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Twist and Shout, or Who Killed Kenny?
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Oct 31, 2013 14:10:39   #
Southpark fans, you'll know what I mean.

A friend of mine works at an Alpaca farm and has been asking me to make him a hat from the yarn of his furry friends. He finally brought me two skeins of DK weight (three ply, 200 yards each), one for his hat and one for me.

This pattern is the Twist and Shout pattern found on Ravelry. I liked the idea that the hat was so versatile- a hood, a cowl, or twist for a hat or a head band.

Gauge: 4 stitches per inch.

For a 22" head, I cast on 84 stitch using using any stretchy cast on you prefer. I used the Double Start (Estonian, Latvian) cast on which is a variation of the long tail cast-on but I don't use a slip knot and i definitely did not use two strands on either side.
I did, however, cast on with a bigger needle (in this case, on a size 10) and with plenty of looseness.

Onto the pattern: cast on then
connect two ends. Do put on a marker for the first five rows. After that, you won't need it again until you are five rows from being finished.

row one: purl
row two: knit
row three: purl
row four: knit
row five: purl

Knit for 19 more inches then alternate purl and knit rows as above to finish.

I cast off using the Elastic bind off:
Instruction for Elastic bind off:
1. Work first two stitches.
2. Slip both back on left hand needle with front leaning edge forward.
3. Work these two stitches together through the back loop.
4. Work next stitch using front leaning edge. (maybe through the back or through the front, depending on stitch on the needle)
5. Repeat steps 2-4 until two stitches remain. Knit these last two together. Cut yarn and pull through loop.
If you saw my other patterns- see? I have a chin!
If you saw my other patterns- see? I have a chin!...
Oct 31, 2013 15:25:07   #
works great!
Oct 31, 2013 15:44:37   #
sweet who killed kenny
Oct 31, 2013 16:05:07   #
The bastards! (sorry, if you watch South Park, you know why I had to say that.)
Oct 31, 2013 18:49:34   #
Well done!!!
Oct 31, 2013 19:30:53   #
Oct 31, 2013 23:08:32   #
Naneast (a regular here)
Great job!
Nov 1, 2013 10:24:22   #
PiggiesMom wrote:
The bastards! (sorry, if you watch South Park, you know why I had to say that.)

LOL.... very cute!
Nov 1, 2013 10:25:19   #
Can't find the pattern. Can you send me the exact name of pattern? Willie
Nov 1, 2013 10:53:03   #
The exact name is Twist and Shout. I modified it in that I use five rows of alternating purls and knits (3 purl, 2 knit) prior to getting into the inches and inches of knit stitch. I also added the information on using an elastic bind off and a double cast-on/Latvian cast on.
Nov 1, 2013 13:14:23   #
Thank you! Willie
Nov 1, 2013 15:41:26   #
I like it.
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