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Machine Knitting
Singer Memo-Matic Model 360 Main carriage vs. Lace carriage
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Jul 16, 2017 17:16:44   #
targa416 (a regular here)
I don't know much about knitting machines but am thinking of getting one. I'm loooking at a parts & accessories list for the above model of machine. This might seem like a very basic question! The list shows both a main carriage and a lace carriage. Does the machine typically come with both? Or would the lace carriage function as both? Thanks!!
Jul 16, 2017 18:56:25   #
The lace carriage was sold as an added extra.
Jul 16, 2017 23:24:27   #
The lace carriage is sold extra, but it can knit stockinet as well and I have used mine to do so in a pinch. ;) Honestly though, you need the main bed carriage for 99.9% of machine knitting.
Machine Knitting
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