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Advice Pretty Please... Involves Fleas
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Aug 13, 2012 09:06:53   #
flea eggs will remain dormant for years, then they will hatch when they feel something "warm" they can hatch and jump on, that is why the white sock search will work, so will bare feet with white slacks (so you can see the fleas). If you yarn has been when a flea eggs from an animal could be on them I would recommend talking to a vet about a spray that kills the flea larva as the hatch.
Aug 13, 2012 09:10:48   #
If you had fleas you'd see something, and something more than bites. Do you itch? Dogs don't need to be washed all that much. Brushing is good, which you can do over a white sheet or white paper to easily see any 'flea dirt' that falls off. Keep vacuuming. Don't neglect the areas under the furniture and between cushions, because that's where the eggs would be. Doesn't sound like fleas to me though.
Aug 13, 2012 09:16:30   #
Some flea treatments kill fleas and ticks and scabies (mange) all in one with one dose, so get the dog sorted and then flea bomb the house (leave your stash out so it is fleabombed too) and really importantly keep your lawn short especially if you live in a sandy area. I have cats and dogs and am vigilant about regular flea treatments as the animals can get other things like tapeworm from ingesting the flea whan cleaning themselves. If you are not sure if its fleas check the dogs skin. Look down into the fur and see if you can see any evidence of flea dirt. If you have treated the animal and the house and you are all still getting bitten then go to a different vet for a different diagnosis.
Aug 13, 2012 09:51:20   #
Clemkadiddlehopper wrote:
I was "fostering" a cat for a couple of months and even though he has always been an inside cat; he was flea infested. I used the "frontline" type on him a couple of times; but now he is gone (back home) and has left me with a horrible flea infestation in my apt. I've used more than a gal of "flea spray" from Home Depot; also have used a whole box of Borax....spread the Borax on carpets; brush in with broom and vacuum up several hours later; amazingly how many fleas are vacuumed up. My vacuum cleaner is bagless so I empty the Borax out into a plastic bag (that I've sprayed with flea spray) tie it up and take it immediately to dumpster.

I accidentially discovered the white sock trick the other day......also, I had put lotion on my legs and walked around and when I sat down I had at least 12 fleas on me !!!!! Freaked me out......

The OTHER thing I have been doing is setting white dishes around filled with water and a clear dishwasher detergent (I used Dawn); the fleas are drawn to these dishes and I will have 10-15 in each dish during the day.

They are driving me nuts ! I'm a cleanliness finatic (sp?) and am constantly vacuuming and trying to get rid the fleas. The cat has been gone about a month and I keep hoping that the flea infestation end is near !
I was "fostering" a cat for a couple of ... (show quote)

You need to go to a Vet clinic and get their flea bombs....(directions are on the cans)...... You will only need to do this a couple of times and it will be taken care of...don't waste your money or time on the cheap kind, they just don't work..... Been there's done that, we now spray every spring and fall all around our yard and the house outside...and periodically during the season if we suspect any....good luck on getting this under control...
Aug 13, 2012 10:34:34   #
Try to get an exterminator to come to your home who uses natural solutions. We had our first visit today, ants are horrible because of a warm winter here in the South and dry weather. We used a local family owned firm, not very expensive and she will come back once a month for several months to keep working at it. I was surprised at how inexpensive it is and the company comes with high recommendations from neighbors and BBB.
Aug 13, 2012 10:51:30   #
I would try bagging and storing the yarn stash in the freezer. Leave the yarn there a minimum of 3 days. Might kill all stages of insect problem, ask vet. Treat your entire yard and house, including the crawl space and attic. Also, check with your neighbors. If they are infested but not treating, that could be the source of your problem. And remember that if it has hair, either wild or domestic, it may have fleas. Cats are as likely as any other mammal.
Aug 13, 2012 11:39:33   #
Our cat one day was accidentally left out of doors for about half an hour on evening and came in with a few fleas on him. We too do not like chemicals in or around our home, so we looked in one of our home remedy books and found that fleas don't like Chamomile tea. We put a few tea bags on him collar after we gave him a bath and a few bags where he used to crawl into and we never had a problem after that. Give it a try it might help. Good luck with everything.
Aug 13, 2012 12:04:30   #
dixieknits wrote:
I would try bagging and storing the yarn stash in the freezer. Leave the yarn there a minimum of 3 days. Might kill all stages of insect problem, ask vet. Treat your entire yard and house, including the crawl space and attic. Also, check with your neighbors. If they are infested but not treating, that could be the source of your problem. And remember that if it has hair, either wild or domestic, it may have fleas. Cats are as likely as any other mammal.

