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Lice and other critters
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Oct 7, 2011 16:00:34   #
You can buy tea tree oil at WalMart or Target or any drug store. I buy the bottle for just under $8.00 at WalMart.

It is where they have the vitamins and supplements.

I also bought a package of droppers for a couple of dollars at WalMart. Much easier to get use the oil with a dropper.

Tea Tree Oil is very good on nail fungus (hands or feet). Check the ingredients on the Nail Fungus meds at the store and you will see Tea Tree Oil as an essential ingredient.

I also put a few drops of Tea Tree Oil in my shampoo because I have very dry scalp. It helps keep my scalp from flaking.
Oct 7, 2011 16:42:22   #
icis1984 wrote:
What was some of treatments you used? I used a shampoo that I bought from the pharmacy, but everyone else is telling me to use olive oil. Any recomandations?

A friend of mine used hair conditioner on her daughters very long hair. I don't know how long it had to be kept on but, she never had to have it cut or use the chemical ones.

Oct 7, 2011 16:42:23   #
Head Lice arn't funny but looking at the remedies are starting to make me laugh.Did anyone else suffer Durback soap and the fine tooth comb every saturday night(over the Liverpool Echo) Oh dear whay memories.
Oct 7, 2011 18:02:32   #
I just got head lice off my granddaughter and bought a bottle of stuff to do my hair,it says they cant live outside human hair for long so youre stash is safe,just do the hair,wash sheets,pillowcases and towels.
Bird lice are totally different,no need to freeze,bleach,or fumigate!!!!!
The main preventative ongoing thing these days is a nit comb and cheap conditioner,after initial chemical douse,get eggs out with comb,use conditioner each week and comb to just make sure no new eggs.
We had these the whole time daughter was in high school,cost a fortune,now Miss C is in pre school 2 days a week,its back,not a good day to do washing either,rain,but oh my head itches.
Oct 7, 2011 18:06:39   #
I remember going to an information evening when my daughter was little. A nurse visited school to speak to parents and dispel the myths/fears. She was very clear that head lice only live on heads and if one comes off its because its dying. I dont think you have too much to worry about once you've got rid of them from all the families heads :)
Oct 7, 2011 18:19:02   #
black kitty
My father got his head washed in kerosene as a child. My grand father put me in the bathtub and nearly drowned me by pouring pans of water over my head when I got them. My mother and grandmother cut my sis and my hair themselves- what a mess.
When my daughter got them I had my hair dresser neighbor cut her hair. it was cute but very short. Daughter was entertained with gum and candy while the cutting went on. Afterwards she looked in the mirror and then put my floppy hat on and waited behind the front door until her father got home. She met him and took off the hat. he started to say something but I asked him how much he liked the lice. He didn't say another word. All health food stores sell tea tree oil, lavender, rosemary shampoo , oregano oil (that also works) etc. I use tea tree and oregano oil for all thing fungal. If you use straight tea tree you might want to put it in a carrier oil before applying it.
Oct 7, 2011 18:43:27   #
LEE1313 (a regular here)
COCONUT shampoo is a repellent to lice. Don't know why.
My hairdresser gave me the tip..

There is something about coconut shampoo they don't like. So when you get rid of them, switch to coconut shampoo.

My grands just went through this 3 weeks ago.

Oct 7, 2011 18:59:59   #
Loads and loads of conditioner and a nit comb , they just slide out (yuk) :)
Oct 7, 2011 20:14:24   #
Leslie Smith
My kids didn't get lice when it was a problem at their school. Many of my friends did have problems with them. If you live in the "right" climate you can freeze clothes, stuffed animals, etc. in a tightly closed plastic bag, or outside if your weather is below 0 degrees.
Oct 7, 2011 20:15:28   #
Lice like clean dry heads of hear. Keep the hair oily, olive oil will do. Also makes nits or eggs easier to comb out. the oil works by suffocating the lice.
Oct 7, 2011 23:47:41   #
My hair dresser told me something awesome. She said tht if your hair is color treated, lice won't lay eggs in it. So with that info, maybe just dye your childs hair the same color it already is so you don't have to worry about getting reinfested. We battled lice in our home and had to use a bug bomb to control it, but it never retured after that.
Oct 7, 2011 23:52:30   #
A thought about the stash of yarn...would it work to put the yarn in the microwave instead? I'm thinking it wouldn't felt that way. Any thoughts?
Oct 8, 2011 02:42:55   #
If you add 1tspn of tea tree oil to a bottle of shampoo it should help prevent the kids getting head lice. They do transfer from head to head because kids put their heads together, particularly little girls, they are always cudddling each other. Also, if you spray a mix of conditioner and water on their hair each morning I believe that also can help. Head lice are a fact of life between school kids, more so now than 40 years ago, possibly because we always head straight to the chemicals for our answers. If you are treating the kids, the whole household should also be treated.
Oct 8, 2011 04:30:32   #
icis1984 wrote:
What was some of treatments you used? I used a shampoo that I bought from the pharmacy, but everyone else is telling me to use olive oil. Any recomandations?

We used a few drops of tea tree oil in our shampoo and laundry and it worked well.
Oct 8, 2011 04:51:04   #
The lice have become quite resilient to the chemicals over the years and I think they try and rotate which is considered the best one. Ask in your chemist. When you find them you just want them dead lol !!! Follow up with daily conditioner and combing regime . The eggs, I think, take 2 weeks to hatch so you have to keep it up for a while. I did use tea tree shampoo when the kids were younger, its not a cure but apparently they are not keen on the smell and it acts as a mild deterrant. Biggest thing is DONT be alarmed !!! It is true they prefer clean hair as it makes it easier for them to cling on !! They also like short hair as its an easier route !! A headmaster I knew who was practically bald still managed to attract them lol !!!
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