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I've been looking at all the pictures - JP
I went in and looked at all the crafts that you KPER'S have done and I want to say they are all fabulous and this is the quickest way to let you all know,, Marvelous work by all.
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Thank You - Loop Yarn Shop
In May, I purchased 10 skeins of yarn for the Stone Point Poncho. Pattern called for 7 skeins, so I ordered 3 more to be sure I could make it a little longer. 3 extra skeins wasn't enough, so yesterday, I contacted the Loop Yarn Shop in Philadelphia, where I had originally made my purchase. Got a reply back this morning and guess what, YES!!! They did have 2 more skeins of Luma in inventory (in my color and dyelot). Can you see me doing my happy dance?
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"card lock lever" on brother kh 830
I wrote earlier about the kh891 i got today,
i also got a kh830 That i ordered days before the 891 , I just could not resist the 891!
So i was thinking i can sell the 830
now when checking if it is working it seem like the "card lock lever" for the puchcard slot is stuck i can not move at all . Should i be able to move it even if the is no cards inside? I can on the 891 (it don´t look exactly the same.)
The seller wrote the machine was in working condition , but if that lever don´t work I have to tell her.
the row counter and other stuff was missing

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So disappointed in my new Camden Hills Poncho
I saw this Camden Hills Poncho, from Berroco and thought it was soooooo cute on the model. But, I guess I should have realized she was tall, and I'm only 5'1". It just looks too big on me, but I hate to just give it away. Bummer.

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Collecting knit patterns. Excited
I've been busy with Christmas knitting. Just found out my granddaughter is expecting TWINS in March. Exciting news yes?
Now I need to get busy with baby blankets and outfits.
Pattern suggestions??
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Headband length: Anyone know?
I need to know the knitted Headband length for:
- women
- girls
- baby

Does anyone know? Thanks so much!
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Making twiddle muffs
I'm making twiddle muffs and i have beanie babies I want to add to them. Are the beads safe to leave in or should I take them out?
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give aways
the ladies auxiliary has a small gift shop in the hospital. I was wondering about knitting small iteWms to give when small children are in the hospital. We don't have many---thank goodness. We give a small ivy to the adults and I was just wondering about something small and quick. Thanks
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Trying to find a Smocking Pleater machine to buy.
I took a few smocking classes when our daughter was a baby. At the time, there was a store which pleated the fabric for a nominal price if it was purchased there. They don't do it anymore, and I am looking for a used machine to buy at a reasonable price because I want to try smocking for iur granddaughter.
Anyone have ine gathering dust?

I was not sure where to put this.
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Knitting in Rwanda, 2017
I am leaving tomorrow for Rwanda. Thanks to some incredibly generous KPers, I will be taking yarn and needles with me to teach the girls at our school how to knit. I will post pictures when I have access to the internet.
thank you all!
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