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Pattern Requests
swiss darning pattern for a ladybird
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Aug 6, 2012 11:39:11   #
Emmy Cat
does anyone have or know where i can get a grid pattern for swiss darning a ladybird. I used to have a book years ago that had this pattern in but sadly lost the book. I knit for premature babies at our local hospital and i want to swiss darn some ladybirds on the baby blankets. This pattern was in a fantastic knitting stitch book which i bought at our local bookshop years ago and cant find it anywhere. Many thanks for your help.
Aug 8, 2012 00:15:00   #
I googled knitted ladybird/ladybug and found several pictures and charts that you might be able to use.


Aug 8, 2012 08:48:51   #
Emmy Cat

That is wonderful and just what i have been looking for.

Many many thanks

Emmy Cat
Pattern Requests
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