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Knitting and Crochet Workshops with designer1234
#2-CLOSED -NON FELTED SLIPPERS with Suehoman & designer -
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Aug 27, 2012 16:29:30   #
Designer1234 (a regular here)
WELCOME TO OUR WORKSHOP SECTION. Please be sure you check out all our open and closed workshops in the Workshop home section.

Just go to the top or bottom of this page (same line as the page numbers)and click the "Knitting and Crochet workshops with Designer1234" There you will find many workshops taught by our volunteer teachers, all members of KP -You are welcome to use all the information on this closed workshop and we hope it is helpful

This workshop is REOPENED as of November, 20-2013. 12/2012 YOU ARE WELCOME TO READ ALL THE INFORMATION HERE. It will be left permanently on the Homepage of thIs section.

it will be held in November 2013. These slippers are great gifts and we hope you will watch for the class!.
If you wish to make these slippers, ALL the information needed to complete them is here.
Suehoman - has agreed to answer any pms regarding these slippers but please read the posts first.

Designer1234 and prismaticr - Section Mgrs.

The link for the slipper patterns is posted on this page after the pictures.

I am happy to announce that SUE Homan is going to lead this workshop and will be available to answer your questions
. She is very experienced in making these slippers and you will certainly get the help you need.

Ladies: all finished slippers will be posted in pictures at the following link

The original workshop starts on WEDNESDAY SEPT. 12/2012

ctcookie gave me permission to post the picture of her slippers from this pattern. they turned out beautifully!

with added cuff - worsted weight I have worn these quite a bit so they look used!

work in progress (ribbed slipper)

Aug 28, 2012 01:01:46   #
Diane D (a regular here)

Heres the link for those who need the pattern....
Sep 8, 2012 23:30:47   #
Designer1234 (a regular here)
I am starting mine ahead of time

I finished the sole on my pair - I like to work ahead of the class and I haven't made any for about l8 months.

I am using two different shades of Red heart worsted --lots of people don't care for Red Heart but I find they wear like iron and I have had no problem with them.

If they seem hard to you -- you can wash them and lay them out to dry --I like the
Red Heart because the yarn is so strong and the price is right if you are making many pairs like Sue did-- I believe she uses Chunky which is what is called for in the pattern. I just have so much variegated red heart that I want to use it up.

I am following the pattern exactly-- take one step at a time and I am sure if you find it hard to understand (I struggled with the first pair I made) Sue or
possibly I, will be able to help you-

I have just started the top and am putting in two pictures.

The second one is from a previous pair (see them on the front page)
sole finished -starting the front top - remember the sole is folded in half for the bottom of the foot.

Sep 8, 2012 23:50:43   #

Looking good, Designer!! Amen to what you just said - the pattern doesn't make much sense at first, but it becomes clear as you go step by step. I did find one small error - in row 5 of the instep. At the very end of that row, where it says to knit 26, that number should be 22.

The total number of stitches for that row is 59, as it states. Happy knitting!

It helps with this pattern to count your stitches and make sure you have the number stated in the pattern- makes it much easier.



The pattern is a bit confusing unless you follow THE PATTERN EXACTLY AS SHOWN. It doesn't tell you to turn but if you follow it you know it must be turned as the last lines tell you not to turn.

One of the reasons we put on this workshop is because she took it for granted we would figure it out .

I would suggest you mark each row TURN if you think this will he a problem in the future. Once you have done a couple of rows you will see how it works. It is basically short rows.
Sep 9, 2012 19:21:33   #
I'm ready to go! And I can't believe how much I'd forgotten about knitting these wonderful slippers - my memory is now refreshed and I've finished my first one (slipper, not pair), using LionBrand Thick & Quick. The first picture is before the slipper was sewn up, and the second two are the finished result. By the way, I just posted instructions for the different sizes (see below) - hope they make sense. (And remember - these are for slogging around the house - use pretty yarn, and any mistakes won't be evident to anyone but you!)
Before sewing up

Front View

Side View

Sep 9, 2012 19:40:11   #

Here is an informal guide to different sizes of the non-felted slippers we're going to make in our workshop (not 'official,' by any means, but I used it last Christmas and the sizes seemed to work pretty well). Sue

Note: This is NOT a substitute for the pattern that's already been published - just a suggestion as to stitch numbers. Use this as a guide if you wish to make different sized slippers. This workshop is to help you through the pattern and to make as many pairs of different sizes as you wish!!!

