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Machine Knitting
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Jun 14, 2017 07:28:37   #
dancewithmarg (a regular here)
Hi All: Have a Brother 894 coming, but doesn't have a ribber with it. Cannot find any info on what model ribber would go with it, can anyone tell me please?
Jun 14, 2017 07:40:02   #
KateWood (a regular here)
KR850. Also a KR830 will work but it doesn't have the lili/every other needle setting the KR850 has that is most commonly used for birds eye backed double jacquard
Jun 14, 2017 07:42:04   #
Hi , Kr 830 or Kr 850
Jun 14, 2017 12:33:05   #
iluvcabernet (a regular here)
This site lists compatible ribbers.
Jun 14, 2017 13:13:28   #
dancewithmarg (a regular here)
Yes, I found that site but it didn't cover my machine, I emailed her but had no response so far.
(Thank you for your response.)

Jun 14, 2017 14:06:24   #
30Knitter (a regular here)
KR850 and KR900, both will work with your ribber. They are newer ribbers with the lili buttons, which will make birdseye on double jacquard.
Jun 14, 2017 14:13:22   #
randiejg (a regular here)
I think the 850 is probably the easiest to find, on eBay and other resale sites. If you want something new, has a Chinese-made Brother clone of the 850.
Jun 14, 2017 14:16:39   #
KateWood (a regular here)
Hi Marge, the KR850 which is the same as a KR900 works with my KH840, KK93 knit kings version of your KH894 & is working with my KH970.
Jun 14, 2017 14:20:47   #
KateWood (a regular here)
Here's a KR model I don't recall on the daisy knits list;

looks like a pretty nice deal.
Jun 18, 2017 14:47:53   #
KateWood (a regular here)
FYI another knitter found a picture of a KK KR880 ribber and said it didn't have the lili feature.
Machine Knitting
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