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The Arachne Sock Calculator; Hand and machine knitting; Sweet!
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Aug 28, 2011 12:13:17   #
Aug 28, 2011 13:26:44   #
Poledra65 (a regular here)
That's cool, thanks for sharing.
Aug 29, 2011 11:06:20   #
That is just awesome! I bookmarked the page and plan to use this--I'm always guesstimating a lot of this, and it doesn't always turn out , this is a great tool. Have you used it, if so, is it accurate?
Aug 29, 2011 14:38:03   #
e.ridenh wrote:

Woo Hoo .... great link for sock pattern. Thanks.
Whatcha doin" ? Patricia
Aug 29, 2011 20:47:41   #
You're welcome, sweetie!

I just took out a bat - literally and am callied in another Bat Woman! So, I'm having a Scotch on the rocks with a twist of lemon with her as we speak! LOL!!

I'm thinking about having a second one, too! LOL!!

In the mean time, I'm taking care of the lighter duties as I'm not a real big person and one drink makes me _________! LOL!!

Hubby is home and he and I also snagged some newborn barn kitties from one of our fav moms. I've raised them for years in a laundry basket and tossed the mom out every two hours and overnight. We get tamed kitties for the barn this way and just have so much fun studying the felines. At four weeks or so, they can get out of the basket, so I take them to the hay mow.

Yup, we've got 36 or so animules (LOL!) out here on funny farm which is hubby's hobby. I cover for him if he travels and b&%$ch! LOL!

Heck, I don't ask him to knit or crochet for me! LOL!!

DS just called in - needs things from his room..can do...he's active duty Army; Ft. Stewart, GA, and got out of Iraq #2 on 14 May - anything he wants from us, he gets and I'll throw in cookies! LOL!!

What's on your hooks or needles?


Donna Rae
e.ridenh wrote:

Woo Hoo .... great link for sock pattern. Thanks.
Whatcha doin" ? Patricia[/quote]
Aug 29, 2011 20:54:32   #
just in time..thanks
Aug 29, 2011 21:29:30   #
You're welcome!

I've got a '''lace sock''' here that I want to make eventually and it calls for elastic thread, too; Interesting!


Donna Rae
Ezenby wrote:
just in time..thanks
May 21, 2014 13:31:42   #
I just finished using the chart. I would try them using 88 stitches and see what the result will be. I would not make a sock to the knee. I knit my socks for just 7 inches from the heel of my foot and I cast on 76 stitches and knit for 7 inches then begin the heel for 3 inches andthey come out great. This pattern, if I were to use the amount of stiches that the pattern specified I would try it with 88 stiches to see how it compares.
Links and Resources
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