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Copies of all closed workshops for use by KP Members - Designer1234
C-TECH HELP AREA-with prismaticr (Workshop Section Only)
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Oct 4, 2012 13:27:34   #
This new section will feature some Technical help for all our users... If you have a question, message me, and I might just add it here....

I will answer things like:
How do I post pictures?
Where do I find that 'Watch' link?
How do I join your workshop?
Where is the download the teacher mentioned?
Free Pdf Printer
How to add the workshops ‘Home’ Section to your KP home page
Download Help

Why cant I open the download? Or where did my download go?
--For these types of questions, please Private Message me. I CAN help you! I will make sure to solve your problems. I am very patient and help all ages and all levels of computer users. I can even connect remotely to your personal computer, safe and secure, to walk you through the steps! No worries, it is a one time connection event. In other words you will see exactly what I am doing the WHOLE TIME!

I am here as your resident Assistant Admin/Tech savy guru/Crochet and Knit teacher/Basic all around help!

Look for more coming soon!
Oct 4, 2012 13:39:37   #
Designer1234 (a regular here)
THANKS for doing this Rachel. I think the members will really find it helpful. I also want to thank you for agreeing to help me with this section, as well as teach crochet workshops!!. I know life will be much easier for me.

Oct 4, 2012 14:24:54   #
How to post a picture?

Referring back to the Main forum Help link

You find most of the basics... BUT, most of us open a thread of conversation, like our wonderful workshops, and just start typing in the Quick Reply section at the bottom.... SO THEN how do you add a picture????

Well.... you type that text and then click the ‘Send’ just like you normally do. After your post appears in the thread of conversation, did you notice you have options????

Referring to the picture below…

The PURPLE box is that very familiar Quick Reply box we all use to add our comments to a thread of conversation……

But after you click ‘Send’ and your comments are added … did you notice what the RED arrow is pointing too?????? That is added to your comment for you to make changes and additions or even remove it completely…. NOTE: you only have a short window of opportunity to make these changes… so be ready to do so when you are typing. Otherwise you need to do a whole new post…

See the BROWN arrow pointing to ‘Add New Attachment’, when you click that, the stuff in the BROWN oval pops up to use!

So now click “BROWSE” and you will be taken to YOUR OWN PERSONAL COMPUTER there you can navigate to what ever you need to add to your post. After you have made your selection, text appears in the box closest to the BROWSE button… THAT OTHER BOX is for you to type some description of what you are attaching… This DOES NOT have to be the title of the picture that you had on your local computer… USE SOMETHING WE WILL RELATE TO, like “My project in progress” or “Help what did I do wrong here” or “See Look what I made!” But you can also just leave it blank!

THEN and MOST important…. CLICK THE ‘ADD ATTACHMENT’ button. Because without this NOTHING gets added!!!!!!

Now, let’s see those Pictures!
Reference Picture
Reference Picture...
Oct 5, 2012 12:59:32   #
Find that Watch link....

When you want to JOIN one of our workshops… you do so by clicking the WATCH button…
see it there under that REALLY BIG ARROW

Next you will notice the RED BOLT
this is where you find all of your Watched topics!!!!

Nifty Huh!

Oct 5, 2012 13:12:52   #
Join a workshop

WE DO NOT TAKE SIGNUPS -- When you want to JOIN one of our workshops… you do so by clicking the WATCH button… Click" rel="nofollow" target="_blank"> HERE for help on that topic.

That said…. We love to have new members join us!!!!! That is the whole point of all this! With out you, we are nothing… So please share our section with everyone… Word of mouth is the only way this spreads…

Specifically use this link "" so it brings folks to our main workshop area.

Also please note, and hope you don’t take offense, but while we welcome all the great posts about joining your chosen workshop, occasionally our section Admins will “clean up” the workshop posts… We are not deleting you, but simply making it easier to find the pertinent information our teachers are putting out there for all to learn…. Will keep any questions that might be relevant down the line to others; and often simply post the replies RIGHT INSIDE YOUR QUESTION POST… so look for them.

Finally, when the workshop closes, it never really closes… We will clean up any miscellaneous posts and keep all the great info for all to see PERMANENTLY here and locked to any new posts… You can then review just the parts you need, and even start again from the beginning… As always, feel free to message the original teacher for questions… and if you get no reply, please message one of us, your section admins.
Oct 5, 2012 13:50:35   #
How to Find those pesky Downloads everyone is talking about.....

Please see the text in the picture below

Oct 7, 2012 15:52:01   #
Pdf printer for free…..

