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how to make keyhole in a scarf
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Mar 8, 2011 23:47:39   #
how do I figure out how many stitches to use to make keyhole
Mar 9, 2011 00:38:06   #
it depends on how wide the scarf is, how thick your yarn, how bulky the st pattern...i would gather the scarf up in my hand and see how large a circle you needed to keep it from slipping and then take the diameter of that circle....d=c/ 9 inch circle? 3 inch diameter...
Mar 9, 2011 13:33:58   #
Linda Bee
I just made a very easy keyhole scarf. There were 15 stitches in the pattern. After 5 stitches I cast off 5 stitches and the continued in the pattern. On the next row, on the way back, I cast on 5 stitches at the same place I had cast off 5 and continued. The resulting hole was large enough for the end of the scarf to pass through. This was very easy and it worked.
Mar 9, 2011 14:42:39   #
Loistec (a regular here)
Here is a link to a pattern using a keyhole opening.
Mar 9, 2011 16:04:20   #
Now we are into do you want a vertical or horizontal slit?
Mar 9, 2011 16:55:20   #
Have made keyhole scarf with fun fur....can also use as a regular scarf, because you cannot see the hole in the fun fur,
Mar 9, 2011 17:56:11   #
I use this easy method. Divide the stitches in your row in half. Knit half of the stitches, place a marker and then attach another ball of yarn and knit the remaining stitches with the new ball of yarn. Continue knitting your rows this way (knitting with the correct ball of yarn on each side of the marker) until you have the number of rows that will make an opening to allow your scarf to pull through. Then rejoin the row by starting with the side that is being worked with the original ball of yarn; knit to the marker; remove marker; break off the second yarn ball and continue to knit the rest of the row and remaining rows using only the original ball of yarn.
The great thing about this method is that it allows you to adjust the length of your keyhole to get the size that you need.
Mar 9, 2011 22:09:58   #
avidknitt er1
Linda Bee
Hello--did you describe a button hole? :?
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