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Civil War era purse pattern - C
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Aug 24, 2013 08:30:41   #
Aug 24, 2013 08:42:01   #
Marjorie Egan
That is neat Thank you.
Aug 25, 2013 08:12:02   #
Nice find. Thanks!
Aug 25, 2013 08:45:22   #
roseknit (a regular here)
Thanks for the link, very pretty.
Aug 25, 2013 15:58:33   #
These are wonderful links and thank you so much for them. At present, I have almost finished reading a book about the civil war: Gods and Generals by Jeff Shaara. "Gods and Generals an honorable, readable sprawl of a book..... Shaara's best service in Gods and Generals is to take men who now stand as unnoticed monuments outside courthouses and humanize them. " So glad that someone in the UK is as interested in this time as well as those of us in the USA. It is a wonderful book and in paperback.
Aug 25, 2013 18:46:04   #
Thank you for website, as I am a history buff, especially the Civil War since Son and Family have moved to TN. I have in my late years, learned so many interesting things concerning the past and present history of our Country.
Links and Resources
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