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Help with Bottom Up No Seam Raglan Sweater
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Sep 23, 2011 04:15:55   #
I am knitting the bottom up raglan no seam baby cardigan titled "Keep On Trucking" by Elizabeth Smith. It is a free download. I have knit the two sleeves separately and the body of the sweater on circular needles as stated. I have no idea how to attach the sleeve to the body. I've never done a bottom up sweater before. Does anyone know how to attach Raglan sleeves to the body of the sweater? If so, please help or direct me to a site that can help me. I've searched You Tube for a demo and came up with nothing. Thanks ever so much! Totally frustrated. I wrote to Elizabeth and have heard nothing.

Sep 23, 2011 04:20:56   #
Where is this free pattern located? Is this a person on Ravelry? Are the sleeves bound off and the armholes of body bound off so that you need to sew them in or do you have live stitches that would need to be grafted together?
Sep 23, 2011 04:23:02   #
Jessica-Jean (a regular here)
Assuming this is the pattern: , at the top of page three of the pattern, it explains very clearly how to join the sleeves and body.
Sep 23, 2011 04:31:14   #
It is not clear to me as I have never done such a sleeve before. Do I knit the entire sleeve on the needle or do I knit the six stitches on the body and the six sleeve stitches together? When I put all the stitches on the needles there is no opening for the arm to fit through. Very confusing for me.

Thank you
Sep 23, 2011 04:35:04   #
Nothing is bound off. That is why it is so confusing. Sleeves are knit on the round and somehow attached to the body. I have never knitted a bottom up sweater. The truck is finished and everything looks great except how to attach the sleeve. I've matched the six stitches from the sleeve to the six stitches on the body. Do I knit them together and then knit the other stitches? I looked on YOU Tube for a visual and nothing was available.

Thank you so much!
Sep 23, 2011 04:39:29   #

here is the best explanation i have seen and the one i had bookmarked for this 'method-i-haven't-done-yet-but-plan-to-someday'.... i love the freedom this gives you for intricate patterning so am interested in trying it...i hope this helps....
Sep 23, 2011 05:06:02   #
Jessica-Jean (a regular here)
Attaching Sleeves:
1) (working on body stitches)k to 3 sts before first marker

2) Sleeve Set-Up: Using tapestry needle, slip these 3 sts as if to purl onto scrap yarn - "these 3 sts" being the three stitches remaining before the first marker

3) remove marker, slip next 3 sts as if to
purl onto scrap yarn

4)Pick up one of the sleeves (doesn’t matter which one) and holding it in front of the sweater, match the underarm sts (on scrap yarn) to underarm sts of the body. Your right hand is holding the main yarn and body of sweater and your left hand is holding the needle that the sleeve sts are on

5) PM (PM = place marker) on RN (RN = right needle), insert RN into first st on the sleeve needle (this first st is the first st to the left of the underarm sts on scrap yarn),
k the rest of the sleeve sts onto sweater body needle, pm

6) k across back sts, continuing truck picture (if not complete yet), to 3 sts before second marker

7) Repeat “Sleeve Set-Up” steps as instructed above, then k to the end of the row

Does this break-down help any?
Sep 23, 2011 05:34:23   #
Thank you Jessica-Jean,

I am still doing something wrong. It is Step #4 and Step #5 that I do not understand. I've done this three times. There is now no opening in the top of the arm. What do I do with the six stitches let on the body of the sweater?
Step 4 says to match them
Step 5 does not say knit them together so they are still on the scrap yarn hanging below the needles while the entire sleeve is crammed on the body sweater circular needles.

It is Greek to me.

You sound like a very experienced knitter. I am a relatively new knitter.
Sep 23, 2011 05:47:20   #
read page 3 of the pattern it shows you very clearly what to do good luck
Sep 23, 2011 11:51:33   #
OK, this obviously is appearing very clear to most of you very experienced knitters. Here is my question.

1. I have the six stitches on the underarm and six stitches on the sleeve both on scrap yarn.

2. When I knit the underarms together what do I do with the rest of the stitches on the sleeve needle. There are 42 stitches remaining.

3. According to the picture, all stitches are now on circular needle.

4. What am I missing?

Thank you for your patience with me.
Sep 23, 2011 12:08:08   #
OK Everyone I finally got it. Somehow, I omitted to see

1. the Finishing part explains the six stitches from the body and six stitches from the sleeve are grafted.

2. I am to only knit from the sleeve needle not knit the underarm together.

3. Underarm gets grafted in the "Finishing" stages.

That is what I was missing. Thank you everyone for helping me.
No wonder it was so crystal clear to you experienced knitters.
Sep 23, 2011 17:02:51   #
Jessica-Jean (a regular here)
And now you are one of us 'experienced' knitters, too!!

Don't worry. Even umpteen years of experience doesn't stop the brain from overthinking a pattern, or mis-reading it, or just skimming past some seemingly useless words that should have been printed in bold face font larger than the rest and highlighted as well.

Welcome to the usual frustrations of knitters-in-a-hurry! :-D
Sep 23, 2011 17:03:44   #
Thank you Jessica-Jean and Dream Weaver!
Sep 23, 2011 17:24:57   #
Yeah - Sorry I was so slow on the PM's. It is always like reading Greek when you are doing something for the first time. You don't have a frame of reference for it and they don't hand out crystal balls when you get your first pair of knitting needles! Now I'll know just who to come to when I dothat cute little sweater. Sure hope you are going to posta picture so we can see it.
Sep 23, 2011 19:53:05   #
Pocahontas (a regular here)
Hey Sweetie - so glad your lightbulb came on. This is a perfect example of how very helpful this forum can be. And kudos to you for persevering. Thanks to Jessica-Jean and Dreamweaver and all the experienced knitters here who are so patient with us all.
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