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Machine Knitting
Machine Knit Baby Afghan
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Feb 4, 2011 14:33:44   #
I am looking for a quick and easy, yet pretty, baby afghan pattern for machine knitting. I have a brother 930 electronic machine so am interested to see if anyone has anything that they would like to share that I could use. I once had a pattern that used tucks, etc. but I can't find it. I would appreciate any help or ideas that you may have. Thanks in advance! Beverly
Feb 4, 2011 15:55:47   #

this site shows a 'swirl blanket' which can be used for a throw or a baby blanket, just depending on how you use the colors....each section is done separately (attached, but one at a time) so colors are easy to mix and manage....

any knitting machine can be used...this address is for part #1 but it leads to 2 and 3...the demonstrator does a great job with enough details and good can watch, pause, do that step on your machine and then go watch some more...good luck....
Feb 4, 2011 21:20:48   #
Thanks - I'll check it out!
Feb 5, 2011 22:38:46   #
Thanks for sharing this link .. I haven't used my knitting machine in a very long time & this gave me the urge to sit down & try to be creative .. Thanks Again Pat
Feb 6, 2011 00:06:30   #
I also have the brother 930. If the youtube doesn't work for you, I could go through my patterns and see what I can find. It's been a while since I have used my machines-must get them from underneath the bed! Just pm me.
Feb 6, 2011 10:29:27   #
I haven't used my knitting machines in a long time either. That makes me want to try it again. Does anyone else have Toyota machines?
Feb 6, 2011 10:35:28   #
The Swirl blanket looks absolutely intriguing and I will definitely give it a go - but I also was hoping for something that I wouldn't have to do too much thinking with. Something that I could just set a pattern, cast on and go. I'm still looking for that pattern stitch that a friend gave me many years ago. When I find it I will share it with everyone - that is if I find it!
Feb 12, 2011 12:29:34   #
Hi I just came aboard to this Great Forum, 4 days ago.The knowledge that every shares is so special. It is so good to see machine knitters still going strong.I am not familiar with the the differnt types of machines, all of my machines are Brothers you have the 930, and one of mine is the 970 electronic. Already I am hooked. (sml) I guess it was my lucky day when I came upon this site.
Feb 12, 2011 15:00:45   #
I love my knitting machine too! It's hard to find patterns any more. Used to be all over the place. I wish I had a ribber. Lots of stuff out there for them. I only have a G-Carriage. Welcome aboard and let's go knit something!
Feb 13, 2011 11:00:08   #
Well, I just finished my first swirl blanket. I must say that it takes longer to finish it than it does to knit it. The worm edge is very pretty but takes a long time to complete. I agree I could crochet it faster but my hands are giving me trouble so I guess it will have to do. The camera doesn't do it justice as it is a very pretty lime green.
Lime green swirl blanket
Lime green swirl blanket...
Feb 13, 2011 11:40:51   #
How much yarn did it take? I watched those videos yesterday on utube, and want to make one too. She doesn't say how many skeins she used. Is it like 1 skein per triangle? I love the lime green. Very pretty.
Feb 13, 2011 12:06:40   #
Oh no no no - the actual triangles are not that big. I used 2 skiens of Baby Bee Sweet Delight Baby yarn, each 4 oz. and I have some left over. The yardage was 377 yards per skein. One thing that I did do and depending on your machine - was - I noticed that her directions were for a bulky machine. I have a standard gauge. Rather than taking the time to figure out how many needles I would have to pull out for my machine I decided to turn my machine in to a "bulky" machine by pulling out every other needle so that I had the 60 she is talking about and leaving the rest in non working position. Worked just fine. Before you block it it looks kind of like an octopus without any legs - not truly round. But I found that when blocking it it got pretty round. It's not totally round. I'm not sure that I did it absolutely correct - I'm going to make another one to see if I can make anything differently. It is really fun to make. Good luck! (When you're done why don't you post a picture of yours.)
Feb 13, 2011 13:23:08   #
LOOOOVE this pattern! I made one too, yesterday afternoon! Only I found Diana's pattern for the standard machine needs a spongebar and is fighting me all the way. The USM pattern is much smaller and uses a different technique...think Ill try using more needles next time...regardless - LOVE IT! You did an awesome job!!
Feb 13, 2011 13:33:42   #
yourownsister wrote:
It's hard to find patterns any more... I only have a G-Carriage. Welcome aboard and let's go knit something!


You can make some really nice baby blankets with your g-carriage. Try using pattern 468, 470, 477 or any of the other stitch patterns you like. Use Tamm Sport 2/7 or a 3/15 or 3/12 yarn. Cast on between 180 and 200 stitches, knit 300 to 400 rows depending on how big you want the baby blanket.

If you have Design A Knit, or a disk drive for your knitting machine, or one of the emulator cables you can download some great designs into your knitting machine to knit baby blankets. Check our Lora Kinan's designs at or Charlene Shafer's designs at Another favorite is Cheryl Jiles who wrote several "CribKnits" books.

Happy knitting!
Feb 13, 2011 16:16:36   #
Thanks so much! I do have Designaknit but it's outdated. But I also have a disc drive and cable. There are so many things that can be done. I'm going to look at my stitchworld book right now to look at those patterns. That would be the ticket - make the G Carriage do ALL the work. But wouldn't that take a long time? It's been so long since I used the G Carriage but if I remember correctly it's pretty slow!
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Machine Knitting
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