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Bucilla wondersheen thread size?
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Jul 9, 2013 17:48:57   #
Hi all. I hope the crochet ladies can help. And, I hope I can explain my problem. I've got a bag of bucilla wondersheen crochet and knitting cotton, mercerized. It is no longer being produced so I'm not sure how to size it for comparisons to modern thread. Is it a size 30 crochet thread or closer to a 10? 400 yards to a roll. Patterns recommend a size of thread but I don't know how to size this. I'm using it as laceweight. Is there a wraps per inch standard for crochet thread?
Jul 9, 2013 18:04:02   #
If my failing memory serves me correctly it is a size 10, maybe a little on the heavy side.
Jul 9, 2013 18:11:01   #
From what I remember, Bucilla Wondersheen is bedspread weight/size 10 cotton thread. Bucilla also made a version called Petite Wondersheen, which is size 20 cotton thread.
Jul 9, 2013 18:16:20   #
Gail DSouza
I think it is a Size 10 cotton thread
Jul 9, 2013 19:53:08   #
Thank you Laura, Terry and Gail. A 10 is what I needed. KP is a wonderful site. I can't skip a day.
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