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Newborn sweater measurements
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Nov 8, 2011 12:46:34   #
I'm working on this pattern:
For my niece, she will be born via C-section Dec. 13!

It is working up so beautifully. The pattern doesn't give measurements for the body length or the sleeve length. It just says to knit within 1" desired length.

For a newborns sweater what is the average body length? Long sleeve length?

Thank you, Katie
Nov 8, 2011 13:06:38   #
jinx (a regular here)
This chart should help answer your questions. You could also look at other patterns and see if they give your measurements. jinx
Nov 8, 2011 14:31:17   #
Thank you, I never would have imagined a chart like this existed!

jinx wrote:
This chart should help answer your questions. You could also look at other patterns and see if they give your measurements. jinx
Nov 8, 2011 19:15:31   #
Cindy M
You might want to make a larger 3 or 6 month size, as babies grow so fast. I had a lot of newborn outfits given to me, but none of the larger sizes when I needed them. Also, babies seem to be born bigger these days. My biggest baby was 6 pounds even, but most of my neighbors had 8 and 10 pound babies. They don't fit in the newborn size.
Nov 9, 2011 07:09:02   #
JoyceinNC (a regular here)
If making a gift, I wouldn't make size NB because babies arrive in many different lengths/widths and grow so quickly. The chart in the link given right after your original post is one I constantly use in the volunteer work I do, making bereavement items for preemies that don't survive. But, for a gift I would make at least a 3 mo. size. If you really do need that size, what I did was take measurements of ready-to-wear sweaters in a similar style to what I'm making and took an average of those measurements. Even other patterns will work up larger than ready-to-wear. Be sure to measure everything, all the widths and lengths you can think of. That will give you more info to check your work in progress to make sure it turns out just right. Good luck!
Nov 9, 2011 07:37:33   #
Go to Lion Brand Yarn and look up their baby sweater patterns, some will give the drawn diagram with the directions ,measurements included ! God Luck and Congratulations !!
Nov 9, 2011 10:19:22   #
This is the best site for easy baby sweaters I have ever seen.
Nov 9, 2011 10:31:59   #
Thank you ladies. I am doing a newborn size because even newborn girls need a pretty sweater, though they don't stay that size for long, they should still have something pretty. I know many babies are born to big to ever fit newborn. Only one of my babies was small enough for newborn size, she was 3 weeks early. Besides this brother and sister in law have smaller babies.
I am making a larger size too and a pretty hat for big sister :)
Nov 9, 2011 17:56:46   #
It is GREAT you are making something for the Big Sister. They sometimes feel left out, and you want all to be happy.
Nov 9, 2011 18:18:51   #
charliesaunt (a regular here)
Love the sweater. I have a grandniece that is 6 months old and she has an older sister who is 2 years old. So when I knit I knit for both.
Nov 9, 2011 19:13:53   #
LEE1313 (a regular here)
WOW that's my birthday!!

Don't worry too much about lenght. By the time the baby is a week old she is already longer. They grow so fast. Better it be a little big and long than too small and never used.

Dont forget to make MITTS for tiny hands.

And think to make it really long like a bathrobe to keep her warm.

Gosh how special for you. I'll be watching for a picture.
May 17, 2012 17:16:42   #
Thank you so much for this question. I am making the same sweater and so far love it, but had the same question of length for body and sleeves. I think I can find the information from these nice people. It is a great pattern.
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