Non-felted Slippers by Yuko Nakamura

SIZES: Ladies' Size M (Men’s Average) (Men’s Small) (Pre-Teen Girl) (Child – 5/6 years old)


Sole – Use Color A

Cast on 50 (54) (52) (44) (38) sts using a long-tail method.

Row 1: K25 (27) (26) (22) (19), PM, K25 (27) (26) (22) (19).

Row 2: * K1, M1, K23 (25) (24) (21) (17), M1, K1 * twice. Total - 54 (58) (56) (48) (42) sts

Row 3 and all odd rows: K.

Row 4: * K1, M1, K25 (27) (26) (22) (19), M1, K1 * twice. Total - 58 (62) (60) (52) (46) sts

Row 6: * K1, M1, K27 (29) (28) (24) (21), M1, K1 * twice. Total - 62 (66) (64) (56) (50) sts

Row 8: * K1, M1, K29 (31) (30) (26) (23), M1, K1 * twice. Total - 66 (70) (68) (60) (54) sts

Row 10: * K1, M1, K31 (33) (32) (28), M1, K1 * twice. Total - 70 (74) (72) (64) For child’s size: * K1, M1, K25, M1, K1 *, M1, repeat (59 sts) Cut yarn. (End here for child’s size.)

Row 12: (Remove marker as you come to it.) * K1, M1, K33 (35) (34) (30), M1, K1 *, M1, repeat * Total - 75 (79) (77) (69) sts .Cut yarn.

Instep – Use Color B.

Row 1: K.

Row 2: P33 (35) (34) (30) (25), PM, P9, PM, P33 (35) (34) (30) (25).

Row 3: K26 (28) (27) (23) (18), ssk twice, K3tog, K9, sl1, k2tog, psso, k2tog twice, K26 (28) (27) (23) (18). Total – 67 (71) (69) (61) (51) sts

Row 4: P.

Row 5: K22 (24) (23) (19) (14), ssk twice, K3tog, K9, sl1, k2tog, psso, k2tog twice, K22 (24) (23) (19) (14). Total – 59 (63) (61) (53) (43) sts

Row 6: P.

Row 7: K34 (36) (35) (31) (26), ssk.

Row 8 (WS): sl1, P9, p2tog.

Row 9: sl1, K9, ssk.

Row 10: sl1, P9, p2tog.

Rows 11-26: as Rows 9-10.
Total - 39 (43) (41) (33) (29) sts

Row 27: sl1, K9, ssk, (DO NOT TURN!) K13 (15) (14) (12) (8)
Row 28: (Remove markers as you come to them.) P23 (25) (24) (22) (18), p2tog, P13.

You may want to do two extra rows for Men’s. Cut yarn.


Using A. Rows 1-2: K.

Bind off in knit stitch.


Using a flat seam, join sole and back seam.

Sep 9, 2012 19:49:23   #
tamarque (a regular here)
******IMPORTANT - INFORMATION**************

Since this pattern works from side to side, the length needs to be adjusted with the casting on.

So if length is an issue, the guage needs to be assessed and the cast on made according to the length of the foot

understand that the toe wraps the foot and up the toe as does the heel.

This has to be understood when reading the pattern and making adjustments
Sep 10, 2012 09:55:20   #
Designer1234 (a regular here)

The link below will take you to the Main Section of this workshop Go there to see all the current workshops as well as information topics and

all finished workshops from the beginning of this section. They will be available for KP members to follow in the future.
Sep 10, 2012 17:55:14   #
Designer1234 (a regular here)
IMPORTANT - note that -row 5 on the instep -- the last figure is
K22 stitches rather than K26

I would suggest you change your pattern now. (SUE'S GUIDE --IS CORRECTED - you just need to change the pattern.