I have been asked many times to recommend a free pdf printer. I recommend PrimoPdf

This free program installs and acts just like a regular physical printer connected your computer.

Download and install this to be able to print from ANY program to a clean pdf.

Basic instructions for use:
Download program. Install program
When you are ready to print, in your print screen, choose PrimoPDF. A new window will open allowing you to name the document and select its save location.
These screen shots are from my local computer.
Choose Primo as your printer
Choose Primo as your printer...
Primo screen pops up - WAIT FOR THIS!
Primo screen pops up - WAIT FOR THIS!...
Name your document anything you want - ex: "pdf instruction"
Name your document anything you want - ex: "pdf in...
Oct 7, 2012 16:02:46   #
Designer1234 (a regular here)
with all future workshops. I am so glad you are doing this wonderful tech forum for our information.

once again thanks so much. Shirley (designer)
Oct 8, 2012 10:58:12   #
How to add the workshops ‘Home’ Section to your KP home page

Go to - not the MAIN, just the general home page.

Scroll down toward the bottom to see the words All Sections Click it.

Now you actually see all the sections both managed by KP and user sections. We are a USER MANAGED SECTION - you must subscribe to us to see us….

Now that you see the section titled Knitting And Crochet Workshops With Designer1234

To the RIGHT of that text you see the words ‘”You are currently unsubscribed. Click to: subscribe ‘”
CLICK subscribe

Now the next time you go to the home page of KP you will always see our wonderful workshops!

Please remember if you share our section, share only the MAIN section of all the workshops, not an individual workshop.

Here is the link to share:

MORE INFORMATION-another way to subscribe

you can also click on my profile at the top of the main page and when you get to your profile you can subscribe there. There is a list of all the sections and you can choose any you want to see on your home page including these workshops.
Oct 11, 2012 11:11:40   #
For Anyone having issues with downloads.

1st - you need to understand the different FILE TYPES!
- pdf are opened with a PDF Reader such as Adobe
- .doc or .docx with Microsoft Word or Open Office
- .xls or .xlsx with Microsoft Excel or Open Office

for both the last 2 types Microsoft offers a FREE Viewer
Or you can try This Free viewer

Please message me directly either here on KP or by email at -
Please put your subject line as: KP Tech help
Additionally please tell me exactly, as best you can, what you have done thus far, so I can trouble shoot.

As a last resort, I will work with ANY individual by remote, SECURE computer to computer connection. I have a free program that will allow me to connect directly to your computer for a one time use. You will see exactly what I am doing LIVE. We will need to speak via phone, or instant messenger to get it started. For this option, I am available after 3pm ET most weekdays. or a short window between 12-1pm ET weekdays. Weekends are a bit more hectic.

Please use me! I have worked with EVERY level of user, from the basic (All I do is email and KP) to the heavy worker, like me who just needs another look.

Awaiting your requests....

Rachel aka prismaticr
Oct 28, 2012 12:44:58   #
Designer1234 (a regular here)
HOW TO REMOVE "IN HIDING" ON YOUR AVATAR - and put in your location,

click on my profile at the top of the home page in the small writing.

when you get to the profile there is a place where you can fill in where you are from. then below that is a place where it tells you to 'update information'-
it is under general information. put in your city, state and Country, or just country-- whatever you wish . and then click on

update information.

You can also subscribe to our Section from your profile page as follows:

Knitting and crochet workshops with designer1234 and other sections you might want to watch and then 'up date information' hope this helps .

check all the information and make sure you have everything you want - and click on each section to save the changes.
Aug 12, 2013 11:34:42   #
How to add a photo from your Ipad or Android Tablet

When you reply, use the reply button in a post and not the quick reply, there are 3 lines under the box you type in, they allow you to add images so click on the browse and it will ask you to either take a photo, or use existing. Chose existing and it takes you to the photos on the iPad, chose one and it uses that line. The blank part is for putting a title in if you like.

Shared from a fellow student.....
Jan 15, 2015 10:45:19   #
Please be advised, that while I will help with tech issues related to the workshop section, and some minor issues of general KP use, I am NOT the Forum admin. I do NOT have the ability to 'fix' your internet browser or your home pc.

Offline, I am a paid IT support person. I volunteer my time for small workshop/kp issues and will gladly do so going forward.
Please respect that when sending me your private messages....

Sep 20, 2015 10:13:14   #
Charlotte80 (a regular here)
Thank you for all this information. :thumbup:
Sep 20, 2015 20:20:46   #
Thank you so very much. This is wonderful of you and another reason to love KP.
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Copies of all closed workshops for use by KP Members - Designer1234
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