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Machine Knitting
Using a Motor on Knitting Machine (SK860 vs SK840...or?)
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Apr 20, 2017 15:26:46   #
Hello, I recently purchased a Silver knitting machine motor. I purchased it thinking I would use it on my SK860 mid gauge electronic but I am not sure. Has anyone used a motor with their SK860? Sometimes I think it is a little hard to push the carriage across manually (even with thin yarns) and I don't want to damage my machine when using a motor. Today I knit a tuck stitch scarf with fingering weight yarn. It was easy to knit, but as I pushed the carriage across manually, I could feel the carriage hesitate a bit. Maybe hesitate is not the word.. maybe I could feel the needles transferring as the carriage went across the bed.

I have been thinking about getting an SK840 standard gauge and maybe the motor would work better on it since the standard gauge needles tend to be more flexible... but does the SK840 also have this sort of hesitation as the needles are transferring/moving under the carriage as it moves across the bed? I know the punch card machines knit very smoothly, so maybe it is just an electronic machine thing. Regardless, I am wanting to know if others have used a motor and which machine with the motor?? I don't want to risk damaging my machine. Thanks!!
Apr 20, 2017 16:44:04   #
We have used both Simet (Silver Reed) and Brother KE100 motor drives on both the SK860 midgauge and the SK890 Bulky without issue. I prefer the KE100 but many swear by the simet drives - Personal preference I assume. Either works well with standard gauge machines also
Apr 20, 2017 16:48:09   #
Perhaps you need to check the underside of the carriage for fluff, clean it off and apply a thin coating of oil. I find a smear along the front and back rails on the needlebed and on the needle butts helps it to move freely too.
I wouldn't know about a motor - never had one.
Apr 20, 2017 16:55:57   #
Susanjoy, Thanks for your reply. I did spray the underside of the carriage lightly yesterday, but I should turn all the levers and do a more deep cleaning. Thanks!
Apr 20, 2017 17:12:53   #
ankefrysland thank you for the information. I have never used a motor, so I am being very cautious. I plan on using the foot pedal with it so I can watch everything. I don't think I will ever trust it enough to run on auto. I just know the motor moves in a smooth motion across the needles and I do not when I am pushing the carriage, so I feel all the little bumps of the needles moving into place. I will have to test it tomorrow. I just wanted to be sure someone else had used one with a mid gauge. Thanks!

OH! And your website is amazing! Thanks for all the hard work of gettting all that information and posting it online. :)
Apr 21, 2017 03:28:13   #
I agree with the comment about machineknittingetc, it is a wonderful resource for machine knitters.
Apr 21, 2017 05:37:13   #
I have Simets on my bulky Brother 260 and on the standard 940 and they work great. Just like you I wondered if the motor would have more difficulties with the heavy duty 260 but it all works fine. When there is a little knot or other problem the carriage disconnects from the motor and stops immediately.
Apr 21, 2017 06:05:14   #
Really? The carriage disconnects??? My motor came with a handle that has a hole in it which had a bolt that screws to the motor arm. There is no way anything will disconnect. I actually had to make a bolt connector for my SK860 handle because the handle that came with the motor was for a standard gauge. Either way though, the handle would not disconnect from the motor if there was a problem. I was wondering if the motor use to have a different method of connecting in the past. I wish I could figure out a way to connect it the way your motor connects. Is there any way you can attach a photo?

I did see some arm connectors on machineknittingetc but I am not sure if they disconnect if there is a problem and I am not sure if I can get them to connect to my motor/carriage.
Apr 21, 2017 06:15:31   #
I have seen 2 versions of the simet drive. One does disconnect but one does not.
check this thread
Apr 21, 2017 06:31:06   #
Thank you for the link. The motor in those photos is the same motor I have. I don't see in her photos how it connects, but after looking at the manual for the Simet Junior, it shows the same screw connector I have. The manual also show a power shut off (for knots) but my motor does not have that and doesn't have a place to plug that cord in on the back. So I guess my motor is a different model of the Simet Junior shown in the manual. I bought if from a lady who was a former Silver Reed dealer. I have seen another one for sale and thought about buying it but I am hoping this motor will last a long time....
Apr 21, 2017 06:33:52   #
Does your version have the bent connector arm? I have looked at your bracket on your website, but it is for a difffernt motor. Mine works fine with my modified connector. I would just prefer a disconnecting type in case of knots etc... But I don't see any way to make something like that. I will always be using the foot pedal, so hopefully I will be able to stop it before there is a jam.
Apr 21, 2017 06:42:27   #
The adapters on the website are for using the silver reed on the Brother KE100 drives. The connector is not responsible for disconnecting. That is done by the motor drive but it sounds like you have the model that does not disconnect similar to the 1st pictures posted. If you view the video further down it's hard to see but that model disconnects. Have the knot sensors but rarely use them.
Apr 21, 2017 06:47:07   #
I will watch the video. It is a little reassuring to hear you haven't used the sensors much. I don't have the option, so I will just be keeping a close eye on it... OK, so I won't be able to use those type of adaptors for my motor. It seems simple enough to rig it to work on either my Brother or Silver Reed. I made a c clamp type bracket to connect to the arm. I could probably modify a handle and use the screw connector that came with the motor, but I will most likely be switching out knitting machines occassionally...
Apr 21, 2017 06:54:55   #
Have seen people buy a second handle and drill a hole thru handle to mount a lug. You can get a bolt and a bushing at local hardware store to do this. The collar supplied by simet was universal but was a bit shaky in my opinion. I believe the machine had different supports for the Brother and Silver Reed a they sit a little bit different but I'm sure it could work on either with a little creativity.
Apr 21, 2017 07:54:01   #
I agree the bolt that came with the motor was a bit shakey. I do have a second handle and will have to modify it for my other machine. :)
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Machine Knitting
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