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Machine -Knit Hooded Scarf & Baby Blanket
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Jan 5, 2013 01:12:38   #
The hooded scarf was made on a Brother 230 with an acrylic blend ....I modified the pattern that I found on the following blog-site: ...The baby blanket was made on a Passap a racked fisherman rib...with 2/11 acrylic cone yarn..
Bulky Hooded Scarf
Bulky  Hooded Scarf...

Passap Baby Blanket
Passap Baby Blanket...
Jan 5, 2013 01:34:18   #
beautiful scarf and blanket. I want to try the scarf but can't get my printer to read it for some reason so will have to wait and try another day. meanwhile I bookmarked it. thanks so much!!
Jan 5, 2013 01:39:13   #
Lynda M Otvos
Jan 5, 2013 02:21:25   #
Those are both so opulent looking... The cable edging all around the hood and scarf gives such a nice frame for the face and is an elegant detail and the pattern on the blanket is wonderful.... No holes for little fingers and toes and the edge reminds me of rick-rack.... Nice knitting!!
Jan 6, 2013 07:42:31   #
louisezervas (a regular here)
Beautiful scarf and blanket!
Jan 6, 2013 13:44:19   #
What were your modifications from the original scarf?
Jan 6, 2013 19:04:56   #
These were my modifications to the original pattern.....In the original(with the exception of the short row in the center) there was no shaping...too much bulk..The original started on one end up to center short-row then down to the other end....On the original the cable and reforming of stitches was done at the same time as the knitting....My yarn was a boucle and I found it difficult to see to reform the stitches and the cable was not as defined as I'd like.....Also knitting from one end to the other didn't allow for scarf length adjustment....The following is how I made this scarf: I casted-on with waste yarn(same amount of stitches as original)....changed to main yarn...knit 1 row(COL)and started my decreases on that row....On the left side, decrease 1 stitch(I take second needle in on left and transfer it over left outside needle and then transfer both together back to second needle and take the left empty needle out-of-work)...knit one row(COR)....Start the short-row (as described in original pattern)..Do the decrease at left before knitting the completed short-row.....Continued to knit.. decreasing 1 stitch every-other-row on the left side until I got down to a scarf width that I liked(20 to 25 stitches)and continued with that for a comfortable length and casted-off on waste yarn.......Now I take it off the machine and turn it around and rehang on the machine (purl side facing me)and continue knitting and decreases(on the right side of the bed) until you have the same row count as the other half....Cast-off on waste yarn........Try the hooded scarf on and see if the the length is what you want......Rehang on machine if you want it longer or just crochet or latch off....Edging on mine is Worm Edging.....I picked up 4 bars on 4 needles...knitted 9 rows....then hung the next 4 bars on the same needles....knitted 9 rows(10 rows at corners)....Repeat around entire perimeter......I also did a crochet chain stitch just inside row of worm edge around the perimeter(to prevent rolling)..Then block....Hope this is not confusing....
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