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Machine Knitting
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Apr 20, 2017 06:56:22   #
I am back again tryed some suggestions watched youtube but it doesn't help for what I am trying to do. Patterns say push out 119 needles push every third needle back to NWP then hand cast on then knit one row all good here. ""NOW Here IS WHERE I NEED THE HELP "" says using double transfer tool dec 1 st at left edge on next 5 rows. Then using two full sizes finer then main tension dec 1st at left edge on next 5 rows. Knit one row. Then it says using double transfer tool,increase 1 stitch at left neck edge on next five rows. Using 1 full size finer main tension in increase 1 stitch at left edge on next 6 rows. This is where problem begins because every third needle is pushed back how do you dec and increase double transfer tool is not wide enough due to that 3 needle pushed back does someone have pictures of doing this or video cause I am lost. I have tryed
Apr 20, 2017 08:07:31   #
When you are decreasing you use the empty needle, take the two outside stitches and move them in one place. This fills the empty needle and you continue taking the two outside stitches and moving them over by one needle until the decreasing is done. You work the increases in a similar way, adding one extra needle for each increase. When you get four stitches together at the edge, on the next increase you move the outside two over and put the empty needle back in NWP.

Hope this helps.
Machine Knitting
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