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Loops & Threads yarn
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Aug 29, 2011 23:46:43   #
I was wondering about this Loops & Threads brand yarn that they carry at Michael's. I don't remember it from last year. Is this something new?
I used their line of cotton yarn called "cotton club" and I like it better than peaches n~cream. It seems a bit softer.
Aug 29, 2011 23:50:26   #
I am probably wrong. I think this is just their yarn like Joann's has Sensations and Hobby Lobby has Love This Yarn. aThen agaoin, I don't get to Micheals real often and may not be remembering right. How's tat for a wishy washy answer? Glad forthe cotton comment. I'll go more often, as I;m not a real fan of Peaches and Cream.
Aug 29, 2011 23:54:30   #
I have found that I also am not a real fan of Peaches and Cream. What I do like is I Love This Cotton!, which I get at Hobby Lobby. It's wonderfully soft.
Aug 30, 2011 10:04:11   #
Yep, Loops & Threads is Michaels brand. I think I first saw it about 6 months or so ago locally.
Aug 30, 2011 10:35:35   #
I am in the process of making a baby blanket from the Loops & Threads Snuggly Wuggly yarn. It is a baby sport weight (#3 weight) yarn. I like it very much! Soft, handles well, doesn't split. The pattern is the Cutie Corners Blanket from their Baby Blocks booklet. can't tell about wearability yet as the blanket isn't done yet, but it looksd like it would do fine
Aug 30, 2011 22:16:58   #
I don't think it's new because I've been using this yarn for about 1 or 2 years now. I think that's right.:) It's acrylic yarn so not really fantastic to me but it will do.:)
Aug 30, 2011 22:27:21   #
I'm knitting scarves with the Loops & Threads Charisma. I like it. The yarn is bulky so works up fast and is very soft.
I used a Loops & Threads yarn last year for a hat/scarf set, so it has been out at least a year.
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