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Cards and More December Swap from Chameleon 3388 aka Roseanna
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Dec 30, 2016 12:31:57   #
dotcarp2000 (a regular here)
I received my swap today from Roseanna ( Chameleon3388). First of all a beautiful Christmas greeting card for me. This card is a gorgeous Christmas card which will be a keeper along with other special cards I keep. She sent two cards which represent Winter going into Spring. The one which I especially like has a die cut of a sleigh and reindeer. Id love to have that die. The papers are so pretty and one particular one is a printed vellum and the embellishments are beautiful. Thank you, thank you, Roseanna. I'm so impressed with your work, Roseanna !!!! And very anxious to use those embellishments.
this is winter into spring
this is winter into spring...
more winter into spring
more winter into spring...
this lovely Christmas cards
this lovely Christmas cards...

papers with the vellum on top
papers with the vellum on top...
look at this fairy
look at this fairy...
Dec 30, 2016 12:36:00   #
Dec 30, 2016 13:51:24   #
You received some real neat Cards. Your First Card is my Favorite. The Covered Bridge certainly speaks for winter. And the inside let's us dream about Spring. Great Card. I also like the Sleigh in the Forrest. I remember those scenes from Childhood. And the Spring flowers gives us hope it will soon be warmer. Great Cards. And all those Embellishments. I would have been surprised if there was not a butterfly in the selection. You received some real great stuff in the Swap.
Dec 30, 2016 14:04:54   #
dotcarp2000 (a regular here)
thanks Elfie. I do love the whole thing. The sleigh and horse look to be hooked to the landscape and it is very pretty. Would love
to have that die.
Dec 30, 2016 15:46:47   #
Very pretty!
Dec 30, 2016 20:07:34   #
Roseanna made beautiful cards. The first card is very nice. I started stamping this year and I can see Roseanna is very skilled in this technique.
I also love the second card, in that brownish grass some fresh green and sunny yellow flowers... Very Spring!
You will enjoy working with that beautiful paper you received. I especially love the sheet on top with the grass and the flower petals inside. Lovely paper.
I understand you are interested in the horse with the sleigh die. It is a lovely Christmas card. Great swap.
Dec 30, 2016 20:33:49   #
dotcarp2000 (a regular here)
The horse and sleigh is an edge lit and I'm not sure yet if it's still available. It's a retired item so I'll have to search a bit. Thank for your kind words.
Dec 30, 2016 23:50:43   #
Where does one begin everyone a keeper not picking a fav they are all up there and the embellishments are gorgeous and such pretty paper this is a really beautiful swap package and well thought out as usual enjoy and look forward to seeing what you make
Dec 31, 2016 06:33:51   #
rujam (a regular here)
Very nice indeed.
Dec 31, 2016 07:42:00   #
Rob's Sally
Beautiful exchange. Roseanna is a great stamper. Enjoy all the wonderful embellishments.
Dec 31, 2016 14:28:09   #
Wow! LOVE the covered bridge stamp! It makes an awesome card front! Don't know WHY I don't use my stamps. I have a zillion of them - I should use them! Love the front of the other card, too...snowy trees, horse and sleigh, a wonderful winter scene. pretty card! I'm sure you're going to turn the elegant paper embellishments into something wonderful, too! Good job!
Jan 1, 2017 18:26:16   #
Great Job, Roseanna -- interesting how several of us use the blue for winter and green for spring!! Great minds and creativity run on the same track!!

I love both the covered bridge and the horse-drawn sleigh -- difficult to pick which one I like best -- all a very good respresentation and contrast of winter and spring!! I'm now in the mood for Spring!!! LOL

What wonderful embellishments as well -- always neat to see what others have to send.

Love this swap!!
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