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Machine Knitting
Do I need to dismantle the punchcard mechanism and if so, how?
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Aug 9, 2017 06:10:55   #
I was being foolishly ambitious I think. I have collected some lovely Knoll Shetland Yarns and thought I'd have a go at one of Joyce Schneider's yoked sweaters as I'd kept her book from the 1980's. I punched the card and set to making a tension piece or two. On the punchcard there are two blank lines at intervals to allow for decreasing the yoke BUT when I got to these two lines the second line did not knit straight stocking stitch but dropped stitches at regular 24 stitch intervals. as though the card was being read wrongly. I tried knitting it again with another carriage but exactly the same thing happened. So it looks as though the problem is with the card reading mechanism rather than the pattern drums. Should I try to dismantle the patterning mechanism,? I am really frightened to do this as I've never taken a machine apart before or is there another solution. My machine is a Knitmaster 360 and I also have a Knitmaster 700 carriage as a spare. Please any help out there?
Aug 9, 2017 06:20:18   #
I think if the problem was with the card reader it would happen on every row.
Aug 9, 2017 06:24:36   #
Rita in Raleigh
Does the machine knit correctly on other punch cards? If you have some of the original punch cards or other manufactured punchcards, see if they knit correctly.

How familiar are you with your punchcard km? You do know that the km reads the punchcard a few rows inside the km and not the line that is showing above the slot?

Sorry if these questions/comments are below your level of knowledge. All of us were/are beginners at some time.
Aug 9, 2017 06:35:41   #
susieknitter (a regular here)
If your machine is knitting other cards without a problem then it isn't the card reading mechanism. Perhaps seeing the card, or knowing more about the pattern, we could come up with an answer. Is it a Fair-Isle yoke?
Aug 9, 2017 06:45:08   #
I'll try some other cards. I seem to remember it doing something similar on a tuck stitch pattern. Yes I understand that the mechanism reads several lines below, will check out other cards as I said and post again. It is card 10 in the Joyce Schneider fair isle yoke book.
Aug 9, 2017 07:08:59   #
Look really closely at the card to make sure that particular stitch is punched out correctly (dead centre of the little square).

Aug 9, 2017 08:09:32   #
mlab (a regular here)
I think Wendy Piper may be able to help you. She runs workshops on how to clean machines from top to bottom. It might be worth a try. Good luck.
Aug 9, 2017 09:09:42   #
Check for yarn wrapped/trapped around the drums and wheels. Or trapped lint.
Aug 10, 2017 07:59:24   #
Are the stitches that are dropping in work position? If you left them in forward position after decreasing they would drop because the carriage is set for fairisle.
Aug 10, 2017 11:55:18   #
There should be an 'Ask Jack' video on cleaning the punch card mechanism. I followed it last year and got mine to work. I have a super old brother 260.
Aug 10, 2017 13:26:00   #
Good luck. I want to follow you to see what you do to make it work.
Aug 14, 2017 14:21:10   #
It sounds as if you have not turned your machine back to stockinette knitting between pattern changes. You have rows of stockinette between patterns and you are decreasing on these stockinette sections. You will need to reprogram your carriage between the patterns.
Machine Knitting
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