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Erma Bombeck thoughts for the day.
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Aug 4, 2011 14:28:15   #
I remember Erma for all her books. I had them all.
Aug 4, 2011 15:29:32   #
Love it!
Aug 4, 2011 16:11:25   #
That is a good idea to think positive when Alzheimer get us
Aug 5, 2011 00:08:32   #
dhdehamer wrote:
And add to that. that I have no yarn in my stash left!

Aug 5, 2011 00:37:15   #
Just love it thanks for sharing :-D
Aug 5, 2011 00:51:35   #
enchanted parkway
Yes, I like your word "adored" for Erma. We didn't have as many TV channels as now, but Phil Donahue had her on several times and she was wonderful to see interviewed after I had read some of her work.

I still have her "I Hate to Cook Book" and make several things out of it. She does a ground beef dish that is like a poor man's stroganoff, and in the recipe while you are waiting for the meat to brown or something she states that you have time to smoke a cigarette here if you need to. I don't smoke, but it was just her style to stay exactly what she wanted.

She and Phyllis Diller were wonderfully funny about the life of being a wife and mother. Yes, miss them.
Aug 6, 2011 08:28:55   #
dancin daisies
so nice
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