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Portugese knitting??
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Dec 25, 2012 23:16:36   #
Never heard of that method.. How is that done?
Dec 25, 2012 23:32:45   #
Betty H
you can check it out here
Dec 25, 2012 23:33:50   #
cindye6556 (a regular here)
Dec 25, 2012 23:57:31   #
kaixixang (a regular here)
AldaP wrote:
Never heard of that method.. How is that done?
Dec 26, 2012 05:59:26   #
Wow - that looks fairly simple to do. Will have to use a diaper pin I guess as I do not have the protugeuse thingy in my knitting arsenal.
Dec 26, 2012 08:37:22   #
Should we not worry about damaging our sweater/blouse/shirt with the pin ??

Just wondering. ?

Dec 26, 2012 09:22:24   #
I do Portuguese knitting a lot, and find it rests my hands, etc, especially when purling. I use the pin offered by Andrea Wong (overpriced though it may be!) The pin has not harmed my shirts at all. You should not pull on it, however. Just keep the tension even without pulling on the pin.
Dec 26, 2012 09:34:58   #
It looks very simple; think I'll give it a try. I wondered about the pin pulling on sweaters too. Thanks for your replies and links.

Dec 26, 2012 11:04:58   #
Looks interesting. I'm gonna have to try that.
Dec 26, 2012 12:20:32   #
hazelbut wrote:
Wow - that looks fairly simple to do. Will have to use a diaper pin I guess as I do not have the protugeuse thingy in my knitting arsenal.

I just learned Portuguese knitting from the videos because of my erratic tension problem between knitting and purling (even using needles 3 sizes apart didn't completely eliminate the washboard effect!) Didn't like the yarn around my neck because it didn't move smoothly. Not about to spend money on a pin that I may never use again if I don't like this style of knitting. Didn't want to try safety pins because I worried about yarn getting snagged in the circular bend at the 'bottom'. So, I used a fine stitch holder. Then discovered two of them work great! One at each shoulder. I wear sweaters all winter anyway, so the stitch holders don't creat a problem. And, boy has it solved my washboard tension problem!
Dec 26, 2012 13:10:30   #
I was delighted when a Portuguese knitter came to the knitting group we have at the local library. It seems a very fast method of knitting and for people with arthritic fingers it seems to me that the more change there is the better. So continental knitting uses the first finger on the left hand, English type knitting uses the first finger on the right Portuguese uses the thumb. What could be better? a change is as good as a rest.
Dec 26, 2012 13:12:33   #
Had never heard about this method of knitting before and there are many Portugese people living in this area. Will have to try this in the future. Thank you!
Dec 26, 2012 13:46:24   #
Here is a link for making your own "magnetic portuguese knitting pin". I'm going out for supplies before the storm hits. I like this much better than putting holes in my clothes.
Dec 26, 2012 14:10:28   #
After many years of not knitting, I picked up the needles. I found, to my chagrin, that I was wrapping the needle incorrectly on the purl stitches which caused twisted stitches. When I continued to inadvertently revert back to the incorrect way, I decided to try a different style to break the bad habit.

Reading on KP about Continental and then Portuguese/Turkish knitting, I went on a quest and did a lot of experimenting. I finally decided to continue the Portuguese style since I move my shoulders and elbows very little (if at all). And I find it a lot faster since there is so little movement involved.

My only problem was getting the tension correct between the knit rows and purl rows. (Knitting in the round was fine.) Finally discovered that I needed to knit more tightly than purling and now things are great. I did get one of Andrea Wong's pins but putting the yarn around my neck was better for me. (I always wash the garment before gifting, anyway.)

Good luck--whichever way you decide and have fun!
Dec 26, 2012 14:49:43   #
Thanks for the link. Looks easy enough to make. Now to learn how to knit the Portugese way... :thumbup:
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