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"Killing" Acrylic Yarn
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Aug 5, 2012 22:06:40   #
Thank you to the KP members who taught us how to "kill" acrylic yarn by pressing with lots of steam.
I made a shawl for my daughter's wedding. The sides and ends just INSISTED on curling.
After learning about this technique, I knitted a swatch and pressed it. It worked! So I pressed the shawl.
Now it has a beautiful drape and the curl is gone. It's beautiful.
Thank you, again!

Picture 1
Picture 1...
Picture 2
Picture 2...
Aug 5, 2012 22:21:21   #
wow!!! lovely pattern!!! ur daughter is a lucky lady!!! its beautifull!! where did u get such a lovely pattern?? Awesome!!
Aug 5, 2012 23:26:23   #
hoodedmaiden60 wrote:
wow!!! lovely pattern!!! ur daughter is a lucky lady!!! its beautifull!! where did u get such a lovely pattern?? Awesome!!

hoodedmaiden you took the words right out of my mouth :thumbup:
Aug 5, 2012 23:32:44   #

Your shawl is beautiful!!! What yarn did you use? It is absolutely lovely!! Good job!!

:thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:
Aug 6, 2012 01:03:45   #
Gypsycream (a regular here)
Beautiful :)
Aug 6, 2012 06:49:07   #
What do you mean by "killing" acrylic yarn?
Aug 6, 2012 07:21:04   #
Katsch (a regular here)
Aug 6, 2012 08:47:20   #
Naneast (a regular here)
Beautiful !!
Aug 6, 2012 09:06:13   #
Beautifulwork,love the color and pattern!
Aug 6, 2012 09:15:09   #
mama879 (a regular here)
I to would like to know about killing the fabric. Your Shawl is so pretty and I know your daughter will love it and cherish it.
Aug 6, 2012 09:29:45   #
Absolutely stunning! I thought I was the only one who "killed" acrylic on purpose! I do it for my men's scarves to make them so soft and so they drape nicely. The guys seem to like the thinner feel. (to kill acrylic you just press it with a steam iron, gently. You have to be careful to get it all killed equally)
Aug 6, 2012 09:35:33   #
Will you kindly post the pattern source and how do you kill acrylic yarn?

Shoot it with steam?

Aug 6, 2012 09:52:39   #
So so pretty!
Aug 6, 2012 10:49:39   #
Aug 6, 2012 11:07:17   #
Killing or "Wrecking" acrylic yarn is done with hot steam. Cover the item with a towel and hold the iron ABOVE (not ON) the towel and use the steam option on your iron.

Great care must be taken to ensure that you do not "melt" the yarn.

The big problem with "wrecking" acrylic yarn is that it then loses it's "memory" or ability to recover from stretching. Garments with ribbed cuffs, necklines, armholes or bottom edges shouldn't be "wrecked" since these areas need to recover when stretched.
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