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Shingles shot
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Oct 11, 2013 13:58:34   #
Has anyone had this shot?
I got one Tuesday, and the nurse said, I may have some red streaks going from the area the shot was given, an may take Tylenol for pain. Well, the area is red, (about a 3" area) circular, but ITCHES like the devil! Has this been an issue for others? When will it stop itching? :hunf:
Oct 11, 2013 14:01:32   #
I had no issues whatsoever. Neither did my husband. Sorry you're having a problem.
Oct 11, 2013 14:01:52   #
I got mine with my regular flu shot last fall and i can't remember having any side effects at all from either.
Oct 11, 2013 14:02:40   #
I would take Benadryl for the itching and redness, if I were you. If it continues past a day or two, I'd call the doctor.

Well, now I see that you got it on Tues. Maybe you should call just to be safe.
Oct 11, 2013 14:16:05   #
gma11331 (a regular here)
I just got mine today, along with my flu shot. One in each arm and don't know which is which. I wasn't told to look out for anything. So far haven't felt anything. Just told me the shot isn't a guarantee against shingles, but that if I did get it, wouldn't be so severe.
Oct 11, 2013 14:17:37   #
I had my jab three weeks ago and my reaction was just like yours. It lasted for about 4days.I put ice packs on it for the red swelling and calamine lotion for the itching.I also took a anti histomin tablet,the type you take for allergies and that helped too but it did make em sleepy.It'll soon be gone so try not to worry about it.Mary.
Oct 11, 2013 14:31:03   #
Thanks to everyone who posted.
I do not get flu shot due to allergies, so this was a little iffy for me....should I?...should I not? get the shingles shot...I go back in a month for a pneumonia shot. They said the two must be 4 weeks apart. :?
Oct 11, 2013 15:01:39   #
I would call my doctor about this.
Oct 11, 2013 16:00:59   #
Sorry u are having some discomfort from the shingles vaccine and injection site. Most common side effects: swelling, redness,itching,soreness @ the injection site may even get a headache after the injection.
Those that are allergic to neomycin & gelatin should not take the Zostavax (shingles vaccine) they can have a severe reaction also if on high doses of steriods or have a weakened immune system or pregnant should not take the vaccine.
Zostavax is helpful in preventing shingles.
There are also sever reactions if you experience any severe reactions go to the ER and report to MD who gave the vaccine. severe reactions: High fever,unusual behavioral changes, wheezing,chest tightness,hives, swelling of face/mouth.
also severe reactions should be reported to or call 1-800-822-7967
most severe reactions: Ramsay Hunt syndrome, Hutchinnson signs, Herpetic itch, Neurolgia systomps.
Did they not give you a copy of what to look for for adverse sign and symptoms.
Hope this helps from what u posted sounds like u are experiencing the normal discomforts from the vaccine.
Retired Registered Nurse Razzal
Oct 11, 2013 16:05:55   #
I got one last year at the same time I got the flu vaccine and had no problems except a little swelling. If it really bothers you it wouldn't hurt to check with your doctor to be safe.
Oct 11, 2013 19:45:37   #
moonriver (a regular here)
I got the Shingles vaccine a few months ago....fortunatly I never had any problems ......never hurt to go back to your doctor....let him/or her tell you everything is alright
Oct 11, 2013 19:54:28   #
I have reactions to just about every injection..but no problem with the shingles vaccine.

One of the best things to stop an itch is stick deodorant, believe it or not! I'm allergic to every insect sting/bite on the planet and I keep a "travel sized" stick deodorant in my car and my work truck. If I get a mosquito bite, I'm digging that stick deodorant out. It works well. One day at work I was digging through my truck bag for an item and I happened to set my little deodorant stick on my bosses desk. He said "are you trying to tell me something?". I explained to him that it works instantly on bug bites/stings. It turns out his son has the same problem and for years they have been purchasing the product "after bite"...much higher priced than a travel deodorant.

Try stick deodorant, it really does work.
Oct 11, 2013 21:49:41   #
Both hubby and I got the shot with no reaction, however, I experienced what you described happen to you when I get a flu shot. It will last for a few days. Put ice on it. Hope you feel better soon.
Oct 11, 2013 23:18:34   #
Designer1234 (a regular here)
DollieD wrote:
Has anyone had this shot?
I got one Tuesday, and the nurse said, I may have some red streaks going from the area the shot was given, an may take Tylenol for pain. Well, the area is red, (about a 3" area) circular, but ITCHES like the devil! Has this been an issue for others? When will it stop itching? :hunf:

I got mine a month ago. the doctor said about 70% of the people get a red itchy hot circle but it is gone within 4 days. that is what happened with mine - Hubby never got any reaction at all. haven't thought about it since until I read your post.
Oct 12, 2013 00:15:18   #
Could just be a localised allergic reaction and nothing to worry about, ask your pharmacists advice. All antihistamines are not equal, and at the same time he or she will check it for you, just in case
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