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ounces versus yardage in buying yarn
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Feb 12, 2011 14:04:32   #
Almost all of the Vintage Knitting Patterns call for ounces of yarn. The woman at my yarn store doesn't know how to convert that. She says I can't go by the ounces on the skein because not all yarns weigh the same. Makes sense. BUT does all worsted wool weigh the same? The Adagio shawl pattern calls for 22 ounces, for instance, of Dawn worsted weight

Feb 12, 2011 20:48:33   #
TammyK (a regular here)
No, not all worsted is create equal. You'll find that with any weight of yarn. When I need to substitute a yarn I will calculate the number of yards to the ounce in the yarn that the pattern calls for and look for another yarn that comes as close to that number as possible.
Feb 12, 2011 21:54:55   #
april star
I bought a skein of Red Heart Super Saver today and it tells you on the label how many ounces there are and also how many yards. I have found this on several different brands.
Feb 13, 2011 12:57:37   #
TammyK wrote:
No, not all worsted is create equal. You'll find that with any weight of yarn. When I need to substitute a yarn I will calculate the number of yards to the ounce in the yarn that the pattern calls for and look for another yarn that comes as close to that number as possible.

Thanks a bunch!
Feb 13, 2011 12:58:50   #
Most yarns tell the opunces, but not all worsteds are created equal.
The Dawn worsted might weigh less or more than another brand. Therein lies my problem.
Feb 13, 2011 13:08:58   #
It is frustrating. I would think you would be able to look at a number of other patterns for something similar and make an educated guess as to amount needed.

If you purchased from a yarn store and not Micheals or Walmart the store may take the yarn back. If not you have the beginnings of a scrap something else or a scarf and mitten set. Take your pick.
Feb 13, 2011 15:47:54   #
"Heavier" yarns, such as cotton will weigh more per yard than say....mohair. I don't know if this helps you visualize the differences in yarn.

Here is a table that "generalizes" yards to grams.
Lace: 8.8 yds or 9 meters = 1 gram
Fingering: 4.4 yds or 4 meters = 1 gram
sport: 2.75 yds or 2.5 meters = 1 gram
DK: 2.5 yds or 2.25 meters = 1 gram
Worsted: 2.2 yds or 2 meters = 1 gram
Heavy worsted: 1.65 yds or 1.5 meters = 1 gram
Bulky: 1.1 yds or 1 meter = 1 gram
Super Bulky: 0.8 yds or 0.75 meters = 1 gram

This is only a rule of thumb and will vary from yarn to yarn.

While some yarn stores will take back an unused skein, many will not! By the time a customer has completed a project, that dye lot may no longer be available.

I do a bit of yarn substitution, and never go by ounces or grams...I go by yards. The cape I'm working on called for 11 skeins of yarn that contained 139 yards per skein. I am using a yarn that is put up in 220 yard skeins. If I know I'm going to use a yarn substitution I first calculate the number of yards I'm going to need if I used the original yarn...then I go off searching for the same number of yards in a different yarn.

P.S. I'm the lady in the yarn shop wandering around with a calculator and mumbling!
Feb 19, 2011 15:34:06   #
Sorlenna (a regular here)
If you don't have the label (or haven't bought it yet), you can probably look up a listing for that yarn online and see its yardage per weight (alpaca worsted is a lot lighter, for example, than cotton). If the one called for is 100g/215 yds, and you need 2150 yds, but the one you want to substitute is 100g/245 yds, figure it this way: 2150 divided by 245 = 8.77, so you should get 9 skeins.

I also found through a search: Dawn, Knitting worsted,100% Wool, 4 OZ, 252 yds. It was in a list of discontinued yarns--does that sound like what your pattern wants?

I hope that helps!
Feb 20, 2011 13:30:23   #
Yes. Thanks very much. I, too, looked online, but I didn't find Dawn. You're great.
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