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Lice and other critters
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Oct 8, 2011 06:20:54   #
put tee tree oil in your conditioner and the lice won't get on the kids hair or make up a mixture of half oil and half water in a spray bottle and spray hair each morning before school will keep lice away
Oct 8, 2011 07:41:10   #
Hi, Headlice rely on the warmth of the scalp to survive and are normally only found within a half inch from the scalp, so I shouldn't think there would be any necessity to do anything drastic with your stash.
Oct 8, 2011 09:39:17   #
It is a nightmare, i also had to cut one of my daughters hair as eventually the use of chemicals ruined her already fine hair, my other daughters is so thick I dread her getting it as it hurts so much to comb through.
Oct 8, 2011 09:56:41   #
Yup, I agree 100%. Outbreak really high at begining of our school year. Overcounter treatment works great. Imagine many moons ago head lice was treated with kerosene. nasty stuff. I would check out pets. I had heard tales of pets needing treatments? Never had with our pets but it makes sense to check anyway. rose
Oct 8, 2011 12:20:36   #
knittingneedles tells you all you need to know about lice... and what she says works.. she has been doing it for over 18 years..with no complaints...
Oct 8, 2011 13:44:16   #
I forgot to mention a somewhat sad, but funny story about lice at our school. Our dear principal was found to have terminal cancer in a brain tumor. He was undergoing treatment and had shaved his head because his hair was falling out. The day he came back to school, he was standing at the front doors as the buses unloaded. One boy in K came in and stood looking at him. The young man also had his head shaved. He stared at the principal for a few minutes and then said "Did you have lice, too?". It was a moment of relief for all as the principal laughed and said, "Something like that." He was only with us a few more years, but loved to tell that story as a reminder that there are things in the life of a child that can be far worse than what we think it should be. To think before we start to trivialize the impact events have on their daily lives. This dear man was far too young when he died-- only in his 40s, but when we are together someone always brings up this story and we laugh together over it. It keeps us focused on the positive things in life.
Oct 8, 2011 14:26:01   #
Oh the memories....a "niece" with thick long hair got lice over and over again, I recall visiting and when she sat next to me I saw the critters in her hair, she cried when the old routine of shampooing started so her mother and I sat for HOURS and picked every egg/nit off her head. We noticed that the live lice could not move when her scalp was wet which made it easy to kill those too! It was worth the time and effort, she never had them again!
Oct 8, 2011 18:43:19   #
What sort of lice are they? Head lice only live on the head! they are pediculi capitus. Body lice (which only stays on the body are pediculi corpus and pubic lice are pediculi pubis so I would not worry about fumigating everything just buy a specific treatment from your chemist(drug store)
Oct 8, 2011 18:51:45   #
It's Head Lice. I'm thinking if just treating her head and everyday do the conditioner treatment and comb her hair for at least month. According to others and readings online, eggs take a week to hatch and another week for the babies to be mature enough to lay eggs. I figure a month maybe two of constant conditioner and combing will get everything. I just got the Tea Tree Oil, so I'm going to mix that with water and spray her head every morning when I brush her hair out. Once they are gone maybe a new shampoo that has, either the Olive, Rosemary, Lavander, or Coconut in it for now on. Either way her head is going to be checked everyday for nits and lice. Me and my husband will also be using the spray and shampoo methods also once we are cleared up.
Oct 8, 2011 19:07:33   #
I really think you are stressing too much about this problem. But do be careful if you use a treatment that you use it only as directed as if you overdo it with chemicals and even tea tree you can burn the scalp.
Oct 8, 2011 19:08:31   #
Oh and i forgot to add head lice just love clean hair.
Oct 8, 2011 19:09:53   #
Yeah I know I'm over reacting. I think once this clears up, just a different shampoo that can help and checking her hair. I'll think about the spray to cover the top of the hair not all of it. I'm going crazy is mainly because of my family driving me nuts with their reaction to what happened.
Oct 8, 2011 20:36:24   #
icis1984 wrote:
How, I do not know. My daughter got head lice from school and spread it to me and her father. I'm cleaning everything that I can, my brother is an exterminator and doing the treatments for free thank god. But part of it is hot steam and I don't think my yarn or current project will survive without being felted. It's a very small stash, should I just throw out the yarn and projects to be safe? Because my yarn is stored in a draw that is apart of my bed and not in bags, I buy yarn as I need for projects.
How, I do not know. My daughter got head lice fro... (show quote)

I also had a similar experience for my son years ago. Just bag up the yarn and put it in the freezer for about a week and it should kill any lice and eggs. I had to bag up everything, freezing was just another precaution. Good luck.
Oct 8, 2011 20:49:01   #
Head lice only live on the head, but for a short time they can infest furniture and toys. The last time our family had to deal with it there was no sharing of belongings, no head to head contact, but we sat on their furniture and only found out after the fact that their children had got lice from school. We had treated everything as recomended except a doll. We had over-looked the fact that it had fur hair. Once we bagged that doll too we had no more recurrance.
oldiesister wrote:
What sort of lice are they? Head lice only live on the head! they are pediculi capitus. Body lice (which only stays on the body are pediculi corpus and pubic lice are pediculi pubis so I would not worry about fumigating everything just buy a specific treatment from your chemist(drug store)
Oct 9, 2011 17:45:03   #
You will probably say OMG. When my daughter kept coming home with lice. I used what I used on my grooming dogs. Ortho Malathion 50, from wal mart. At that time about 6-8 dollars a bottle. I used 2caps to a half gal. pitcher. Worked wonderful. She came in one day and told me she had some more. I told her to get the Malathion and do her hair. I had about half a cup left in the bottle. Never occured to me she would use it straight, (I thought she had seen how I mixed it) til she came screaming that her hear was on fire. I told her to quit screaming and rinse her hair. Got rid of the lice.
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