Glance through this topic for any information that
might be of help with your slippers.
Sep 10, 2012 23:31:46   #
Sandra - Designer1234 uses Red Heart doubled and says it works great! I have a good supply of bulky yarn so I use that, but using a double strand of any worsted weight would serve the same purpose, I would think. The whole idea is to make a nice thick, soft slipper that keeps your feet warm and snuggy all winter - and these really do!
Sep 10, 2012 23:40:03   #
Designer1234 (a regular here)
I use Red Heart worsted for these slippers -- I have used it one strand for top and bottom., double soles and single strand top and for this workshop I am doing mine with double strands top and bottom. It is a bit thick to knit but as I live in Alberta and
it is very cold here so I want them for this winter.

They are quite heavy and very warm -- It is starting to look like Autumn here so I will be making them for the family for Christmas -will see how I like the double thickness- I am liking them so far.-- I personally don't find the yarn hard.If
I find mine are not soft I will just wear some light socks under them. They do wash up beautifully. I have so much red heart I use for afghans so I will use it for all these slippers.
Sep 11, 2012 00:22:20   #
nannee (a regular here)
suehoman wrote:
I'm ready to go! And I can't believe how much I'd forgotten about knitting these wonderful slippers - my memory is now refreshed and I've finished my first one (slipper, not pair), using LionBrand Thick & Quick. The first picture is before the slipper was sewn up, and the second two are the finished result. By the way, I just posted instructions for the different sizes in the 'Instruction' portion of KP - hope they make sense. (And remember - these are for slogging around the house - use pretty yarn, and any mistakes won't be evident to anyone but you!)
I'm ready to go! And I can't believe how much I'd ... (show quote)

sue, please tell me

WHAT size needles are you using with this yarn, Lion Brand Quick and Thick?
Also are you using Wool Ease ( 80% wool,20% acrylic) or Jiffy Quick & Thick.
(100% acrylic)
Thank you

ANSWER: KAY - I'm using US Size 9 circular 24" needles and the yarn is Wool-Ease Thick & Quick.
Sep 11, 2012 21:42:45   #
Designer1234 (a regular here)
I am just starting the top
on mine. YOu must make sure that your count is right for the row you are on . and then make sure that you have a stocking stitch across the rest of your slipper - this will be the top of the slipper and the sides-

check out the pictures on the front page - your top will look like the picture of my slipper before it is sewn together -

Just do exactly what the pattern says, making sure you correct the instep row #5 to 22 stitches at the end of the row--( see the post about the correction on a previous message on this forum)

don't overthink it - just do what it says, . Designer
Sep 11, 2012 21:48:43   #
QUESTION (INSTEP) I have the same question about what to do after the sole. I couldn't wait to start! I made one sole last night using size 9 needles and Lionbrand Hometown USA super bulky yarn. I am not sure on how to proceed.

ANSWERAfter you complete the sole, join with your new color (if you're changing colors between the sole and the instep). Then you just continue on - follow the directions exactly, and it will make sense as you get into it. Pretty soon you'll see that the rows are much shorter - when that happens, knit the number of stitches the pattern calls for, and then turn and knit back (next row). It all sounds pretty weird, but take the instructions literally - do what is written, and you'll soon have a slipper! I promise! Let me know if that is confusing - I hope it makes sense to you...I just read Designer's post and she was spot on!
Sep 12, 2012 09:25:39   #
CORRECTION : Sue I had a question where it says sl 1 on the pattern it looks like s 11 after I read your chart I found it is sl 1 lol

ANSWER ANSWER Hi, Glenda - No, you just slip one stitch - the first '1' is actually an 'L'. Confusing, I know!
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Knitting and Crochet Workshops with designer1234
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