Actually, I'd leave the stash in the freezer for longer than that -- at least a week. Or why not longer if you're not using anything from it? Fleas are really horrible little creatures and not that easily killed without using some kind of chemical treatment that will kill them at all life stages all at the same time/treatment -- and stop any young ones that might have survived from maturing sexually so they can't lay more eggs.
Aug 13, 2012 12:52:47   #
Had fleas on a dog long ago was a hot summer also we had to bomb the house several times to totally get rid of them or real camp the closed up for winter and winter did the rest. had cat fleas issue with a cat allergic tot he flea collar almost lost him over that taking collar off prevent his death he was apparently allergic to the flea coller and any flea preventive . finally just kept him inside no out and no fleas.. getting rid of fleas is a big problem they get in spaces of hard wood flooring hide lay eggs and more fleas. Been there had that .Feel for you with it good luck getting rid of them in this hot weather
Aug 13, 2012 12:57:17   #
kleine annchen
You would definitely see the fleas jumping if you sat near the ground. My cat had them once and it was not a fun process.
Aug 13, 2012 13:08:06   #
If your yarn will tolerate the dryer, the heat (moderate) in the dryer will kill any fleas that are in your yarn stash.
Also a good treatment for pillows or dog beds that you hesitate to wash.
Aug 13, 2012 13:17:18   #
Thats exactly what I was thinking. Our Jack Russell (we have 2) has allergies that get worse every year. The other Jack is just fine. We thought it was fleas, but the vet said he had none and was having seasonal allergies from something outdoors. He was so bad with itching he started creating raw spots, his eyes were a mess, and eventually he sneezed alot. He got a shot, eye drops, and pills.So much better. I feel bad that we probably over treated him for fleas for the last several months. Oh and changed his dog food.
Emcusin wrote:
You might want to consider allergies.

My friends dog has allergies and she needs to wash him in a special bath to reduce itching. Also, special food.
Aug 13, 2012 13:41:49   #
sam0767 (a regular here)
Been fighting fleas this year my self. I ahve a indoor cat and everytime my dog goes out to sit on the pationwith e she gets bad. I changed her heartworm monthly application to Revolution and it is soppose to repel fleas. My vet has her on some allergy herbal stuff that does help with the itching. Only problem is, is that she has a very sensitive digestive system and this poor dog will get a upset stomach and has bad dirriea from anything that is diffrent in her food. I am switching her to a no grain food right now. A very slow process weaning her off the food hses been on to another kind of food. But the suppliment is good but I ahve to watch how much it gives her. I vacuum pretty much everyday and am treating the cat with frontline when I get the dog her Revolution. I didn't vacuum for a couple days and she is scratching again. So a bath is going to be in order tomorrow. She is getting fed up with the baths and will get snippy about them. But it helps. Try to scrub your carpets. I have found it works also.
Aug 13, 2012 13:49:49   #
kleine annchen
Our dog has terrible allergies. He would keep me up all night with the itching. I've found by putting 2 tsp. or so of cidar vinegar and warm water in the sink, wetting a wash cloth with it and giving him a quick rub down before bed lets him sleep thru the night.... ME TOO.......
Aug 13, 2012 14:25:54   #
Ms. Tess
Yikes! I never realized what a problem this could be. I had a farm and cats were always outside in the barn. We used a product called Ivomec for the cattle. Spread along their backbone to get rid of internal and external parasites. Vet told us to use it on the cats and dog as well. 1/2 a cc per pound of cat or dog and place it right between the shoulder blades where the animal can not lick itself. This worked wonders for ticks, mites, ear mites, worms and fleas since nobody had anything on or in them. I would either find a farmer that has some of this or talk to your vet about getting some. Any pet that comes into the home would be treated first before they were allowed inside so that you don't end up with a house full of unwanted guests/pests!
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