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Just finished hats, earwarmers and a sweater
I knitted the earwarmers and hats early this year, but just finished by sewing on buttons for the earwarmers. I'll be taking them to work tomorrow to put into a donation box to help warm our community.

The sweater I just finished tonight. It's for my supervisor's baby boy. Sewing on buttons isn't fun.

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Machine knit doll
I knit this doll using my electronic bulky. It is for a birthday present. I sure hope she likes it. Hope y'all like it too.

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Men's heavy weight boot sock yarn ?
I'm making a pair of knitting pure and simple heavy weight book socks for men. The pattern calls for a size 6 knitting needle. I want to use a wool/nylon blend yarn. It calls for a worsted weight. Yarn suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you.
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Crochet terms
I would appreciate if someone could help with this crochet term, 1 sc into the intervening stitches. What does intervening means in crochet terms.
Thank You
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Yarn choice large ripple afghan
Hi I am making a large (double or queen size) afghan for my daughter using gray, navy and white. Does anyone have suggestions for yarn brand that will be durable , yet reasonably priced. I believe I will need about 20-24 skeins. It will need to be machine washable. Thanks for any suggestions
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Lifesuze doll
Does anyone know where I can find a lifesize baby doll to model newborn baby hats, sweaters, and booties?
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Crochet yo yo question
I'm giving crochet yo-yos another shot. Here's my issue, maybe someone can help? With the sc, ch3 edging there's not alot of space to weave in ends. I'm worried that I'll either make it look messy by weaving the tails thru the chains OR, trying to keep it as neat looking as I can I may end up with things comong undone. Anyone ever do yo-yos? What do you do? Now if I made them solid I wouldn't have as much of an issue because I'd have the whole body of the yo-yo to hide my tails. Any ideas or suggestions?

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Treat bags
We are going to Cape Cod next week and wanted to bring our nieces a Halloween treat, instead of candy I made some money bags, every child loves money.

Thanks for looking

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Any cure for curling hem on blanket?
I am knitting a blanket using up some of my scrap yarn and the hem is curling up. I knitted the first 4 rows, thinking garter stitch would prevent this, unfortunately it hasn't. Could I undo those rows from the bottom, (probably with some difficulty, but it would be worth it) pick up the bottom of the stitches and then knit again in Moss stitch? Would this stop it curling do you think? Has anyone done this before?

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Saw this on Facebook ... had to share

What do you think ???

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