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Pattern Requests
Knitted Toy monkey pattern
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Jan 12, 2013 08:39:07   #
Please could somebody send me a toy monkey pattern
Jan 12, 2013 08:41:12   #
look under pictures to " introducing Forrest"
he's cute
Jan 12, 2013 09:37:13   #
granny.mac wrote:
Please could somebody send me a toy monkey pattern

Go to
Search Gypsycream
All of her patterns come up
She has a monkey that is precious by the name of Maxee
All of her patterns are easy to do and she gives you a complete tutorial on how to make them up.
If you have any problems, she will be glad to help you out and she is a member of KP!

I had tried many monkey patterns and had complained to her about the problems with them, so she set to and designed Maxee for me. I love him.
Jan 13, 2013 07:04:14   #
I made this monkey from this pattern - I think he turned out reasonable - I didn't encounter any problems with the pattern

Jan 13, 2013 07:12:36   #
Thanks everybody all good
Jan 13, 2013 12:44:52   #
I swear by madmonkeyknits I've made 3 so far xx

Jan 21, 2013 05:31:43   #
Thank you so much can't wait to knit for my Great Granddaughter and then see her face!
Jan 21, 2013 07:23:44   #
Thanks for the Ravalry site. I can't wait to get and knit some of her patterns. She has so many neat ones.
Oct 10, 2016 03:08:25   #
I was looking for the pattern of chimpanzee "Willy" (by Anthoney Browne) and found your wonderful work!!
Would you tell me the information about the yarn for the sweater of Willy?
Thank you very much. I really like your job!
Pattern Requests
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