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Pattern Requests
Dolls Bleuette Wanted Dresses, Jackets ETC.
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Aug 3, 2012 12:12:44   #
I'm in Chg IL looking for others who love Bleuette's/Rosette's/ and friends.. She's a 10 5/8" compose doll meaning like a reg little girl not skinny like Barbie.. I'd love to make some of the many I've admired dresses / tops / jackets / socks / ETC.. But need easy patterns /& would welcome meetups with others from Chicago, IL. email me direct please

Aug 4, 2012 12:43:04   #
found these for sale
Aug 4, 2012 16:18:11   #
Peggy Beryl
Try these sites: By Hook By Hand, Heirloom Restoration, and The Dollies Dressmaker.
Dec 5, 2012 00:43:14   #
Since you attached the picture of the bleuette book, I am assuming you have that book. It is a wonderful place to start - if nothing else - to make your doll nicely fitting undies and a slip.
Fitting clothes on a small doll like Bleuette is not an easy task, and often takes several tries before it is correct.
The nice thing about knit and crochet is that the pieces have some flexibility to them - much more forgiving, I think!
I've gotten many patterns from the yahoo Bleuette groups, but my favorite is that book - it has sooo much information!
Pattern Requests
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