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fixing a sock
I knit a pair of socks from cuff down. one of them has a hole in the cuff now and i would like advise to fix it. can I cut with scissors past where the hole is and knit the cuff again from the bottom up? thanks for advice it would save me knitting a whole new sock.
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Replacement sponge bar strips - who do you like?
Having just wrestled with replacing the sponge strip in my Studio 323, I'm wondering who you KP folks like for a source of these strips. I'd bought mine over a year ago and found 1. It was too wide 2. It was faced on both sides with a fine woven strip of synthetic fabric that ravels and has fine "hairs" coming out all edges. Took way over an hour to trim and re=trim and finally got it in the channel. Nice and tall, springy - that's the good part. BUT I would rather have one that exactly fits my sponge bar. Since I got my Studio 323 at a thrift shop, I can't swear it has the original sponge bar, it seems just a little short in that you can't see both end tabs when it's in the machine. Later I'll measure its length, inner and outer channel width. Also who do you like for Brother sponge bar strips? The one I was changing in my Profile 550 was completely different, seems to fit well, but now I can't get the sponge bar back into the machine! (with or without the sponge strip!) I fear something has fallen into the machine, into the sponge bar channel, and I have no idea what or how to get it back out. I'm hoping to use up all the baby yarn and fine yarn I've accumulated and make some baby clothes to donate. Any helpful hints appreciated!! I don't have the right service manuals for either machine, doing what I can with the service manuals for Brother KH588 and Studio/Singer 328 but there are obvious differences.
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What is this knit stitch?
A friend of mine asked me to recreate an afghan that was originally gifted to her daughter as a baby. I can’t seem to figure out what stitch she used because it has stretched out and is damaged. Can you help me? Thank you very much.
Terry Campbe’’

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Finally finished some WIP's!
I've had the Boudoir Bag in the works for quite a bit now. Glad to finish it.

I just love how the blanket turned out. I used Lion Brand Mandala in Unicorn.
Arcanum Undis

Boudoir Bag

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Gnomes, Bears and Penguins!!!
I haven't posted much lately because I have been busy, busy, busy with orders and getting ready for Christmas Fairs. This is some of what I have gotten done in the past couple of weeks. My friend ordered 4 bears and I got 3 Little Tubby Bears by Gypsycream done. One is still lacking arms and (naturally) ears. She also ordered a few penguins (Also Gypsycream pattern) and a Swedish Christmas Gnome. I found a wonderful pattern but had to translate it from Swedish and give it a few tweaks. They turned out bigger than I wanted, but they are still good.

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Finally Done Sister's Afghan
I finally finished this blanket for my sister. It came out a "little" bit larger than I had planned. This pic shows it covering my Queen size bed.

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? re Bernat Blanket yarn
I was considering knitting a hat with Bernat Blanket yarn for my nephew who now lives where it actually gets COLD (obviously not here in L.A.). My question is, do you think this yarn would work well for a hat - and/or - have you ever seen a pattern using it for a hat?? I haven't had any luck finding a pattern and wondered if that was because the yarn didn't work well in that situation.

Thank you for your attention to this question.
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For™ grandchildren of cousins
Top two in Paris and bottom two in Brussels, including a boy due in January.

Detail of shawl. Card 8M tuck stitch, Brother 891.

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Xmas quickie
Hi all, I knitted this in about 5 hours, tiny size mind, a king cole pattern, I change the back of the jumper slightly giving rudolf a actual tail, rather that a colour change, quite cute tho.

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NEVER knit when you're half asleep!
Normally, I do NOT knit when I'm half asleep, because I know I'll make an error. Well, yesterday, I broke my rule. I was knitting the front of a pullover and when I was done, I bound off. And then I realized, "Hazel, you ALWAYS leave everything on stitch holders and do a three-needle bindoff with the back of a pullover!" Sigh. Yeah, I could unpick the whole thing, but knowing me, I'd drop a whole bunch of stitches and mess up the pattern I've got going ("King Charles Brocade"). So, I guess I'll just sew the back to the front, when I get done with the back. Or else maybe by then, I'll feel gutsy enough to unpick the bound-off stitches.

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