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Pattern Requests
Baby's crochet shawl with border of small "granny" squares
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Dec 4, 2011 01:27:07   #
I recently came across a delightful baby's wool shawl in a crochet pattern - it was the coloured picture that caught my eye. The shawl was all in white with the centre section being rows of a type of 'V' stitch. The border all round, was made up of a single row of small granny squares. The centre 'rounds' of the granny squares used a pastel variegated (I think) wool with the white as the outside border of each square. It gave quite a delicate effect.

I thought I saved the pattern link but now I cannot find it - either in any of my computer folders (and I have searched them all at least twice), or on any of the many sites that I have bookmarked in my computer.

This is probably a forlorn hope but I am wondering if any KP members recognise the description of the shaw, and the site where I might have found it please?
Dec 4, 2011 03:12:35   #
Found - I headed out again to go through all the various sites and after 3 hours I have it! What a relief. If you are interested in what I was looking for try -

Thanks if you have read my request.
Pattern Requests
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