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Jan 10, 2017 13:39:13   #
gozolady (a regular here)
With this

Jan 10, 2017 13:43:06   #
shoppingwithsunshine (a regular here)
What is wrong with him? Looks OK to me . Maybe one of the eyes is bigger but that is fixable .
Mind you when I finish something I am never happy with it . It always looks better on the pattern picture.
Jan 10, 2017 13:43:44   #
CindyAM (a regular here)
Aww, I think he's cute!
Jan 10, 2017 13:44:02   #
I think it's adorable. What are you disappointed with? You could always send it my way😉
Jan 10, 2017 13:44:53   #
bettyirene (a regular here)
It is brilliant - better than I would ever be able to do.
Jan 10, 2017 13:47:52   #
gozolady (a regular here)
Knitted for a client... not sure she will like it... i certainly dont.
Maybe reserve judgement till she feeds back
Jan 10, 2017 13:49:29   #
it is cute
Jan 10, 2017 13:58:52   #
He is gorgeous!
Jan 10, 2017 14:00:02   #
Kadoonya (a regular here)
I find toys so difficult. Not just the knitting and assembly but putting some character into the faces. I am always disappointed. If I had made this guy I would be more than pleased with the result.
Jan 10, 2017 14:02:08   #
I think he's cute, too. I am disappointed with things I make, too, but then other people tell me how nice they think things I make are.
Jan 10, 2017 14:14:27   #
gardenpoet (a regular here)
I think it's cute! Maybe add some special buttons for his suspenders to dress him up a little bit, and you'll see him in a whole new way!
Jan 10, 2017 14:18:38   #
I think he's very cute, what don't you like about him?
Jan 10, 2017 14:19:09   #
Your elhant is simply beautiful, I really love him.
Jan 10, 2017 14:29:02   #
crafterwantabe (a regular here)
He is cute!!!
Jan 10, 2017 14:40:43   #
I love him but I understand your dsappointment - the things I would change is his small eye and I would use i-cord bind off for his trousers and straps - only because i've recently learned how to do it and would use it at every opportunity - haha. If he isn't loved I can send you my address and I can give him a home!
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