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Sep 19, 2018 10:00:25   #
der_fisherman (a regular here)
GranMaLin wrote:
No, was not trying to report her. Was trying to report Aneesashraf whose annoying posts continue to show up everywhere. If anyone is offended, my apologies. Did not mean to imply that Choiyuk was the problem, especially as she has posted a number of patterns I have since downloaded.

To be absolutely specific about a particular post, you need to first find the post in the topic, the one that you don't like in this case (I agree by the way!!), click on the tiny blue "#" on the Right Hand side of that post, to the right of the date, THEN copy the weblink shown in the browser.

If you don't do that first, you might only copy the link for the whole topic! Which is what happened here it seems.

Many here do not realise what that tiny blue "#" is really for!! Now you know!!

If you need further assistance, just ask.


Sep 21, 2018 09:57:27   #
SometimesaKnitter (a regular here)
This is the url

Sep 27, 2018 17:16:57   #
LizAnne (a regular here)
I have had this happen two times and both times I had to forget Knitting Paradise. It would not let me on. This was just last week.
Sep 28, 2018 09:26:29   #
knit4ES (a regular here)
new user, spamming --- please remove the post and shut the user down.
Sep 28, 2018 10:16:34   #
I have an iiphpne 7 plus thru Bluegrass, thanks for helping get rid of this problem
Sep 29, 2018 16:50:29   #
knit4ES (a regular here)
new user spamming please remove the posts and shut the user down.
Sep 29, 2018 22:47:56   #
KroSha (a regular here)
knit4ES wrote:
new user spamming please remove the posts and shut the user down.

EVERYONE - - report Report REPORT !!!
Sep 30, 2018 16:09:29   #
Dear Admin...
The popups are back please do something....please!
Oct 1, 2018 14:05:09   #
krestiekrew is a screen shot HELP! It's even difficult to read KP now. It popped up when I opened a post to read and again when I opened this thread to send you the shot!

Oct 2, 2018 19:29:43   #
rainie (a regular here)
Troll get rid of

Wow, that was quick, removed before I finished this post.
Oct 3, 2018 00:17:53   #
KroSha (a regular here)
rainie wrote:
Troll get rid of

Wow, that was quick, removed before I finished this post.

Not removed, rainie - - still there !!!

Members should follow the link and keep reporting.
Oct 6, 2018 13:11:54   #
rainie (a regular here)
spam en Espanol
Oct 6, 2018 15:46:17   #
KroSha (a regular here)
rainie wrote:
spam en Espanol

What next ??? Thx rainie - - I've reported too...

You know, when admin first put in the major system changes he/they did a while back, I believe I read that one of the reasons they truncate the quote if it has any length to it is because it uses up space on the system...

One wonders how much those long & laborious spam messages are using up - - if that's costing the web owner more money because it is just so much junk ???

It doesn't look like anyone cares anymore...
Oct 10, 2018 17:32:27   #
deshka (a regular here)
Oct 10, 2018 18:09:40   #
rainie (a regular here) spammer
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