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"Camo" Bear
Last one for greatgrandson.

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Beautiful Alpaca roving
I just got almost 3 lb of Alpaca roving from Peru. So soft!
I'm not a spinner but always wanted to make the chunky blanket that people make from wool roving. But that could get very expensive. I feel lucky to get this one and feel little silly using it on blanket. I'm not sure how big blanket I can get from 3 lb but can't wait to see it done.
I'm also hoping to get more of the roving when/if it becomes available.
I wound it in big ball and there was one knot so got little ball too. I'm thinking using checkerboard, alternating -5 knit,
5 purl.
Should I give it little twist to make it stronger? It seems to hold nicely together,not falling apart.
Don't have any experience with roving.

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Another BSJ finished
I had some leftover Bernat Pops yarn from my previous sweater. Couldn't let it go to waste. Added some colours I had in my stash. Hope to sell this in my craft show in the Fall

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A tale of two blankets
My oldest daughter asked me to make a couple of baby blankets for her. We went shopping at Hobby Lobby and got some Sugarwheel for the project. This yarn is lovely to work with both hand knitting and machine. The first photo is one I've shown before Soft Vines and is hand knit in the Parisian Macaroon colourway; the second is machine knit on my Brother BulkyKH270 tuck stitch #105 and colour way Soda PoP Party. My daughter loves them

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increasing on sleeves and a hood.
hi Everyone,Please can anyone help,(sleeve)inc as follows **work 14 rows inc 1 stitch at each end of 5th and 12th row,repeat from ** to 45 stitches,does this mean every 5th and 12th row or a 5th row and thereafter only every 12th row.I start with 31 stitches on needle,Hood,worked in one piece,cast on 5 work 2 rows,dec 1st at beg of next and every following4th row AT THE SAME TIME cast on 5 sts at end of next and every alt row to 27 32 rows,increase 1 stitch at end of 7th and every following 8th row,31 stitches,dont really understand the cast on,please help,i have only got the sleeves and hood to do, i have to knit 2 of these,wish i never started.many thanks for any help.does this mean increase on the first 7th row then only on every 8th row.
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Amish afhgan and toys.
Haven't been on here in a long time as I have been busy making this Afghan for my grand daughters wedding, when ever that happens. They have not set a date as yet. This is a queen size quilt and very heavy. Purples are her favorite colors as well as mine. I don't have a queens size be so have to put it on my couch.
Also did these 2 M & M's and this Rooster, who seems to have a duck bill. lol

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Easy Beginner Toe Up Sock Pattern on Magic Loop
Hi all,

As promised here is a copy of the pattern I wrote up for myself, but hoping it helps some-one else to learn as well. It is a word document.

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Knitting and food
I found this picture of my unfinished shawl and my artichokes in my Italy home Kitchen......canĀ“t wait to come back home!

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Tunisian open Stars Scarf - John
This is the latest bit of frivolity. I started working the star shape from the outside in and after the 3rd row in i decided to call it a halt and make them open stars joined to make a scarf.
OBTW there is no pattern.
Have a great day, regards, John
Tunisian open stars scarf

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Four for the kids
Here are four more for the kids. Thought you might like to see.

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