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Poem for dishcloth/washcloth gift giving
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Oct 12, 2012 22:45:44   #
I was wondering if maybe someone in KP land has a poem that could be attached to a bundle of dishcloths or washcloths when they are given a a gift. Just curious........ If not, maybe I'll create one.....
Oct 13, 2012 12:54:21   #
Here are a few I use:

Think of me in all your wishes
Even when you do the dishes
If the water gets too hot
Wring the rag, Forget me not!


I am a cotton dishcloth
Made of many knitted stitches
I hope when your scrub your pots & pans
That your kitchen it enriches.

Hope these help you out! Enjoy *Lady Di*
Oct 13, 2012 13:17:44   #
So clever.
Oct 13, 2012 13:53:09   #
Clever AND perfect.....thank you so much!!!!

Oct 13, 2012 13:55:11   #
Your your is mine! *Diane*
Oct 13, 2012 14:02:14   #
nanma esther
going bm these
Oct 13, 2012 14:07:39   #
Hope when you scrub your pots and pans....

I noticed I put your instead of you....but sure you all got the
just of it!
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