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using cross stitch patterns for knitting
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Jun 24, 2013 12:53:44   #
Has anyone ever used a cross stitch pattern for a knitting project? I have a cross stitch pattern that I would like to put on something and I'm wondering how it would turn out.

Any suggestions appreciated!!!

Jun 24, 2013 12:56:06   #
I have, but I only used it in the same color of yarn.
The sweater was knit in stockinette, and when I came to a particular area where the butterflies went, if I was knitting, I purled; if I was purling, I knitted.
Made for a very pretty relief pattern on the sweater!
Jun 24, 2013 12:57:56   #
mirl56 (a regular here)
You can, but remember that a knit stitch is not the perfect square that a cross stitch charted stitch is. So your finished design will be wider then the chart. For some designs that will not matter at all; for some they may look distorted.
Jun 24, 2013 13:02:07   #
depends how big your pattern is as the proportions are not the same (7sts x 10 rows) as opposed to the same both ways If using a small pattern it would be OK, but I would avoid anything large
Jun 24, 2013 13:05:14   #
Patty Sutter (a regular here)
It will elongate the picture somewhat as K stitches are not square but long and skinny.
I have done intarsia crochet with xs charts. But if you don't mind a slightly stretched picture, there is no reason it won't work.
You could also xs the design on after knitting. :-)
Jun 24, 2013 13:06:35   #
Uh-oh, I was thinking of doing the wolf (Mystic Spirit Warrior on Ravelry)on an afghan. So, I wonder if I did it sideways if that would work. Actually I think it would be okay if it were elongated a bit, but I don't think wider would look very good. There's something that just isn't real natural looking about a pudgy wolf.
Jun 24, 2013 13:18:47   #
BAck before I "officially" learned to knit, I used to do counted cross embroidery. There was an offshoot called "duplicate stitch" which was done over stockinette knitted backgrounds. The main difference is the stockinett base is "taller" than wider. You won't see the squares like you would with counted cross. If you can find information about duplicate stitch and how it works, I think it would help you in your planned project. You may need many bobbins for the color changes. I'd like to see your project when completed.
Jun 24, 2013 13:22:30   #
If you decide do top stitch the design as opposed to knit, the duplicate stitch would be cleaner than using "x". At the cross stitch festivals, cotton sweaters with an area specific fo the duplicate stitch were sold. I bought two of the sweaters over the years but wear them without having stitched them. Now you've got me thinking of a possible project for the winter as I have no idea where the book I bought with the instructions is.
Jun 24, 2013 18:29:21   #
Jessica-Jean (a regular here)
If you're up for transferring the picture to knitter's graph paper, you may find one of the following links useful:

How to make your own using Excel
Jun 25, 2013 05:54:30   #
GrandmaJan wrote:
Has anyone ever used a cross stitch pattern for a knitting project? I have a cross stitch pattern that I would like to put on something and I'm wondering how it would turn out.

Any suggestions appreciated!!!


I see no reason not to use cross stitch but you must be aware that they are squares and knitting is a rectangle.

I would get some knitting graph paper and coloured pencils and draw it onto the paper to see how it will be stretched out. Generally the picture will be wider than the original.
Jun 25, 2013 07:10:07   #
Wow I looked up Mystic Spirit Warrior on ravelry it is a wonderful wolf afghan. I don't crochet but this is beautiful. So you are not really turning a cross stitch chart into a knitting pattern but taking a crochet pattern and using it for knitting?
I just saw a wolf head chart for knitting yesterday. Not as detailed as the Mystic spirit but still very nice I was thinking of knitting it since it looks like my dog. i was going to knit it on something other then a sweater and not in the colors the magazine used. It is in the new Vogue Knitting magazine early fall that came in the mail yesterday.
Mary Jo
Jun 25, 2013 09:50:33   #
I use cross stitch patterns for crocheting all the time. I even make my own pattern sometimes. It works very well for crocheting.
Jun 25, 2013 10:08:49   #
GrandmaJan wrote:
Has anyone ever used a cross stitch pattern for a knitting project? I have a cross stitch pattern that I would like to put on something and I'm wondering how it would turn out.

Any suggestions appreciated!!!


When you use a pattern that is shown in squares, you need to elongate it for knitting - throw in an extra row every so often - because knitting has more rows than stitches per inch. And you will need to stay away, I think, from a pattern that has very frequent color changes for detail.
Jun 25, 2013 10:13:59   #
I've used cross stitch patterns for knitting. It was a menorah pattern. I wanted to make an afghan as a thank you gift for a friend of mine. He requested a menorah afghan. I told him if he found the pattern, I would make it. Within seconds he found a cross stitch pattern on line. It wasn't big enough to make an afghan so I had to put some pretty big borders around it. He was thrilled with it.
Menorah Afghan
Attached file:
Jun 25, 2013 10:16:40   #
so I am dug around a little cause I have a couple of wolfie patterns seeing that I have a wolfie dog and snapped a couple of pictures. it is dark and rainey here so the pictures aren't much.
the first picture is the cover of a book that I picked up at a garage sale. I was excited to find this even given the lady was selling it for a whopping 5 bucks. because I have taken this out of the library and used it for the charts and then our library had a flood and lost a lot of their books. now I have my own copy high and dry. this book has some beautiful charts including wolves and coyotes.
the second picture is from the Vogue magazine I mentioned earlier which has a sweater with a wolf. now I would do it in different colors and on a blanket because I think my husband would adore a wolf on a blanket because of how our dog looks. we get asked all the time if she is a wolf but she isn't - she is a NAID or Native American Indian Dog or as I say a mutt. she is his special love after me and the kids ; )
my only problem is my husband gets itchy at the thought of wool so I would have to knit this in acrylic - the thought of which makes me itch ; }

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