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Beautiful Russian song
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Jan 11, 2014 11:47:46   #
Soprano Knitter (a regular here)

Words: a rough translation from Google translate, with a little editing from me:

In the wild steppes Transbaikalia,
Where royut gold in the mountains
Tramp, fate curse
Taschylsya with sumo shoulders.

It smocks thin,
And a lot of different patches
Shapchonka it prisoner
And gray prison robe.

Tramp Baikal suitable
Fishing boat takes.
And a sad song starts -
Home about something sings:

"He left a young wife
And leave small children
Now I go at random,
God knows I'll see if she was! "

Tramp Baikal moved
Towards - darling mother.
"Oh, hello, oh, hello, mother,
How healthy is my father and my brother? "

"Your father had long been in the grave,
Syroyu earth closed.
And your brother had long been in Siberia
Long irons thunders. "

Come on, let's go, my son,
Come on in our native hut,
Wife there for her husband misses
And crying kids crowd. "
Jan 11, 2014 12:13:57   #
Fialka (a regular here)
Thank you ! I would not recognized this Russian song from your translation, if I would't listen to it ! I listen several other songs and it's really hard to translate, but they are really beautiful and with a lot of real life struggle in contest ! Thank you again for opportunity to see and listen today's Russia !
Jan 11, 2014 19:37:52   #
nitnana (a regular here)
Are you folks Russian?
Jan 11, 2014 21:53:52   #
Soprano Knitter (a regular here)
nitnana wrote:
Are you folks Russian?

No, I'm not Russian, but am learning the language...My family converted to Ukrainian Orthodox in 2008, so, Ukrainian is very similar to Russian. I am enjoying transliterating Russian songs, so I can sing them in Russian, without the trouble of trying to read the Russian letters and sing at the same time. I did this with 3 so far,and am working on another, and plan to do a Russian Christmas Carol after that.

Jan 12, 2014 05:24:32   #
Thankyou for posting. :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:
Jan 12, 2014 07:39:45   #
Soprano Knitter (a regular here)
Wow! just realized from my last post that they actually linked it to a program we used for a while to learn it!
Feb 2, 2014 17:39:22   #
Thank you for posting this, which I have only just come across. I absolutely love Russian and Ukrainian singing.
Feb 2, 2014 20:56:12   #
Soprano Knitter (a regular here)
Sheena wrote:
Thank you for posting this, which I have only just come across. I absolutely love Russian and Ukrainian singing.

Glad you like it. I love Russian and Ukrainian singing, too, and am trying to learn to sing it, too. I just love this song.
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