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When to wind a skein into a ball??
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Dec 2, 2011 23:52:51   #
BC (a regular here)
I like the process of winding yarn as I need it. It is for me a time to reflect on the progression of my knitting. Or to help me slow down enough to be able to go to sleep. Also, if I do not use all the yarn, I like the unused yarn to be in its original condition - skeins,labels and all. I suppose the winding of my yarn would not fit into Henry Ford's model of efficiency.
Dec 2, 2011 23:52:59   #
Jessica-Jean wrote:
RockyMtnLady wrote:
Are you going to do the Russian join after cutting out all those knots? geeeeeeeeeeeeeze - you have more patience than I do ... Glad you finally got the ball winder. I know how excited you were to get it. I'd wind the yarn if it isn't tightly wound. I love my ball winder - it's a two part thingie - the swift and the winder. You got the mega fancy one I think. I think I deserve it for having to spend our 40th anniversary, Christmas and my 66th birthday alone! Besides, he'll never know I have it, since it was delivered in his absence; I handle the bills, and he avoids my wool room.

The knots - every last one - will not be undone or otherwise hidden when I make it into a cat-bed, or part of one. The cats can bat at the protruding tails. If it felts well enough, the tails may not even be long enough for batting!
quote=RockyMtnLady Are you going to do the Russia... (show quote)

Oh, I'm glad you don't have to deal with all the knots and you are so right - the cats would love them. Sorry you have to spend holidays, etc. alone. And yes, you deserve the ball winder! Glad you got it and won't get grief about it either.
Dec 2, 2011 23:53:10   #
Jessica Jean - I would send yarn with 70 knots back to the manufacturer to try again!
Dec 3, 2011 00:25:22   #
I will wind my acrylics and put them away..but never never my wool...i only wind my wool into balls when I am going to use it and only then if i am using all of it. I have used wool that has been wound up for a long time and i am very unhappy, with the feel of it.Right now i am working on a raglan top down wool sweater..and using small spools of leftover wool that have been wound into little balls for a long time.. for the intarsia( color charting) and i am not pleased at all...I hope this will improve when I block it.
Dec 3, 2011 00:59:45   #
Jessica-Jean (a regular here)
bilbep wrote:
Jessica Jean - I would send yarn with 70 knots back to the manufacturer to try again!
If I had a clue as to who put up that skein with all those knots .... but I don't. It was a skein in a bag of mixed balls of yarn bought in a second-hand shop. As is is as is. It will become part of a cat-bed, knots and all.
Dec 3, 2011 07:25:08   #
Is LYS stands for Lady in Yarn Shop ? It seems everyone has a LYS of their own.[/quote]
Local yarn shop
Dec 3, 2011 09:56:49   #
Jessica-Jean wrote:
I think I deserve it for having to spend our 40th anniversary, Christmas and my 66th birthday alone! Besides, he'll never know I have it, since it was delivered in his absence; I handle the bills, and he avoids my wool room.

XMas being the 25th, when is your anniversary and birthday ? No children between you ?
We will celebrate online with you. :-)
Dec 3, 2011 10:44:55   #
Gabriell (a regular here)
I am fairly new here and am learning so much, but what is LYS?
Dec 3, 2011 12:10:30   #
mousepotato (a regular here)
Jessica-Jean wrote:
Having a new ball winder, I was about to convert a bunch of skeins into easier-to-store balls. Then I got to wondering ... Is it better to keep skeins as such until just before beginning to knit them?
Does it matter if the wool (it is wool I'm talking about) is balled or not?
Anyone know?

My experience with quality wool is meager.



A lot depends on how you wind it. Wound loosely the wool will not stretch, wound tightly is a whole 'nuther issue. Try winding a skein, if it still has some squishiness to it, it will be fine. If it feels like a rock, rewind it more loosely. If you are using a ball winder, be sure to roll up the ball band or skein tag and tuck it into the center of the ball so you know what you have. Wool, remember, because of the crimp in the fibers, has memory, and even tightly wound balls should come back when the yarn is wetted again. Plant fibers, OTOH, will not bounce back. Acrylic that is wound and then heated may lose it's hand, so I wouldn't rewind acrylics until ready to use them.
Dec 3, 2011 12:10:45   #
mousepotato (a regular here)
Gabriell wrote:
I am fairly new here and am learning so much, but what is LYS?

Local Yarn Shop
Dec 3, 2011 12:18:45   #
mousepotato (a regular here)
CAUTION! If you have a WIP do not, and I repeat DO NOT, attempt to convert skein to ball on a ball winder.
My experience in trying to do so resulted in yarn spaghetti.
It got tangled in the ball winder. One big mess! Never have attempted that again. Lesson learned and now passed on to you.

barcar wrote:
I love to hand wind my yarn but when it becomes yarn spaghetti, I often wonder if a yarn winder would have prevented the mess. Thanks, Grammyv, for letting me know that a winder is not the answer.


When you are winding a hank (what in earlier days was called a skein) of yarn with a ball winder, it is important to remember that you have to have something to hold the hank open while you wind it. You can't simply open the hank, find an end, and wind away. That's what creates yarn spaghetti. If you don't have a swift (that the umbrella like thing that you can put a hank on and that holds the yarn open while you wind), put a towel on the floor and turn a big pot or a large bowl upsidedown on the towel and put the hank over this then wind. It is also possible to put the hank over the wrist of the hand not doing the winding on the ball winder and wind from there, although this is a more awkward solution. Either of these methods can help prevent tangling your yarn as you wind. While I have two swifts, I do wind with the hank over my arm on occasion. Of course if you have another body in the house you can have them hold the skein while you use the ball winder.
Dec 3, 2011 12:20:48   #
mousepotato (a regular here)
Jessica-Jean wrote:
Rats! I was afraid of that answer. Too late for the few already done; I guess I'll just try to rewind them more loosely. The ones not yet done ... I'll stow the swift and ball winder before I get carried away and wind them all into balls!

Thank you.

You'll regret putting them away, trust me <G>. I keep my ball winder up all the time, and usually have my swift close to hand. As for the ones you've already wound, pull the yarn from the center and use that end to rewind with no tension on the previous ball into something looser.
Dec 3, 2011 23:58:21   #
BC (a regular here)
I tried putting my swift and winder away...
Dec 4, 2011 10:17:35   #
mousepotato (a regular here)
BC wrote:
I tried putting my swift and winder away...

And I take it to mean that they didn't stay put away long <G>.
Dec 4, 2011 16:17:07   #
I also would not have thought about returning a skein of yarn..make a
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