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Oct 30, 2011 06:34:56   #
Cindy M wrote:
What I've started doing is German short rows. This is much easier than wrap and turn. It doesn't have holes and gives a smooth look, especially for sock heel turns. I think the lady that made these videos did it backwards. I would watch part two, knitting short rows, first and then part one, purling short rows.

Thankyou for sharing the link Cindy , I had never heard of German short rows. So easy and a nice finish. I`ve been knitting 55years and am still learning . Isn`t the internet wonderful! :thumbup: :D :thumbup:
Oct 30, 2011 09:40:24   #
joycevv (a regular here)
I agree with what Nancy said. It sounds like you should be knitting two stitches together. Does it give a stitch count you could go by?
Oct 30, 2011 09:54:06   #
Hi all, thanks so much for the help and the explanations. Ive decided to put markers for the pick-up until I get to the point where I can just see what I am doing. I WILL finish this project if only so I can start on something easier! lol
Thank you all for the encouragement. Its nice to know so many people want to help new knitters
Oct 30, 2011 12:46:39   #
Quick update to my last posting....Allelulia...I'VE GOT IT!!!!!!! Wrap and turn and picking up no longer has me in knots. Thanks to everyone for all their invaluable help. Got to go now, I have to wrap and turn! xx
Oct 30, 2011 13:20:27   #
Went to you-tube and now I think that I will try german short wraps on my socks. Thanks for the topic and answers. Esther
Oct 30, 2011 18:55:18   #
you can also try this one
hope this helps
Oct 30, 2011 21:39:42   #
Yes, you can just do the turn. The directions just include an added step that really is unnecessary.
Oct 31, 2011 07:41:10   #
When my students are ready to cast off several times for shoulders, I tell them to work to (x) stitches before the first cast-off, then work back and leave (x) stitches on the needle. Turn, and leave (xx) at the first shoulder, then turn and repeat (xx) at the opposite shoulder.

Then I carefully take out one needle and show them the 'steps' thus formed.
It is well-nigh impossible to sew stepped shoulders together.

Now, how to change those 'steps' to 'slopes' - work back to the first pause (i.e. the one nearest centre). Pick up the side of one stitch of that step, knit or purl it together with the first one below the step; work to the next pause, then turn and repeat to do the matching step; turn, and do this twice more.
The result is a nice smooth curve, and the k-2-togs/p-2-togs are almost invisible.
Work to the end of the row, turn and cast off all the stitches.

If some stitches are to be kept for picking up for the base of a neckband, do the recommended 'turns' to cover the cast-offs. Leave the required number for the back of the neck.
Work to one side of the shoulder. Cast off the stitches as far as the neack, and at the same time change the 'steps' to 'slopes'.Then go down the other side of the back, again changing steps to slopes, and cast off.

If the row in which slopes are formed is a knit row, just knit 2 together; if it is a purl row, purl the stitches together through the backs.

Try this on a swatch say 60 stitches wide, have 10-stitch turns on each side with 20 stitches for centre-back neckband.

Grosvenor, Lindfield, Australia
Oct 31, 2011 17:56:09   #
When you wrap and turn a st for short rows, there should be some stitches left on your needle that you don't work on until later in the pattern. The pattern should tell you when to pick up the "wraps" and knit/purl them with the other sts. If you don't pick up the wraps there will be a hole in your knitting. When you wrap a st you can see a loop where the st was wrapped in between that st and the next st on the left needle. You have to pick up that wrapped loop and knit or purl it with the other st. In other words, you will have 2 loops on the needle to work on. Your pattern should tell you how the st should be wrapped for the short row shaping. Hint: I usually "mark" my "loop" with a coiless safety pin or an interlocking st marker. This helps me identify the loop when I have to knit or purl it later on. Hope this helps you and it's not too confusing. :lol:
Nov 1, 2011 20:29:55   #
On the folloing row, lift the wrap as you knit the st it is wrapped around and knit with the st.
Nov 4, 2011 19:39:36   #
pam.paddy wrote:
Can anyone help me please? As a new knitter I have managed to get so far with the jumper I am doing but am now well and truly stuck! The pattern says "wrap and turn" which I have managed to do with help of the internet but now I have to pick up the wrapped stitches. This has left me totally baffled and I have had to pull back 3 three times. Can I just "turn" to work short rows instead? Will it make much difference to the finished item? Is there another way? Desperation is setting in and if I cant sove this the work will be stuffed in a bag and forgotten about and that will be the end of my knitting!! Please please help ...Thank you
Can anyone help me please? As a new knitter I have... (show quote)

When you wrap and turn (also called an e-wrap) you knit the number of stitches indicated, bring the yarn forward as if to purl, slip the next stitch, return the yarn to the knit position and return the slipped stitch to the left needle, then you turn and work back the required number of stitches. When you knit and need to then pick up the wrapped stitches, insert your needle into the stitch on the needle, then under the wrap and knit them together. While you can simply eliminate the wrapping you tend to have a small hole in the work at that point in the end, which wrapping the stitches does prevent.
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