips, techniques and patterns every day.

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