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Wellie Wishers
On November 24th I asked for help finding patterns to make AG Wellie Wisher clothes. My great niece is getting
Camille for Christmas. You all came through, especially marjianadia. I have been busy making clothes for this doll.
It was a lot of fun making everything. I knit some, I crocheted some and I sewed some. It's been a long time since I made doll clothes. ( my daughter is 45 years old). I used to make her lots of baby doll clothes. Anyway I thank everyone who responded to my first post last month. Here is a pic of what I have made. I bought her a little suitcase to store everything in. It was only $10. By the way, all of these clothes cost me nothing. It's all little bits of scrap fabric and leftover yarn from other projects! Thank you all for your help. Merry Christmas.

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I am so lucky!!!!
Just bought NEW old not used knitleader KL 116 E for my Brother on ebay!
Have no idea if it comes with instructions but question is, can it be used with the ribber attached to the main bed?
I have no clue what to do with it. I didn't even use the ribber yet. I need KM buddy!
I hope it is the right one for my machine - Brother 260?
Any info, links? Did not check utube yet.
Thank you!!!!
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Traditional Southern Filet patterns?
My niece is getting married in June and I would like to crochet her a table runner as a wedding gift. Her mother tells me her tastes run toward the traditional. They live in Georgia. Does anyone out there know of any traditional Georgia (USA) filet patterns? I'm not even sure if such a thing exists, but I think it would be a real treat it they did and I could make her one. Thanks for any help.
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A Quick Craft
Made of Dollar Tree craft items.

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baby doll I made
I painted this baby and had her on ebay to sell. but didnt get any buyers as yet. Now I have to put the selling on hold as I have to go to the hospital for surgery. I need to take pics of the hat and booties I made for her. The dress is one I got from ebay for a very reasonable price I thought. very cute.

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Knitting for dogs
They love it?

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Easy color changes
I am currently working on a poncho for my niece who wants two different colors (navy and pink) I ha™ve worked up some changes to the pattern but I am looking for an easy way to change the color. I would hate to cut each end and weave them all in at the end, but I guess I could do it as I go if I had to, but not only does it sound time consuming but seems like a lot of waste.
Color pattern I created

Starting pattern

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crochet stitch for blanketpaint swatches to pick my 20colors...all, made me want t
Paint my whole house over!...I am making a temperature crochet bed blanket,... I live in Louisiana and want a lightweight blanket, therefore don’t want a heavy double stitch over stitch type, like Lark’s foot or one that the yarn covers over yarn, making it heavy and think...I know dc would work, but kind of bring.... kind of stitch. Does anyone have a favorite bed blanket stitch that will make a lightweight blanket without being what I call holey. LOL I just don’t like blankets with granny stripe that have finger holes them I want a solid stitch but light and interesting... any ideas? I have considered moss,..dc and sc....HDC, which gives a nubby effect...just CANKT are all so the way, don’t laugh’ my temp quilt is going to be all pastels....want soft for my bedroom, went to Lowe’s and got
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65 years later, the outfit still looks GREAT!
When my mother was pregnant with me, she knitted this skirt and blouse outfit. The story she always enjoyed telling was that she didn't finish the waistband until "after" I was born. She said she used to knit this throughout her pregnancy and even while in the movies, sitting near the Exit sign to check her work whenever she needed to. Since the pattern made each row repetitive and used only 2 colors per row, she easily memorized the color work. Oh, did I mention the gauge is 7 or 8sts=1". I had many happy years wearing it when I was younger. The outfit now belongs to and is modeled by my sister. I still have the knitting book that has this pattern. Thanks for allowing me to share this memory.

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My New Fingerless Gloves
I splurged and bought a rather expensive little ball of 100% superwash wool. I knit a pair of fingerless gloves for myself and discovered I had enough yarn left over to make another pair to sell, so my expensive gloves end up being free. I love it when that happens.

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