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Afghans for Baby Shower
My DD just told me she needs shower gifts for March 23 (more notice than I usually get) for twins. The colors are pink, grey and turquoise. She wants them a little different. What pattern would you use, and how would you do the colors? I thought maybe several shades of pink, some grey and just touches of turquoise? Also can't be to hard, two in a month. TIA
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mitten knitting
I would like to go back and increase the length of the ribbing on the mittens I am finishing. I made the ribbing short because I thought I would run out of yarn. Thing is I didn't so now how do I unravel a couple of rows and knit more????

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trouble felting 100% Virgin Wool Mothproofed Yarn
I have starting trying to felt some basic potholders for holiday gifts. I am using the pattern in the knit one, felt two book . I had several skeins of yarn labeled Knitting Worsted, 100% Virgin Wool, moth proof, with hand washable instruction, do not rub or twist knitted item. now it is old as in very old, Grants and Kmart are the label.

I also have lots of skeins of Hiawatha real needlepoint wool. same, 100% pure virgin wool, treated to resist moth damage.

I thought I would start out with these yarns to figure out how much felting shrinks etc. etc. the problem... it didn't shrink.... it barely felted. I washed it 3 times in hot water in a top loading washing machine. my potholder is still too big, will probably work as a hot pad for a 13 x 9 casserole dish but it really didn't felt either so it isn't thick enough.

my question - does 100% virgin wool not felt? or maybe the older wool yarns that were treated to be moth proof won't felt?

any thoughts?
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Blocking something with a hood!
Working on the Wynter Chill pattern by KPs SouthernGirl

First time trying to block something that isn't a flat shawl. I think it'll be okay.
Used a 75 acrylic 25 wool so I'll give it a gentle steaming after it dries before knitting in the cowl insert.

It's a wonderful pattern if anyone is looking for something along these lines.

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trying to find good instructions on chart reading
I did something I shouldn't have. I fell in love with a shawl. I'd gone to Scotland and, having fallen in love with the country, I determined to knit a shawl as a remembrance of my trip.
I found one, bought the recommended yarn, downloaded the pattern, only to discover I just couldn't do it. . . too scared to even start.

The pattern is called Scottish Highlands Shaw, by Kay Hopkins. It's very lacy and I just don't understand the instructions nor the chart. For instance I don't understand the term, tab.

All this means that I picked a pattern well beyond my current ability. To make a long story short, I need a class or good instructions on chart reading. I'd appreciate it if some of you would point me to an online site where I can learn. My beautiful yarn is waiting.

Many thanks in advance.
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Sanquhar Gloves
I have been admiring this type of glove for some time and finally gathered my courage to make a pair. The date and initials are on the inside of the wrist.

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Chain 1, slip stitch in same stitch???
can someone clarify? Never saw this one.
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New shawl off the needles
The last two mornings I made charts and some writing, this is anothe wip I need to finish soon, because I want to put my hands on my open cardigan!

here are some pictures, enjoy and see you soon!

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Row Counter
Does anyone have a remedy for me with my row counter problem?
I recently had my Studio 360 cleaned and serviced. It came back and the row counter which was working perfectly well before, now stops counting after 9. The person who serviced it lives in the country and too far for me to want to go there again. Is there anyone on this site who might have a remedy for me ? It would be more than appreciated. Thank you.
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Picture of my Baby Lovie
I had recently asked a question about how to knit a " Baby Lovie" Everyone that responded asked me for a picture. SO, here it is! Its not perfect, but I did learn a lot!

Also I added a picture of my current project, and a picture of what "supposed" to look like. I am pretty proud of the way its turning out.

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