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Ladyfingers - AG doll - Miscellaneous August, 2012 Outfits
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Aug 28, 2012 16:06:30   #
1. This dress was made with soft colors: beige and coral because I had some multi-colored (soft tones) light mohair (fingering yarn) and I wanted the dress to blend in with the hooded jacket.
2. Mohair hooded jacket with puffed sleeves in soft colors.
3. White sparkly "metallic" furry sweater with self-striping pants. Not really happy with the way the striping turned out on the pant legs. The hat looks better in the self-striping, with a white furry pom-pom.
4. Bernat's Jacquard dress in brown tones. basic top with "basket weave" skirt stitch (knit 4, purl 4 across - just like ribbing until you complete four rows, then purl 4, knit 4 across for 4 rows, then back to K4,P4 again). Used a ribbing for the bottom of the skirt in K3, P2. Made the hat brim in the same ribbing, then regular crown.
5. This dress was started with the "Sleeveless Dress" pattern from Handout #1. The skirt is from a stitch pattern submitted by one of the knitters on this forum. However, I goofed and didn't read the instructions thoroughly - and increased at the waist to make this very full skirt - NOT what her pattern called for.....oops!
The skirt was a fun pattern to knit, and I hope she sees this photo and contacts me to discuss whether or not to co-write the pattern.
6. Red Christmas dress with red, white and green furry (bulky knit) holiday trim.
7. Red Christmas dress with furry holiday Shrug and red hat with furry trim, red Mary Jane shoes, and red panties.
8. Had some Herrschner's Halloween yarn and decided to put together another witch costume. This time I made a TINY hat and big TREAT BAG with knit-in jack-o-lantern face.
9. I bought yellow yarn with 5 different colored pom-poms scattered through the skein - yes, skein! I had to drape it around my knees and wind into a ball (bummer!). This yarn comes in white, yellow, pink, blue, and green. I thought the yellow would look "cool" in a doll outfit. This yarn was purchased from Turkey, so I had a package of 6 skeins. I used one skein for the outfit. Then I wound another skein into a ball - cutting out the 5 pom-poms. After the dress was completed, with 5 pom-poms knit across the front - I had 5 "loose" pom-poms to work with, so I added a few more to the skirt. Wound another skein just to cut out the pom-poms and added the 5 additional pom-poms to the hat, purse, and each shoe. The yellow panties do not have a pom-pom - LOL!

I wanted this to be a full skirt, but didn't want it to "ripple" in and out, so I knit 6 rows then on the next row I increased in every 4th stitch across the row. Knit 6 rows, increased in every 4th st, etc., until I came to the desired length. This made a full skirt that spread out and showed off all the pom-poms.

Have no idea where she will wear this outfit - is it a costume for Halloween? Go to a birthday party? Go shopping at an American Girl store? ?????
Beige & Coral Dress w/Pleated Skirt
Beige & Coral Dress w/Pleated Skirt...
Mohair Hooded Jacket in Soft Colors
Mohair Hooded Jacket in Soft Colors...
White furry Sweater, Self-Striping Pants, Cap w/Pom-Pom
White furry Sweater, Self-Striping Pants, Cap w/Po...
Bernat's Jacquard in Brown Tones
Bernat's Jacquard in Brown Tones...
Yellow & Mint Green Dress with "Fancy" stitch skirt
Yellow & Mint Green Dress with "Fancy" stitch skir...
Christmas dress with Red,White,Green furry holiday trim
Christmas dress with Red,White,Green furry holiday...
Christmas Dress, Holiday Shrug & Hat
Christmas Dress, Holiday Shrug & Hat...
Herrschener's Halloween yarn - Witch
Herrschener's Halloween yarn - Witch...
Multi-Colored Pom-Pom Dress, Hat, Purse, Shoes
Multi-Colored Pom-Pom Dress, Hat, Purse, Shoes...
Aug 28, 2012 16:26:22   #
Love them all !!!!! :)
Aug 28, 2012 16:42:37   #
wow I love them all!!! :-D :-D :-D
Aug 28, 2012 17:00:01   #
These are great! Where can I get patterns. I have an eight year old granddaughter who wants AG clothes.
Aug 28, 2012 17:02:54   #
Beautiful outfits xx
Aug 28, 2012 17:58:14   #
Wow! they are really lovely!
Aug 28, 2012 18:02:38   #
Hilary4 (a regular here)
Elaine, you are so creative. (I would love to see your stash - you use such fabulous yarns!)
Aug 28, 2012 21:32:35   #
jshively3 wrote:
These are great! Where can I get patterns. I have an eight year old granddaughter who wants AG clothes.

I also love them all! Please tell us where you got the patterns. I have 3 granddaughters. Thanks
Aug 28, 2012 22:08:46   #
Naneast (a regular here)
They are beautiful !
Aug 28, 2012 23:12:54   #
The AG doll clothes were designed by me - knitting from the top down and creating as I went along. There are no patterns - yet - for these doll clothes - except most of them were started with the "basic top" from Handout #2, and the "Sleeveless Dress" pattern from Handout #1. The holiday shrug is in Handout #2 or #3, the sweater with attached pants are in Handout #2. The witch was started with the "basic top", making long sleeves and using Halloween yarn from Herrscheners. The pom-pom dress was created because of the yarn I bought from Turkey, Ice brand. Nothing really new.

If you would like to get e-mails for the 3 American Girl handouts and the Barbie handout - with lots of patterns - send me an e-mail to:

I'll send them to you via reply e-mail ASAP.

For you newcomers to this KP forum - my patterns are mostly knit from the top down, with many variations for necklines, sleeves, skirt fancy stitch patterns, and fancy stitches for pant legs. There are no buttons, no snaps, no zippers, and no Velcro fasteners - just sew the few seams and she's ready to go!

To find some of my patterns that are posted here on this website, go to the top of the page, middle section, click on "Search" then type "Ladyfingers" and click on the Search button. A long list will open. Look (on the left side column) for the sub-section: "User Submitted, How-To's, Patterns, Tutorials". This is where my patterns are posted individually along with a photo. These patterns are different from the patterns in the handouts.

One of the knitters here has provided us with a PDF Download button, so when you click on each title, scroll down the comments to one from "Daeanarah" - in the middle of the page of her comments is the Download button. Just click on the button and a very nice copy of the pattern and photo will open on your computer for easy printing.
Aug 28, 2012 23:38:42   #
Thank You. Love to knit top down!
Aug 28, 2012 23:40:07   #
Your dresses are so beautiful...Your grandaughters are very lucky to play with them....Your work inspire me ...Thank you.
Aug 29, 2012 07:39:58   #
Thank you so much for sharing your patterns, I have knitted several dresses for a little girl who goes camping where I do and she loves them so much, thanks again.
Aug 29, 2012 10:25:32   #
I love all of the outfits but especially the pompom suit. Will you be sharing the patterns for these? Your patterns are so easy to follow and when my grandbaby is old enough to get her AG doll, the doll will have a better wardrobe than I do.
Aug 29, 2012 10:30:07   #
Wow, you are sooo creative. The outfits are great. Thanks for sharing.:)
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