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Best interchangeable circular needles??
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Nov 12, 2011 09:53:14   #
Knitters Pride has a 12in cable that fits with knitpicks.
Nov 12, 2011 09:55:19   #
Thanks a lot you guys. I'll look again at those sets.
Nov 12, 2011 10:11:03   #
I have a huge collection of circulars but happened to go into a Tuesday Morning store and for $9 picked up a Boye Needle Master that includes every needle size from 2 to 15 with cable lengths 20" to 36". All in a small zippered case. This is now all I need. I understand this kit is quite expensive.
Totally worth it. Take care
Nov 12, 2011 10:19:39   #
Priscilla Owen
Yes, everyone has their own "best in town," I love my Harmony, Knitpicks. They are my first to splurge needles, and I adore them. For me they
Nov 12, 2011 10:20:43   #
OK, I'm reading a lot this morning and have come across an interchangeable set that looks absolutely awesome made by DyakCraft - Does anyone have experience with them? It's a handcrafted needle made in Vermont.
Nov 12, 2011 10:37:34   #
srdolls wrote:
I'm looking too, and I especially want a 16" cable for children's hats. But the smallest cable I find in most sets in a 24" cable. As far as I've looked, only the Clover bamboo set has a 16" cable and I'm not too crazy about bamboo. And in the "extras" that the different sets offer I can't find an optional 16" cable to buy. Any suggestions besides the Magic Loop? I know the technique, but it's extra work when I'm going around and around and around.

KNIT PRO the uk version of knit picks has a 16 inch cable--i have four--i use two of them for most of my flat work with the stoppers and make hats and sleeves on the others-free shipping to the usa via
Nov 12, 2011 10:37:53   #
srdolls wrote:
OK, I'm reading a lot this morning and have come across an interchangeable set that looks absolutely awesome made by DyakCraft - Does anyone have experience with them? It's a handcrafted needle made in Vermont.

"some" people have claimed that knitpicks took their idea for these needles. I saw them years ago, and they were way too much money. As for Knitpicks taking that Idea, phooey. I got to try these needles out at a knitting expo last year and they worked fine...but for the money, I will stick to knitpicks.
Nov 12, 2011 10:50:41   #
I think the reason that there is no one clear answer is that this is sort of a personal item, in a strange sort of way.

I've been knitting for 45 years and all tolled have owned 4 sets of interchangeables. My first set was a Boye brand that I used for many, many years. My second set was Denise and I didn't like them simply because of the material (plastic) and the angle of the join (cable to tip). I purchased the knitpick's Harmony Woods set..and WOW fell in love with them. I also own the small Hiya Hiya set with bamboo tips.

Price can be a factor for some, material of the tips/cables, the way the tips join the cables, the case and others.

My suggestion, find a "user" friendly yarn shop that will let you test drive some needles - just a row or two will tell you if you like a particular brand or not. Most shops are willing to let you try needles in their shop.
Nov 12, 2011 11:00:54   #
flyty1n (a regular here)
You can get a 16 inch interchangeable cord that works with knitpicks from Knitters pride. Check out I, too, like the 16 inch cable for hats.
Nov 12, 2011 11:01:26   #
flyty1n (a regular here)
PS: You can also get a 3 inch needle that fits that cable I just spoke about that works wonderfully for hats.
Nov 12, 2011 11:54:25   #
One knitter's opinion:

Addi Clicks: Pro--high quality; top of the line; good joins
Con--expensive; lacks small sizes; cases are impressive but bulky

KnitPicks: Pro--excellent quality; trial set of three materials (metal, acrylic, and wood) is helpful in decision-making; reasonable cost for the quality; flexible cords; very useful (if utilitarian) see-through case for tips and cords)
Con--must use the tiny tool (or an open paper clip) to tighten; smallest tip is 4; no 16" cord (although some on this forum have used the Knitter's Pride 16" with KnitPicks successfully).

HiyaHiya: Pro--excellent quality; reasonable cost for the quality; sizes start with US 2; 16" cord is part of the set; has a virtually undetectable "swivel" feature that keeps cords from twisting while knitting; cords are very soft and flexible; metal set is available now with bamboo planned; interchangeable tips can be 4" or 5" long;comes with an exquisite compact brocade case for tips and cords;
Con--must use the two rubber twist assist pieces to attach cords; sets are either small (2-8) or large (9-15) but cords are not interchangeable between small and large--separate joins.

Denise: Pro-inexpensive; lots of cord options; lightweight; TSA friendly for air travelers.
Con--needles do not feel substantial; yarn sometimes "sticks" and must be pushed/pulled along thicker cords and joins. Case, while useful, is hard and bulky.

The "best" sets depend on who we are, what we knit, how we knit, and what we consider to be a reasonable price for our tools. I own sets from KnitPicks (all three materials), Denise, and HiyaHiya (been at this a few years--always searching for the perfect needles!) and find myself reaching for the metal HiyaHiyas more than the others. With colder weather coming on, however, I'll probably switch to my KnitPicks acrylics. They are warmer for my old hands to knit with.(Sounds strange, but true!)

Good luck with your decision-making!
Nov 12, 2011 13:15:28   #
Try Symphonie - they don't show a 16" in their sets but I emailed them and asked and yes, a 16" is available in at least in at least one of their sets but I'm not sure which one, perhaps the nickel ones. Shirl
Nov 12, 2011 13:28:54   #
Andietom's reply was Very good, and pretty much inclusive, but one choice I love was left out, and that was the Lantern Moon needles. Rosewood is the finish I choose because it's so beautiful.

They have a softer tip than the KnitPick needles, which I prefer. The point is not as soft as most bamboo needles, but rounded enough it doesn't make my finger sore after a while.
They are expensive, but I love them so, they're worth it for me.

I also love the KnitPro Symfonie needle set, in rosewood. They have the sharper point like KnitPicks does, so are nice for lacework.

As others have said: it boils down to what You prefer, what yarns you're working with, and type of work you're doing. That's how most of us justify "needing" several sets. It's actually an addiction. But there are worse kinds... :wink:
Nov 12, 2011 18:59:47   #
I like my Addi Turbo, but love my Harmony.
Would love to get the Addi lace, but too pricey for me.
Nov 12, 2011 19:41:50   #
I LOVE Harmony wood and nickel interchangeable needles from They have virtually every size of cable, too, including 16". I highly suggest that you give them a try. I have a feeling you'll fall in love with them instantly!
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