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Yellow Angry Bird Knitted Hat Pattern
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Jan 2, 2012 10:13:00   #
Ta Da! The second in the series. Have fun! Sarah

Attached file:
Jan 2, 2012 15:52:46   #
thank you so much for sharing these. ! My grandkids (and son in law) and nieces and nephews are into this big time.
Jan 3, 2012 05:50:30   #
SarahRussell wrote:
Ta Da! The second in the series. Have fun! Sarah

Great hat! Thanks for the pattern; I.ll add it to my queue.
Jan 3, 2012 06:40:35   #
Love your hats! My sister is way into this game and went nuts when she saw the first pattern. Will have to try to make both! :D
Jan 3, 2012 06:55:56   #
SarahRussell wrote:
Ta Da! The second in the series. Have fun! Sarah

This is a great-looking hat. My little nephew will love it!

I began to read the pattern and got stuck immediately. What is meant by "chart". I don't see a chart in this pattern. Maybe this pattern is too advanced for me.
Jan 3, 2012 07:14:10   #
Wow Sarah, thanks for the pattern. I got to play the game last night for the first time!
Jan 3, 2012 07:48:38   #
Sandiego (a regular here)
I couldn't believe that my 34 year old son plays Angry Bird. I am in the process of making the first pattern you posted as a request from my DIL. He kmows about it.Thanks again so much. Your pattern is the best I have seen. Most of them are crocheted. I just downloaded the pattern. Thanks, Sarah. ;0)
Jan 3, 2012 07:52:55   #
Sarah, somewhere I missed out on the first pattern. Could you please direct me to where I can locate it? I, like others could only find them in crochet and I can not mangage it in that format. Thanks in advance.
Jan 3, 2012 08:04:05   #
Thank you for the pattern. So nice to get a knit one
Jan 3, 2012 08:10:55   #
Love the hat, but can't seem to download the pattern. What am I doing wrong???????
Jan 3, 2012 08:36:11   #
Thanks for sharing. :lol:
Jan 3, 2012 08:40:56   #
You made this from scratch? Wow. Starting my first pattern today. So happy,, it's simple though, smokers / shooters mittens. I will be attempting to put 'caps' on the index finger and the thumb.

Bravo to you!! Thank you for sharing this, and for your ability to knit.. Without that, there would be no sharing your angry birds hats
Jan 3, 2012 09:02:36   #
Thanks for the pattern; I did not, however, see a chart.
Jan 3, 2012 10:01:16   #
I was not able to download the pattern. When I click on the word Download, nothing happens. Any suggestions? I would like to have this pattern.
Jan 3, 2012 10:06:04   #
Thanks for sharing! It was so much fun making the first one!
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User-Submitted How-tos, Patterns, Tutorials
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