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Mens Muslim Prayer Hats
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Sep 2, 2011 16:20:46   #
My name is "ITRAT",i would like to make Muslim Prayer hats from HAND DRIVEN DOUBLE BED FLAT KNITTING MACHINE.I did not know anything about Flat Knitting Machine.I am sending the picture of such hats,can anyone help to make me such hats at Hand Driven Double Bed Flat Knitting Machine,at an easiest way as i am a begineer.The yarn is very thin (maybe 38/s or 40/s and it is cotton).I am giving my email ,if anyone want to consult abt it more pls email me.Eagerly waiting .

Sep 3, 2011 11:28:30   #
first of all, we need the name of the hats as it will be easier to find... you will also find some by googling the name....

the double bed knitting machine is not for a beginner... the hats you showed, while beautiful, are at least intermediate level even for hand knitters.... the double bed machine makes them an advanced project and unless you have a teacher right on sight, you will need weeks, minimum, on a knitting machine to be able to produce them. you will have to learn how to machine knit (these machines are have lots of parts and need time to learn how to handle), then more time to learn how to do intarsia (the 2 color work), then how to use the ribber (the 2nd of the double beds) to do round work.... this is a lot for a beginner...

an easier way to do them would be to short row them on the single bed (when using a double bed machine, you CAN knit on just the top part, which is much easier). the intarsia is do-able on the single bed and then you would have one small seam to do by machine or hand...

i am including a video from one of the youtube people who shows a short row baby hat that is very similar in shape and style and would just need a bit of adjustment to make it right... you would have to find a pattern for the designs you wanted to include...

this is part 1, so look for part 2 when it finishes... good luck, i hope you find the patterns you need...
Machine Knitting
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