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Shawl fastener
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Feb 1, 2011 13:13:27   #
I knit a lovely shawl for my daughter but it keeps falling off her shoulders, and she said she'd wear it more if it stayed on better. It's basically a big rectangle. I was wondering about some type of fastener or maybe working on it again to create some type of taper so it would fit better.
Any suggestions.
Feb 1, 2011 13:35:22   #
Ann from Il.
Order a shawl pin (fastener) from Annie's Attic. This worked great for my granddaughter's shawl.
Ann from Il.
Feb 1, 2011 13:36:09   #
Hi Kathyretired

Most yarn stores carry some kind of shawl fasteners, however I bought some fancy hair gadgets from Walmart for a dollar and they work great. Everyone admires them. Mine are approx 5" long tapered like swords with a type of keyhole on the end to which I have attached knitted fuschias.

Feb 1, 2011 15:30:49   #
If the shawl has yarnovers along the edges, you could try using decorative buttons; simply sew two buttons together back to back (it'll look sort of like a cufflink) and simply slip the button through the yarnover.
Feb 1, 2011 16:21:52   #
They have shawl pins or even use hair sticks- i've seen some pics with chopsticks for a little drama
Feb 2, 2011 15:12:12   #
I use hair barrettes, as long as the "stick" part is slim enough to slide through the yarn.
Feb 2, 2011 16:04:38   #
Joan Stehman
You absolutely need to go to a knitting shop. I just saw some absolutely beautiful shawl fasteners in one. I know there will be one your daughter will love.
Feb 2, 2011 16:06:35   #
Joan Stehman
I am vacationing, but my daughter told me about a scarf she saw that was rainbow colored, with plenty of fringes throughout. The woman was selling them for $25. Does anyone out there know of such a pattern or what kind of yarn would have been used? Thanks.
Feb 2, 2011 18:36:47   #
Its most likely art yarn, I came across a bunch on clearance I have made several for my grandaughters and for gifts each scarf comes out different they live them. I just cast on enough stitches to make it as wide as I wanted and knit every row until it is as long as I want. I made a white one that had just a sprinkling of black in it that one looked so elegant.
gln whi
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