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Machine Knitting
New to machine knitting
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Aug 10, 2017 11:01:31   #
Hello everyone,
I was gifted a knitting machine and am having troubles setting it up. The carriage was jammed, and hubby and I took it apart. There was hard crud built up around the gear shafts, cleaned it out and it now slides well on the right side, but hangs up just before center of the machine. I cannot see any reason for it, am wondering if it may have something to do with the memory?? Any help greatly appreciated. It is a Singer370 machine.
Aug 10, 2017 11:04:51   #
mlab (a regular here)
Where about are you in the world? There may be local groups with lots of help.
Have a look at the Internet and YouTube. You will find lots of information.
Do you have the manual? Do you have instructions about how to clean the machine and what products to use and particularly not to use.
I don't have that type of machine, but some will and they will be very helpful.
Very good luck.
Aug 10, 2017 13:07:14   #
Neeterbug (a regular here)
Wish I could help you; but, I know absolutely nothing about machine knitting. Welcome to KP from sunny, hot, and beautiful Arizona.
Aug 10, 2017 23:37:20   #
Are your gatepegs straight, if there are any bent ones the carriage may get caught on it.
Aug 11, 2017 00:13:56   #
Thanks for the replies - we got the carriage working, only to discover one of the gears on the under part needs replacing, baby steps forward!
Aug 11, 2017 07:22:53   #
Welcome from Hopewell, New Jersey, USA!
Aug 11, 2017 07:33:47   #
KateWood (a regular here)
Hi there. If you haven't already, don't forget to check/replace your machines sponge bar
Aug 11, 2017 10:20:06   #
Krykit (a regular here)
Welcome to Paradise, from Connecticut USA!
Aug 11, 2017 23:32:51   #
Welcome and good luck, you will be hooked like the rest of us in no time!
Aug 12, 2017 00:05:31   #
Thank you all for the replies! As I said, this is a brand new adventure for me, so is there a place that has simple tutorials for beginners? I have to repair the machine, as well as the ribber, so cheap is the order of the day for me! Free is even better. :)
Aug 12, 2017 06:41:06   #
Nanna Kath
Diana Sullivan has some really great tutorials ( free on U Tube ) I use her all the time for info
Aug 12, 2017 10:39:58   #
You can, of course, go to Diana Sullivan's YouTube Channel to find videos. Another option is to look at lists of her videos that are on some of my User Pages as follows:

Machine Knitting - Videos - Diana Sullivan - Part 1 of 3 - Beginner, Garter Bar and Ribber Lessons:

Machine Knitting - Videos - Diana Sullivan - Part 2 of 3 - Additional Techniques, Edges and Trims:

Machine Knitting - Videos - Diana Sullivan - Part 3 of 3 - Patterns:

Aug 12, 2017 16:02:36   #
Pleased check "the answer lady" and "ask Jack" Videos in Machine maintenance on YouTube. These are a lot of help. And please make sure your sponge bar is good before you try to knit.
Aug 13, 2017 19:26:40   #
Once again, thank you to everyone that replied - I have been watching the videos, as well as discovering a gear was broken on the undercarriage. I will have it replaced, get some missing clamps, check the sponge bar, (whew!) find out how to attach the ribber as well.....and then, hopefully, will actually begin to practice! Fascinating machine!
Aug 14, 2017 12:31:12   #
You can find a list of TheAnswerLady's maintence and repair videos in one of my other User Pages:

Machine Knitting - Videos - Cleaning, Maintenance, Repairs and Troubleshooting:
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Machine Knitting
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