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K4tog tbl and K4tog in lace knitting
If you would like to post a reply, then please login (if you already have an account) or register (if you don't).
Sep 24, 2012 12:18:44   #
BC (a regular here)
Ok all you lace knitters out there, HELP! I am knitting a Fan stitch 1/2 circle shawl with lace or fingering weight black yarn. All was well with 2 lamps shining on me until I came to the row with K4 tog tbl and K4tog. I manipulated and completed 4 sets of them - I say manipulated because really, who can called stitch prodding knitting? The K4 was really giving me heck. I finally resorted to slipping the 4 st. on a dpn size 1, tried to keep it lose as I attempted to pick up the st. from that. I can maybe make it through the next 3 sets but this is just the beginning, next time around the # of sets will double, then double again, and then...
My ?'s are, have you found the Addi lace needles to be beneficial or have you worked out a way to knit these? I am knitting on a size 5 Addi. I thank you ahead of time for any help you can provide. Almost forgot, have you found the Ott light or any other type of lighting to be worth the investment?
Sep 24, 2012 13:11:27   #
First of all, if you are having a difficult time knitting that many stitches together, try using a crochet hook to slip through the stitches, grab the yarn and pull through, I don't use Addi needles so can't comment on them. I do have an Ott lamp which I purchased at Home Depot for a great price compared to other stores even with their half off coupons. It works really well to focus the light where I need it.
Sep 24, 2012 15:07:50   #
Yarn Happy
I would do like m.r.b. said, knit with a crochet hook.
Sep 25, 2012 08:07:36   #
When you knit lace a needle with a sharp point is a must. There are so many to choose from lately, addi lace are good, I like chiao goo lace needles.
Using an ott lite or any other daylight lamp really does help you see your work, especially with dark colors.
Both are good investments to make your knitting projects easier.
Sep 25, 2012 08:40:37   #
I bought an Ott light during a few months ago. The light is good but I think its hot ! I couldn't use it much during the summer, maybe it will be okay this winter. I was disappointed that I could feel the heat so much.
Sep 25, 2012 08:57:50   #
When I did the "Angels Wings" cable, I used a crochet hook to pull the yarn through because my CTS-afflicted hands were aching from trying to work those 4-st cables.
Maybe a crochet hook will help you get the yarn through without such a struggle. Just a thought.
Sep 25, 2012 09:18:06   #
There are other full spectrum lights and you can also buy the bulbs which will fit in a standard socket. I've done both and they help. Also a crochet hook is the way to go on the K4tog or any large multiple knit stitch.
Sep 25, 2012 09:45:14   #
ACK, I wouldn't attempt this without a pointy needle. I am partial and use a lot, the addi lace.
Sep 25, 2012 12:07:06   #
Hazel Blumberg - McKee (a regular here)
An Ott light is DEFINITELY worth the investment! I wouldn't be knitting in the evenings if it weren't for the excellent lighting of my Ott light.

Sep 25, 2012 13:28:23   #
I've had a ott light for a couple of years now and don't know how I got along without one. I don't think mine gets hot. I will check later
Sep 25, 2012 13:32:51   #
Alpaca Farmer
I also have an Ott type lamp which I use for night work and also by my sewing machine. Helps these well-used eyes see what they need to see.
Sep 25, 2012 20:49:04   #
Moon Loomer
Alpaca Farmer wrote:
I also have an Ott type lamp which I use for night work and also by my sewing machine. Helps these well-used eyes see what they need to see.

I have a number of those lights, wonderful. Plus there are the lighted glasses, puts the light where you are looking! Moon Loomer
Sep 25, 2012 23:38:12   #
BC (a regular here)
Thanks for all the feedback. The crochet hook does help. I was able to finish the last 3 groups of k4 togtbl and k4 tog without so much frustration & time. In all my frustrations before I got your help, I somehow dropped a stitch so my count was off. I frogged it all & began again with more confidence. Thank you each 4 your suggestions. I love knitting lace so I best learn the tricks sooner than later, hum?!
Sep 26, 2012 00:46:12   #
If you are doing this on the Addi turbos, I'm not surprised you are having problems. My Addi turbos are the bluntest point needles I have. The Addi Lace are much sharper and will probably make you feel like you are knitting again! :mrgreen:
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