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Oh how we change.
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Dec 5, 2017 15:01:59   #
I joined KP just under a year agoafter being away from crafts for 20 plus years. I was a die hard crocheter and did not even consider knitting due to a bad teaching experience as a child.

In early January I posted that I was only going to buy yarn for planned projects, only have one project on the go at any given time and only one “next” project planned. I was also going to return full skeins and was not going to accumulate yarn.

Well, I now have three small bins full of yarn. Today, I just purchased 5 skeins of Caron Simply Soft in Pagoda (a lovely dark tealish) because it was on sale and I liked the colour. I purchased a set of Addi click interchangable knitting needles and am on my third knitting project.

I think I still prefer crochet, but that might be because I have more experience and am a very beginner knitter.

Thank you everyone for your help, inputs, posts, comments, hints, advice, sharing, etc and for being part of this great community. I have changed and am having a blast. SABLE here I come😜
Dec 5, 2017 15:06:59   #
Welcome to the yarney bin! I also crocheted - for 40+ years - before catching the knitting bug and becoming a Stashaholic. Amazing what our creativity and imagination will lead us into.
Dec 5, 2017 15:11:46   #
Hahaha! The best laid plans...
Dec 5, 2017 15:14:44   #
Dec 5, 2017 15:17:17   #
knit4ES (a regular here)
Maybe this site should have a red flashing warning.... addictive, time "wasting" and will lead to yarn addiction and possible debt
Dec 5, 2017 15:18:19   #
Welcome to the secret side, the one that no one tells you about when you first pick up those needles......glad to hear you are enjoying the process.
Dec 5, 2017 15:39:19   #
You've been bitten by 'the BUG'!! Congratulations! Have fun and don't apologize.
Dec 5, 2017 15:41:02   #
I agree!!♥
knit4ES wrote:
Maybe this site should have a red flashing warning.... addictive, time "wasting" and will lead to yarn addiction and possible debt
Dec 5, 2017 15:42:46   #
Gaildh (a regular here)
Dec 5, 2017 15:49:27   #
Nanamel14 (a regular here)
I know what you mean, I've only been knitting for a bit over 2 years...I now have several containers full of yarn. I'm still waiting on some beautiful Alpaca yarn that I bought awhile back, other than that I'm not buying anymore yarn until after the new year. I've been shopping from my stash, everytime I take some yarn out I pay a few $$$'s that will be the only $$$'s I spend on anything I need (well that's the plan lol)
Dec 5, 2017 16:40:49   #
bokemom (a regular here)
I started as a crocheter too, then I started knitting. Since I knit my stash has grown, I think it's because when I crochet I tend to make blankets and I'm not going to impulse buy 20 skiens of yarn. But I can knit something with one or 2 skiens , and there's always something nice on sale.
Dec 5, 2017 20:24:21   #
run4fittness (a regular here)
Good for you! I do both, learned to knit first and then crochet about 3 or so years later.
Dec 5, 2017 23:04:28   #
Sftflannelnjeans (a regular here)
I taught myself to crochet when I was about 11,
And taught myself to knit around the same time.
( Good ole " Coats and Clark Learn How to Knit, Crochet, Tat and Embroidery" , it really does put things in language and pictures so well that an 11 yr old could follow it.

Funny thing about learning to crochet first is that I hold my yarn in my left hand for knitting, the exact same way I hold my crochet thread.
Dec 6, 2017 04:31:07   #
It doesn't take long to reach SABLE and it's good to have a choice of yarns to use. Also when you see something you like buy it - it might not be there next time.
Glad you are enjoying your knitting and crocheting after so long.
Dec 6, 2017 05:45:34   #
mcmanusp (a regular here)
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