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need a crochet beanie hat pattern that has a flower on the side
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Mar 28, 2011 18:12:40   #
Need a cute pattern I will need hats for my bald head i will be starting chemo next monday
thank you very much...Liz I saw a cute beanie hat that had a flower on the side it reminded me of a 20"s flapper hat it was way ncute
Mar 28, 2011 18:37:42   #

click this link and scroll down for 200 choices...there are lots to choose from...the critical thing here is to find a soft alpaca or similar yarn...sometimes the feel of ANYTHING is irritating so you want light and soft....i made a friend's hat pale beige with a little lace to keep her cool....then i made several 'headbands' in different colored scraps, some with flowers, some that were plain but she attached her pretty pins to them, one that was even 3 icords, braided together....she would slip on her hat, put the headband over it, right at the top of the ribbing, adjusting her flower/pin for chic-ness. She could match whatever she wanted...soon we were all trying to think of another headband to make her smile...
Mar 28, 2011 18:44:52   #
this site: volunteer/fewhours/chemotherapy-hats.htm
has suggestions and 'rules' for making hats for chemo patients

this site has pictures and instructions/patterns specifically designed for chemo patients; (you can link from the volunteer page to get here, too)
Mar 28, 2011 18:49:21   #
Hello, I found these sites for you. I hope they will have something you like. (This patten is for a child buit was so beautiful I had to include it.)

All my best.
Tina :)
Mar 28, 2011 19:03:02   #
TammyK (a regular here)
Here are a few choices:

Also, you could add a flower to the ones that don't already have one in the pattern. Here are a few that I found:

There are lots of knit patterns, too, if you want to widen your search a little more.

Hugs and best wishes! Get well quick!
Mar 28, 2011 21:06:37   #

Welcome I see you've gotten plenty of answers to your request. Just wanted to take a moment to say I will keep you in my prayers, I hope all turns out well.

Linda (Sebastian-Fla)
Mar 29, 2011 06:42:57   #
We will keep you in our prayers.
Mar 29, 2011 08:17:16   #
I differently will keep you in my prayers . I do have many friends right now going through chemo so I have been making hats every chance I get. God Bless
Mar 29, 2011 09:09:30   #
hello go to
e also
go into computer as hats to crochet
wig books have a lot of turbans and scarfs
chin up and good luck with chemo
Mar 29, 2011 09:26:39   #
I will keep you in my prayers also. You have lots of places to find patterns at. We just finished over 100 hats as a group to give to the cancer patients. I made mine as fun as I could, laughter can make things better.
Mar 29, 2011 11:25:09   #
jberg (a regular here)
Good morning, Elizabeth! I misread this and went and found you a pattern for a baby cloche. Now I reread your post and see you need an adult one but also see the large number of info you have gotten. So I will just add my prayers for your situation. Blessings be yours......JudyB
Mar 29, 2011 11:40:50   #
Good luck to you ,will pray for you and yours.
Mar 29, 2011 12:21:43   #
Good luck to you. My prayers join with all the others for a speedy recovery and that you are not sick with the chemo. My brother just went through chemo and did not loose his hair and was not sick. He was super tired but that is all and he is all done now and doing wonderfully!

there are so many wonderful links posted you'll have a hard timem choosing. I make hats for chemo patients and found some I want to try. If I can make any for you just let me know.
Mar 29, 2011 13:10:03   #
Here is a site that have great hats and bows that I would recommend to anyone wanting to make cut hats with flowers. Good Luck and God be with you.
Mar 29, 2011 16:42:56   #
Here is one of the flapper hat that I just made. It is the one named Gloria but I put a flower made to match from a loom. The loom is easy and fast and does not take as much yarn as the crocheted ones

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