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January Card Swap from Norma
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Jan 1, 2017 16:48:31   #
Hi received a message from Norma that my cards had arrived and that she would post pictures today but I have posted the pictures just in case
This card folds flat to fit in an envelope two colours used Silver (winter) and green for (spring) the flowers are cut out and assembled a simple but pleasing to the eye card
This card folds flat to fit in an envelope two col...
a slightly closure look
a slightly closure look...
Pale pink card with two birds sitting on the branches cut in white paper and a sheet of velum at the back pink accented paper with hearts a ribbon and brad added to the finishing touches a few diamontes added with pink ones used for the birds eyes
Pale pink card with two birds sitting on the branc...
A closer look
A closer look...
Gold strips and corners with a selection of glitter butterflies
Gold strips and corners with a selection of glitte...
Selection of card shapes and inserts
Selection of card shapes and inserts...
Selection of toppers and numbers
Selection of toppers and numbers...
Jan 1, 2017 18:18:14   #
I am the first to reply on your cards, Mary!! They are beautiful!!

You first one with the green and silver -- reminds me a little of the way I did mine -- with blue for winter and green for summer -- divided down the middle. They are so lovely and the glitter affect is beautiful as well.

The 2nd card with the bird die cuts, pink cardstock and vellum is equally beautiful -- love the softness of the look and the delicate bird dies.

And those embellishments are wonderful -- so much to look at -- a lot are Spring-ey too, which is nice to see!!

Norma will certainly appreciate those card bases you sent her as well.
Jan 1, 2017 21:55:55   #
Very pretty!
Jan 2, 2017 10:46:36   #
Those cards are almost too pretty to send. I love all the embellishments. Lucky Norma.
Jan 2, 2017 11:41:45   #
Thank you Mary for posting the pictures for me. I just had a "class" with my Friend Tereasa on sending pictures to this site. Everything you sent me is just beautiful and I am just in awe at all the talent in this group. I am posting another picture of more embellishments. Hope I can send my own pictures next time.

Jan 2, 2017 11:49:53   #
You posted the photo -- Good job, Norma -- it takes a while to get used to it -- but after a bit, you'll be a PRO!!

And Mary -- the embellishments are gorgeous!! Love those daffodils!!
Jan 2, 2017 11:49:55   #
This is the Christmas card Mary sent me. Love the colors and the tree made
with hearts is just beautiful Thank you Mary.

Jan 2, 2017 11:55:08   #
Unique and such a creative Christmas tree -- love it and the colors!
Jan 2, 2017 12:37:05   #
elfiestouch (a regular here)
Just so it doesn't look like Birdwatcher7 is the only one that looks at our Postings, I better give my 5Cents to this Swap too. The Cards Zara made are absolutely beautiful. I like the Pink Card with the white Bird best. Not that I don't like the other Card, but that pink and white one is really neat. And what is there to say about those Embellishments ? You get the feeling Zara cleared her whole stash. What a great Swap.
And we thought Christmas is over.
Jan 2, 2017 14:39:17   #
WOW Mary those are gorgeous cards!! I love both cards, the first I think is very festive (with the glitter) and stylish. The second card is romantic and for me it has an "Oriental look" which is part of my favorite's. So for me the pale pink blossom card with the birds is my #1 card. Great job!
I also love your Christmas card.
I think Norma will love to work with the embellishments you sent her. I like these stickers, I should use them more. Are the glittery butterflies also stickers? Love them! I would like to see what Norma will make with all the flowers and die cuts. I love those open flowers on the right corner. Mary, is that a die? And if so would you mind sharing the brand?
Jan 3, 2017 10:59:24   #
Such elegant cards. My favorite is the one with the birdies. They are so delicate. The other card is lovely, too, of course, I like the ferny leaves on it. Very pretty. It is really going to be hard to choose ONE card for the contest, isn't it???? The sparkly embellishments and cut outs would be nothing but FUN for Mary to work with. The Christmas was a clever idea...upside down hearts in non-Christmas colors! I like! Red and green 'smush together' and turn into murky mud to my color-blind eyes. Not so pretty! ha!
Jan 3, 2017 12:58:32   #
the die cut is couture
Jan 10, 2017 18:41:01   #
dotcarp2000 (a regular here)
oh my oh my !!! Such a wonderful swap. I cant begin to say which is my favorite. The cards, the embellishments... the whole thing !!! Wow wow wow.
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