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More hats for Romania
Tonight I finished knitting my 10th.hat for Romanian children...
Starting baby hats now for Romania.

Thank you for looking!

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Feels like Christmas came early!
Look what I just got in the mail. I entered a giveaway offered by Alpalca Direct for Small Business Saturday and never dreamed I'd win as I never do so imagine my surprise when they contacted me saying I had won. Couldn't believe how much was included in the package. Such a fantastic giveaway!

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Start 'em young!
My youngest GD Milly at our Thursday crochet session last week. Not quite two years old yet, but looks like she might have a go!

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New hat for toddler
I made a New hat today for my 2 year old. It supposed to snow tomorrow!

In case anyone wants to know this was done on a standard machine, 120 Needles, 1x1 rib for 20 rows, then transfer to top bed and knit for a total of 45 more rows, for a total of 65 for the whole hat. Then I sewed the top and side and added pompoms.:-)

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my first "Alzy" shawl
My first shawl and lacey! Took me a long time but I think I did ok> I used a Boucle yarn. I was not familiar with this yarn but it was so pretty (colors) I thought I would try. I found out that as you go you cannot see the stitches very well so I just kept going and hoping it would turn out half way decent. I won't use this yarn again .. but glad I challenged myself to it one time anyway.
Hope knit4es sees this and lets me know what she thinks.

This is my first attempt at taking pictures myself. Hubby gave me a tablet and I am trying to learn.

Happy Holidays everyone. Enjoy them while you can ... enjoy the moment ... the day.

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I Can't Wait (K)
I fell in love with the colors of Fleece Artists National Park Series, way back when.
I found a LYS not too far from here who was carrying it and pre-ordered 2 skeins of the BC colorway. I was told it would be available in late November. I even picked out a pattern to work (Knitty Pincha Shawl) and waited.
November passed and I gave up. Then yesterday the yarn shop called to say they were mailing it out, and I got an email from Canada Post with a tracking number.
IT'S ON IT"S WAY!! Today? Tomorrow?
I can't wait, I can't wait!
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CR position jammed on Brother 950e carriage
I have a Brother 950e KM. The CR on my carriage seems to be jammed and will not go to that position. Has anyone had this happen and what can you do about it?
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A few more funnies
Merry Christmas everyone!

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Funnies I had to share
Applies to knitters too!

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Warm hat
Here is another hat based on the Purl Soho Homestretch Hat pattern. I changed it by adding some purl rows and used plain purple between the multi-colored rows. This will be for my niece to go along with her main present - a photo display frame which she requested. We draw one adult and one child for presents

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